Valerian Empire

Chapter 101

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The man followed the order stepping away from the woman as the young Lord went to stand in front of his father, “I don’t think you understood father when I said I want her. I don’t want anyone touching or harming her unless I order them to.”

“I will find you a better bride Silas rather than this peasant. You know well I do not approve anything low for my family. It has always been the best and will continue to be so,” Lord Norman stated gauging the filthy looking woman on the ground now who was shaking with fear..

“Of course, father. I haven’t forgotten the values you’ve taught me but I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t do anything to her without my knowledge. Malphus doesn’t have any information on the documents you’re speaking of so why not end this here father?” Silas asked with a sigh, “We have other important things to do that waste our time here.”

Lord South patted Silas’ shoulder and then turned to look at his elder son with a smirk, “Do you now see? Why he is my son and you aren’t?”

“I do. After all birds of same feather do flock together and I am glad I am not,” Malphus spoke with no remorse in his voice, “Only a spineless man would resort to such low deeds.”

Lord Norman stepped into his cell to go stand in front of him, “I wasn’t successful last time because I sent someone else after you but this time I’ll do the job myself. I regret wasting my time trying to father you.”

“I don’t think anyone has to try being a father because when you are one you don’t have to try but expecting it from you would be too much,” Malphus laughed dryly, provoking the man.

The next few seconds, Katie saw everything happen in a slow motion. Malphus talking to the Lord and he smiling until the Lord unsheathed his sword and ran the slender sliver blade right through his stomach making him gasp in pain.

“No!” Katie screamed, with her feet free now she ran towards the other cell but Silas held her back, “Let me go!” she pushed him away with force and got in to the cell Malphus was, who was now on the ground his face contorted with pain as he clutched his stomach.

She quickly went to sit at his side, not knowing how to help him as he groaned with pain.

“I promised you that I would send you where your mother was, didn’t I. Dump him when the sky turns dark,” Lord Norman gave his sword to one of the men.

Silas looked at his brother gasping for air. His body turning fragile with every passing second. He saw the woman turn towards him with tear filled eyes but he did nothing to worsen or lessen the pain, instead he stood still like a statue. Blood spreading through the faded shirt like fire in the dried forest.

“Silas, where are you? Silly?”

“I am here!”

“What are you doing there on the tree? Come down,” his brother smiled at him warmly.

Silas felt fragments of his memory piece through his mind, memories he had forgotten. He clutched his hand in anger. It was all Malphus’ fault. If he had never left things wouldn’t have turned this way, he thought to himself.

When he looked at him again this time their eyes met and his eyes widened to see the smile on the dying man’s lips. His father walked out of the room, placing his hand on his shoulder and taking him outside.

“Katie,” Malphus smiled at her, a smile that she had never seen before, one that was kind and warm, “Can you help me sit up?”

“Y-yes of course,” she answered helping him lift himself up from the ground and guiding him towards the wall so that he could support himself, “I- What do I do? How do I help you?”

“Sit with me, lady. That will be more than any help I’ll be needing,” he replied taking a deep breath, “Out of all the place I never imagined to die here. This was the last place I thought of…I must be really fortunate to defy death once and come back again. That’s what happens when you cheat…death.”

“I am sorry for putting you through this. If Alexander hadn’t made you come with me and if I hadn’t sent you to Valeria this would never happen. My wish to deliver a message has costed you your life,” she cried and he shook his head.

“You forget that you were the one to give me a life the second. If it weren’t for you cleaning my grave-” she interrupted him to continue what he was going to say.

“And placing the flowers that you’re allergic to,” they both laughed and she then sniffed.

“I feel light headed and sleepy. Too sleepy,” she heard him murmur with his eyes closed.

“M-malphus?” her voice trembled when she called his name. Did he…

“Do you know, Katie,” he then said opening his eyes to reveal his grey eyes, “I’m glad to have met you. Glad that you were the one to wake me up from death and put me right back. How ironic…” Katie blinked back her tears, hanging to every word he said to her.

“For an odd reason it is quite troubling to see you cry, little lady. I need to tell you something, come closer.”

When she was in front of his face to face, he leaned to speak to her, “I wanted to try this before I died,” he whispered to her and placed a light kiss like air on her lips before pulling himself away and leaning back on the wall.

Katie felt shocked, her teary eyes wide due to the action.

“You don’t need to go to the mansion. Be selfish and save yourself…Escape from here…” were his last whispered words.

Her lips trembled seeing his lifeless body with no soul in it anymore, his face peaceful and she broke down in to tears. With shaky hands she closed his eyes.

She cried sitting next to his body, until there was no more tears and her energy drained. She was in a land she had no one, knew no one. She felt utterly alone as though the shadows that was casting down the sinking sun was engulfing her in a cocoon.

It was past noon when the man named Leroy came back to take Katie to the mansion on the Norman’s orders. Katie knew it was better not to struggle this time than have her muscle tear anymore than it was now as it already felt swollen. Saying her final goodbye to Malphus she followed the man.
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