Valerian Empire

Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: The fall- Part 4

She was busy waving her palms in front of the fire while talking to Dorthy when Martin, the head butler came in.

“Lord Alexander has requested for restocking the logs in his room,” he informed her.

“Okay,” she replied quick on her heel.

With the time she spent in the mansion, one thing she knew was that the Lord didn’t appreciate tardiness. Katie carrying the wooden logs in her arms entered the Lord’s room gingerly. Noticing the Lord’s absence in the room she felt her body relax.

Going to the fireplace, she began arranging the woods before lighting it up with fire. Even with the windows closed the room was cold. Picking up the stool that was placed on the other side of the room in a corner, she placed it in front of the fireplace. Taking the extra logs in her hands she stepped on the stool to open the cabinet at the top to keep them inside where the extra logs were usually stocked.

Feeling it wobble slightly, she remembered the time with her aunt who would often scold her for standing at the edge of the stool. It was a bad habit of hers which she hadn’t corrected.

Those were good times, she thought to herself with a smile.

Humming to herself mindlessly she was trying to get the last log adjusted inside due to the lack of space that when she tried to change its direction she felt her toes slip, feeling the stool move ahead while her body moved back.

Waiting for the harsh fall she closed her eyes but instead felt someone catch her effortlessly.

Her hands had turned like a cats claw when a child tries dragging it with its tail, she felt her take deep breaths from the sudden fall she almost had.

Opening her eyes, she tilted up her face to see that it was Lord Alexander who had caught her in his arms. Her eyes met his, who was looking at her with a worried expression. His face glowed as the woods from the fireplace burnt brightly.

She gulped nervously.

“That was dangerous,” he murmured, “Are you alright?” he asked putting her down and she nodded.

“I am sorry for causing you trouble,” she apologized bowing her head. If it wasn’t for him her head would have surely broken into two parts.

Not knowing what else to do she went to pick the fallen stool and to place it back in its original position.

“Are you trying to avoid me Katherine?” she heard him ask her.

“No, Milord. Why would I do that,” She replied nervously with a tense back facing him.

Turning around she saw him walk towards her like a predator with slow, sleek movements, “Why do I feel you are. You switched your work routine without informing the head butler. That goes against the rules,” he said and she took a step back hitting her back to the wall.

“I told Corey to inform about it,” she replied uncertainly as he came to stand right in front of her.

Not able to keep up with the gaze she turned away to look elsewhere but he was having none of it. Tipping her chin up with his finger, he got her eyes back on him.

“Are you embarrassed?” He asked hitting the bulls eye.

“I-I, you could say that,” she replied flustered.

“And why is that?” He asked her with a raised brow, a small smile playing on his lips. He was teasing her.

“Um I was…” She said as he leaned forward, placing one hand on the wall next to her. Recollecting the event that took place, she blushed furiously. As seconds passed she felt her head go dizzy with the sudden attack and her eyes go blurry.

“Breathe,” he whispered gently above her, tracing his finger over her jaw to calm her.

“What am I going to do with you. You get nervous easily around me yet you are at ease with other men. It irks me to no end,” he confessed next to her ear with a sigh, feeling his fangs throb at her proximity.

He shouldn’t have touched her.

He could feel her blood flow under his finger tips where he had placed his hand on her skin. He could only imagine how sweet it could be. He wanted to take a sip of her blood and the thought drove him crazy. It had been too long since he last drank blood from a woman this innocent.

Stepping away, he gave her space closing his eyes to gather his control but it was slipping away.

“Lord Alexander?” Katie looked at him to see a deep frown marring his face now like he was in pain.

She gasped when he opened his eyes.

They were darker than usual and his fangs were visible as he looked at her like she was his prey.
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