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Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion

Raw En 393 chapters 139853 words
Author: Cashew Seed

"Ah…" She is so tickled that she is defenseless against his attacks. "You can choose to marry me or to die!" By then you will become the first person in history to die from tickling. "If you dare to reject me, I will make sure to ravish you until you yield to me."

He is the hegemon in the business circles. He is the mysterious big boss that calls the shots. He is cold, ruthless and cruel. He would resort to unscrupulous divisive tactics to achieve his goals, making people tremble with fear.

One day, a group of bachelors asks him with tears in their eyes, "Big boss, what makes sister-in-law fall head over heels for you?" He arches his eyebrow. "I love and pamper her, so that she only has eyes for me."

She turns furious at his reply. "Damn! You are shameless, can't you phrase it in a nicer way?

"I love three things in this Universe. The Sun, the Moon and you. The Sun for the morning, the Moon for the night, and you forever!"


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