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Spring is the Plan of Life

Alternative : The Plan of Life Lies in Spring, Yisheng Zhi Ji Zaiyu Chun, 一生之计在于春

Raw En 44 chapters 98982 words
Author: Yu Xiaofan

Yao Jinxi likes spring. This is because after spring, the weather becomes warmer. His favourite new tea would also be on the market by then.

It was also in the mild and rainy spring season that he was forced to take care of Wu Yang, a strange and troublesome guy.

Hence, spring is a suitable time for the story to begin.

Regarding the attributes of gong and shou, it’s hard to say at first. But probably:

Yao Jinxi: Are you saying that this guy is schizophrenic?

Wu Yang: In fact, Jinxi is very cute. Despite his temper, which is worse than the way he looks. Despite him liking to sleep in and being picky with what he eats. And despite him refusing to wash the dishes after cooking… He is really cute.

Yao Jinxi: … Are you really my CP?

Sorry. CP is Wu Yang (gong) X Yao Jinxi (shou)

… I wish you happiness. Amen.

This story strives to be warm and healing. Although there is some dog blood, entanglement and hypocrisy, I still swear that it’ll be as warm as spring breeze_(:з」∠)

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