Mrs. Huo Is A Crybaby

Chapter 1189 The Final Round

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Chapter 1189 The Final Round

"Then please get out of the way," Song Yaoyao ordered with a sullen face. "Huo Jiu, tell them to get lost!"

"Song Yaoyao!" Huo Ningxi looked anxious and disappointed. "Uncle Zhang, please convince her."

"Miss Song, you..."

"Uncle Zhang!" Song Yaoyao's expression was unsightly as she said coldly, "Even you want to disobey me? I told you, I want to be with my Gege this time! I'll be wherever he is!"

As she spoke, she pushed Huo Ningxi away, pulled open the car door, and sat inside.

Something flashed across Zhongli Xue's eyes. She quickly pulled Huo Ningxi back and stopped him from looking for Song Yaoyao again.

The car quickly sped out like an arrow.

Huo Ningxi stood there dejectedly as if his soul had also been taken away.

Zhongli Xue comforted him gently, "Ningxi, don't be like this. This is her own choice. If something were to happen to you, I think I would have made the same decision as her."

Huo Ningxi lowered his head as if he had not heard a word.

Zhong Li pursed his lips, looked at the flowers on the ground that had been stepped on, clicked his tongue, and turned to leave.

"What a waste of a trip."

Not only did he not catch a good show, his heart had been

What was so good about Huo Yunque, that dog? Only Song Yaoyao was blind enough to fall for him.

"Brother..." Zhongli Xue hesitated and called out to him.

"What?" Zhong Li raised his eyebrows and looked at her with a calm expression.

Zhongli Xue was a little nervous. "Do you... like her?"

Uncle Zhang looked at her and said, "Everyone, our master is not here, so I won't invite you in for tea. Please forgive me." Then, he turned around and went into the courtyard, ordering the servants to close the door.

The door closed tightly. Zhong Li licked his lips and smiled mysteriously. "Yes, she's very interesting."

With that, he strode into the car, leaving Zhongli Xue and Huo Ningxi behind.


In the car, Song Yaoyao's expression had already calmed down.

She was playing with a medal in the shape of an iris flower. The small one in her snow-white hand gave off an ancient l.u.s.ter and was filled with a sense of history.

When the plane soared into the sky, the feeling of weightlessness and suffocation caused Song Yaoyao to close her eyes.

It was almost over.

It was already very late when they got off the plane. Song Yaoyao and Huo Jiu looked at each other and nodded without batting an eyelid. "I'm going to the washroom. You guys wait for me outside."


Song Yaoyao walked into the washroom. It was quiet there. She could feel the surveillance that followed her like a shadow, and it did not disappear.

She came out of the cubicle and calmly walked to the sink to wash her hands.


With a soft sound, she saw a cubicle open through the mirror.

Song Yaoyao curled her lips. She was in an extremely good mood.

"One, two... three..."

When she counted to three, the handle of a knife landed on the back of her neck. Song Yaoyao blacked out and fainted.


When she woke up again, Song Yaoyao was in a strange house.

But what was different from her usual dream was, this time, it was not a dilapidated ward, but a strange church.

The dark red carpet and wallpaper were like dried blood. The dancing candlelight reflected on the wall, like a ghostly figure.

The air was filled with the smell of blood.

Song Yaoyao was not surprised. She was even in the mood to look around.

Right above her, on the huge cross, Jesus was looking down at her with a sorrowful expression.

It was as if he was silently condemning all this nonsense.

Tap, tap, tap...

The sound of high heels. .h.i.tting the ground could be heard. Song Yaoyao turned her head to look.

What greeted her eyes was a familiar face. In fact, she had only met him once. It was also at Alice's 'funeral' that she was Armand's lover. Thinking about it, the malicious gaze that she had sensed at that time was from this woman.

"You're that Eastern Satan's woman? You're really beautiful, just like an exquisite oriental doll."

Her sharp fingernails brushed past Song Yaoyao's face, and a b.l.o.o.d.y scar immediately appeared.

Song Yaoyao whimpered, and a tear flowed out of her eye sockets.


The woman was very surprised. She came closer and sized Song Yaoyao up. "Is there really such a magical thing in this world? You're so unbelievably delicate."

She sighed, stood up again, and gracefully introduced herself. "I'm Delia, Delia Lancaster."

Song Yaoyao nodded and sized her up seriously. "So, you're Alice's illegitimate sister who has never appeared before?"

Delia paused and was not angry. "You're really interesting. I'm starting to like you."

Song Yaoyao's eyes curved when she heard this. Her smile was clear and innocent. "Me too. It's nice to meet you."

Song Yaoyao's behavior finally made Delia realize that something was wrong.

She raised her eyebrows. "You're not afraid?"

No matter who it was, they would all feel afraid after being kidnapped here alone, right?

Song Yaoyao shook her head. She was in an extremely good mood. "I just didn't expect you to expose yourself so quickly."

Delia: "???"

She suddenly leaned over and lifted Song Yaoyao's chin. "What are you laughing at?"

"I'm laughing at you. It's all for naught."

Song Yaoyao curled her lips, "Your man should be fooling around in the hotel with the woman you don't want to see the most. The thing you want from me no longer exists. I really didn't expect that the person who wanted to deal with me would be someone I've never interacted with before."

After finis.h.i.+ng her words, Delia suddenly tightened her grip, and Song Yaoyao grunted.

"Whether there is or not, it's up to me!"

She stood up straight, and her cold voice echoed throughout the church. "Shaman Yada, you may begin."

This surname...

Song Yaoyao looked over, and from the corner door of the church, an old woman slowly walked out, her face full of wrinkles. She was leaning on a walking stick with a strange beast head carved on it. Every step she took, she would wobble a little, making people worry that she would fall. A strange black-green tattoo spread from the back of her hand all the way into her j.a.panese robe where it could not be seen

Delia bent over, obviously very respectful to this old woman.

"Shaman Yada, please start the ritual now."

"It's her?"

The old woman finally walked over, and Song Yaoyao could not help but feel relieved for her. When the old woman sized her up, Song Yaoyao was surprised to find that although her skin was wrinkled like tree bark, her eyes were brighter than a young girl's.

These eyes on an old woman's face created an especially strange scene.

The old woman looked at Song Yaoyao steadily, as if she was in a trance, not moving at all.

Until Delia could not help but pull her back to reality, "Shaman Yada?"


The old woman raised her head. She shook it and said to Delia, "You've found the wrong person."

"Impossible!" Delia denied. "I'm sure that I didn't find the wrong person."

She thought of something and immediately turned to look at Song Yaoyao, "You're Song Yaoyao, right?"

"That's right, she is Song Yaoyao! Shaman Yada, I can confirm it!" The church door was pushed open and a determined voice came in.
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