Zhan Long

Chapter 1371: War Emperor

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Chapter 1371: War Emperor

Close to half an hour. Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han etc players led the 200 thousand troops to line up. In the distance, the giant human army actually retreated and gave up a piece of land to act as a battlefield for both sides.

I stood on the walls and said loudly, “Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, don’t get too far. Pay attention not to get baited if not they might cut us off.”

Q-Sword raised his sword and smiled, “Don’t worry brother!”


The war drums got more and more intense. Hero Mound, Vanguard etc lined up and behind them were the 40 thousand Fire Dragon Army people. Along with dozens of Dragon Crystal cannons, they were prepared to fight.


A cannon fired, that was the order to attack. 200 thousand troops charged. Killing shouts could be heard and the rising sun chased the mist away. We could see the giant army charging too. These giants held giant axes and broadswords and they all shouted in unison, “Aotian sends troops, the world will be ruled!”

I flew over and was about to head down.

Lin Qiong said hurriedly, “Your highness no!”

Situ Xi nodded too, “Yes your highness, you are the commander, if anything happens to you we will be affected. Don’t go, let’s just wait and see!”

Wan Er nodded toward me, “Come back hubby…”

I floated back on the walls and held b.u.t.terfly. My gaze looked into the distance once more.

The battlefield was just a few miles from us and the rumbling smoke cut off our field of sight. We could only see Hero Mound, Vanguard players charging forwards, using their blades to slice the legs of the giants. The giants stood tall. As for their swords and axes, when they landed in the crowd, they would do a circular splash damage.


The first giant fell from his injuries, the muscles on his legs were about to be totally sliced off. All that was left were the white bones, he died just like that.

But one death in exchange for dozens of players. The losses weren’t comparable at all. At this time, Q-Sword shared us the rough stats of the giant--

Giant Human Warrior (Level 1 elite soldier)

Level: 275

Attack: ???

Defence: ???

Health: ???

Skill: ???

Introduction: Ancient giant warriors that have slept for a long time. Now Aotian War Emperor led them back onto the continent. They are pumped up and swear to take back the land that belongs to them. Their bodies are far stronger than humans and their army will definitely cause waves on the continent.


“Level 1 elite troops…” Yan Zhao Warrior pouted, “Will there be level 2 elite troops?”

“Not sure…” I looked into the distance, “Our cavalries can’t use their advantage. Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han have lost, tell them to come back…”

“Do you think they are willing?” Yan Zhao Warrior smiled bitterly, “They suffered heavy losses right away but they were able to kill some of them. Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han definitely won’t return like this. Even if they have more losses they will cause more damages before retreating.”

Dust got thicker and thicker just that we could only see cannons and shouts.

I sent a message to Q-Sword and told him to share what he saw. It was a giant waving its weapons to kill our players. The Fire Dragon Army troops suffered heavier losses. They were NPCs and were pretty much insta killed without any chance at all.

“s.h.i.+eld Wall!”

Who knows who it was who shouted but thousands of Fire Dragon Army troops raised their s.h.i.+elds and faced hundreds of giant attacks. But they couldn’t block at all. The giant’s blade slashed across to knock the s.h.i.+elds aside. The axe landed and dozens of people died at once. Fresh blood dyed the ground.

“Focus fire!”

Q-Sword held his sword and danced in the sky to restrain one giant such that the mages and archers behind could damage it. After two rounds it was killed. On rough estimation, each giant had around 50 million health, just slightly lower than some bosses. There was a huge number of giants that were far stronger than them. This war was too tough to win.



Don’t be Foolish held his gun towards Jian Feng Han and said, “A bunch appeared from the east, around 5000 of them!”

Jian Feng Han, “Bring people to hold on!”

“Oh, okay…”

Dont Be Foolish hesitated because he knew that this quest was impossible but he still led ten thousand people over. These ten thousand were pretty much going to die. The players were like ants around the giant and took a long time to kill them. While the giant could kill the players with just one strike.

In a blink of an eye, an hour pa.s.sed. The 200 thousand players that headed out of the city barely held on but half of them were gone.

I sent Q-Sword a message, “Retreat, if we continue there will be no one left!”

Q-Sword denied me, “No, we lost so many, I have no face to go back. We need to kill ten thousand before going back. We have killed 4700+ already!”


I raged, “Q-Sword, do you not cherish their lives?”

Q-Sword said fiercely, “Xiao Yao, you need to consider my situation. I brought everyone out and didn’t consider that we will head back alive. d.a.m.n, we must be bold. Sky Rose conned us. I rather die outside than bring troops back to Ghost City and die while being surrounded! Jian Feng Han thinks so too!”

“Crazy, you are all crazy!” I clenched my fists and said, “I will bring Zhan Long brothers out to receive you, we will save as many as we can. Don’t be dumb!”

I raised b.u.t.terfly and said loudly, “Furnace G.o.d Cavalries, Royal Army, follow me out to receive the brothers outside!”

Yan Zhao Warrior pulled my shoulder and said, “Xiao Yao calm down, look over there!”

I looked towards the dust and noticed that 30 thousand giants appeared in the southeast. The moment we went out, they would charge over. This was their goal.

I felt really sad and a powerless feeling filled me. We really had to give up on Hero Mound and Vanguard? But I was the one who brought them into this region!

“Head out!”

I jumped off the walls without hesitation and said towards Han Yuan, “If the giants want to cut us off from the southeast, use the Dragon Crystal Cannons and G.o.d Dragon Cannons to a.s.sist. Since they are clumped up let’s feed them enough firepower!”

Han Yuan nodded, “Understood Your Highness!”


Zhan Long players followed me out and very quickly there were 30 thousand cavalries and also many dragon cavalries flying in the sky. Royal Army also sent close to 50 thousand. From afar, at least 5000 giant warriors appeared behind Hero Mound and Vanguard to cut off our path. We had to kill them if not Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han wouldn’t be able to return at all.


I raised b.u.t.terfly and rushed the little dragon to charge. Behind me, Furnace G.o.d Cavalries and Royal Army troops roared and followed.

These 5000 giants also noticed our intentions. They turned around and charged at us with their weapons. Before they got close, I used G.o.d Form and became more nimble.


The leading giant smashed with his hammer and I used Bladerush to dodge it. I flew and smashed into his stomach like a cannonball. I had high strength and even the giant was forced back. This was a younger giant and he looked at me in shock, “A special human!”

“There are more special things!”

I held my sword and used Wind Carrying Slash+ Strength of a thousand men. Lethal damage numbers rose up, especially Wind Carrying Slash’s 15 strikes which had 4 dealt 10 times damage. It shattered this young giant’s armor and also his heart. After giving me a huge amount of points, he fell.

“Beautiful!” Dong Cheng Yue giggled.

Right, I proved that they could be killed and they would die too!

Furnace G.o.d Cavalries and they charged together. Li Mu, w.a.n.g Jian, Old K etc were still okay, they weren’t at a disadvantage. However, those level 230,240 players were suppressed in level and strength. Many of them were hit twice and killed!

“Use all range skills!”

I shouted and used King Domain while drinking a jug of wine to recover rage value. I then used Eternal Realm. Lin Wan Er and Li Mu used their skills too. Dong Cheng Yue raised Aisha’s staff to freeze the giants. After charging, we actually scattered these 5000 giants.

But their health was too high. After they break out, we would be recharging our strength.


Simple led the low health Vanguard players to fight. Lin Wan Er said loudly, “Sister, what are you all waiting for, retreat!”
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