Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 2557 Little Theater One

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Chapter 2557 Little Theater One

It was time for little rice dumpling to turn eight.

One day, in the Manor, Ruan Zeyan’s study room suddenly rang with a loud alarm. The alarm was so loud that the entire manor was on high alert.

In the study room, little rice dumpling and meat dumpling stared at each other with their eyes wide open.

“Big Brother... What do we do now?”Meat Dumpling’s face was filled with panic. The six-year-old him was still a round and smooth baby.

Little Rice dumpling frowned as he looked at the flas.h.i.+ng red light in front of him. Although he looked calm on the surface, his heart was already trembling to the point of gooseb.u.mps.

Seeing that little rice dumpling did not speak, little rice dumpling became anxious. His eyes were red. “Big Brother, tell me, what should we do now? When Daddy comes later, he will teach us a lesson.”

Little Rice dumpling was annoyed by little rice dumpling’s words. He glared at him impatiently. “What are you arguing about? Now You know how to be afraid. Weren’t you the one who suggested coming to Daddy’s study to explore? Now that you have caused a mess, you only know how to be afraid!”

Little Rice Dumpling, who was already afraid, was now being lectured by his big brother. Tears immediately fell from his eyes, “But, but, but Big Brother, didn’t you also want to explore? Why are you accusing me now... Besides, you were the one who pressed the alarm...”

Little Rice dumpling glared at little rice dumpling, “Are you trying to s.h.i.+rk responsibility now?”

“I. . . I. . . No... I’m just afraid...”

Little Rice dumpling took a deep breath. At such a young age, he had learned the way Ruan Zeyan frowned when he was thinking. He had grasped the deep look in Ruan Zeyan’s eyes when he frowned.

Suddenly, little rice dumpling’s eyes lit up, “I got it, let’s go look for the dumpling!”

When he heard that, Meatball’s eyes lit up, “Yes! Look for the Dumpling!”

At that moment, our cute little dumpling, Miss Ruan Anran, was lying in her room, daydreaming about eating candy.

Ruan Anran loved to eat sweet things, especially fruit fudge with all kinds of flavors. However, for the sake of her health, Ling Tianya had always restricted her from eating sweets. Now that she had a few cavities, Ling Tianya forbade her from eating sweets, and even forbade anyone in the manor from giving her sweets.

In the Dream, Ruan Anran was just about to take a bite of the Big Fruit Fudge when she was woken up by the sudden appearance of the Rice Ball and meatball.please visit p(anda-n0ve1.co)m

Therefore, our miss rice ball was very unhappy and threw pillows at them angrily. “Big Brother, second brother, you’re annoying!”

She knew that her sister was unhappy, but she couldn’t care less at this moment.

Rice ball ran over and grabbed rice ball. “Sister, how does Big Brother usually treat you?”

Rice ball nodded without hesitation. “Okay.”

“Since Big Brother is so nice, are you willing to do Big Brother a favor?”

Tuan Tuan nodded. “Yes.”

“Okay then, follow Big Brother!”

“Wait!”Tuan Tuan suddenly stopped and looked at Tuan Tuan and Tuan Tuan cunningly. “Big Brother, second brother, I can help you, but I have conditions.”

Tuan Tuan,”...”

Tuan Tuan,”...”

Ruan Zeyan came back from the outside. The moment he entered the manor, he heard the sirens and the guards on first-level alert.

“What’s going on?”Ruan Zeyan asked coldly.

Du gang held back his laughter and showed Ruan Zeyan the surveillance video his subordinate had sent him with a troubled look.

It turned out that the two brats at home had run into his study to explore and accidentally touched the alarm.

“Stand down,”ruan zeyan ordered coldly, “The two brats are itching for a fight.”
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