Valerian Empire

Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Unwanted guest- Part 2

Call it a bad habit but between their talks Katie eyes would occasionally seek for the Valerian Lord. Only once did their eyes meet and it was the intense look in his eyes that made her heart skip a beat in her chest. She had averted her eyes right away.

“There’s a tea gathering in two weeks at the Chapel’s, can I expect you there?” he asked her hopeful as it was time for him to leave. Katie didn’t know what to say and noticing her resistance he added, “Please.”

At the same time she saw the Lord kiss the woman’s hand politely. No matter what she was no elite and he would never see any potential in her.

“Okay,” she replied that brought a smile on Lancelot’s face.

For the next tea party as they got down from the carriage, Alexander walked beside Katherine while Elliot and Sylvia walked in the front. Katie almost tripped over the stone she didn’t see but Alexander caught her.

“Careful,” he said as they stopped so that she could gather the front of her dress, “You need to relax.”


“Your shoulder is tense and you’re walking to stiffly which might lead to a backache later at night. It is just a casual tea time. Come,” he said before they began walking again, “I have news on your cousin.”

Hearing this, Katie’s eyes lit up, “Were you able to track about his whereabouts?” she asked.

“We don’t have the entire trail but the trackers have reported that he did escape from the massacre. Give it few more days and we’ll be able to find him,” he informed her, “As the council is involved, finding him shouldn’t be that difficult.”

“Thank you for letting me know,” she thanked. She would stay until she found her cousin Ralph after that they could go back to the southern empire.

Alexander looked at her from the corner of his eye as they got walked through the Chapel’s house. Her brows were slightly furrowed and it seemed like she was thinking about her cousin.

He had been busy lately thanks to the dark witches who had been causing problems to not just his empire. His attendance was required in the high council and traveling there took up his time.

“Did anyone catch your eye last time? I heard that Sylvia has taken a new job in match making,” he commented.

Katie looked at him in the eye and then turned away, shaking her head in the process. She couldn’t say it was him who had caught her eye, she thought to herself.

When they had been to the Boland’s farmhouse, he had kept a close watch over her. The girl had no experience when it came to men, what was Sylvia thinking putting her under the gun. Things like these needed to be eased into slowly.

Being the Lord of Valeria he knew men well of their society. Men who wanted women just to pass their leisure time and very few men who wanted a woman as their wife.

With Elliot he had made sure to keep the unwanted pests away from her, letting only half the decent ones to go near her which was two or three.

Truth was that he didn’t find any of them good enough for her.

She had been a wallflower the entire time until a man he didn’t know spoke to her. He had later gathered he was from the northern empire. Lancelot Milford. For some odd reason he felt the man had something more that was kept hidden beneath that charming smile on his face.

“It is not necessary to pick a suitor for yourself if you don’t like it by coming to events like these. You can take your time,” he said and she looked at him wondering if he was giving her a choice.

True in the beginning she did feel a little pressure that it would be hard to get a suitor as she was a maid. Though there was hope she was scared with what if her cousin wouldn’t be alive. During the stay in the mansion she had heard from the others on how horrifying the dark witches were.

“And Katherine.”


“If ever something goes wrong-” he said seriously, “-call me,” she felt warm hearing those words come from him.

She knew the Lord didn’t have a degree when it came to caring for others. His reputation was bad with the people and she wondered how could a man such as him be portrayed like that.

Lancelot seeing Katie broke into a sweet smile once he saw her stepping into the garden but seeing the Valerian Lord next to her his smile falttered for a mere second.

“Good evening, Sir Milford,” she greeted him.

“Good evening, Ms Welcher. How have you been?” he asked her seeing the Valerian Lord who had already left to greet the Chapel’s.

“I’ve been good, how about you?”

“Wonderful, thank you. Would you care for tea?” Turning back he poured the tea and turned back from the table to hand it over to her.

“Thank you,” she murmured taking the cup.

“I didn’t know you knew the Lord personally,” and he then lowered his voice only for her to hear, “I hear rumors that he has a very ruthless and foul personality, considering he’s a lord which is bad. People like them should give up their title instead of soiling it.”

“I think you shouldn’t rely on the rumors Sir Milford,” Katie said not wanting to hear any negative comments made on Alexander and a little defensive, “Rumors are baseless talks which we should turn away from.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way. I am sorry if I offended your thoughts,” he said with a frown and Katie realized she had spoken out of impulse.

“I am sorry, I just felt it didn’t suit you,” she said bowing her head, trying to fix her mistake.

“You are right. Such a lovely lady you are Katherine,” he said smiling at her, “I heard the Chapel’s brought a painting that was worth thousand gold coins. Would you be interested to see it?”

“Yes, please,” she said as they went back inside the house.
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