Hello Mr. King

Chapter 1251 Fan Wai: Together, They Would Be Unmatched In The World. Separately, They Would Be Kings

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Chapter 1251 Fan Wai: Together, They Would Be Unmatched In The World. Separately, They Would Be Kings

Song Mian suggested that Yun Xiangxiang perform a c-section. However, after Understanding Yun Xiangxiang with the obstetrician, she knew that Yun Xiangxiang’s current physical condition was the condition for a natural birth in the script. Therefore, she insisted on having a natural birth.??e??e???v?l.????

Song Mian, who had never frowned in the face of any difficult and complicated diseases, had been facing a formidable enemy recently.

On the other hand, Yun Xiangxiang was in a relaxed and calm mood. She greeted her son and baby every Tiantian. Yun Xiangxiang could not understand ultrasound, and song Mian only knew that two of them were girls, this was because one of them was blocked every time.

Song Mian did not see it after taking three pictures. He did not bother Yun Xiangxiang and waited for the final result to be revealed.

Liuliu was very disappointed. Three of them had two younger sisters, and his younger brother was nowhere to be found.

June 1st was Liuliu’s birthday. As it was children’s Day, he had to celebrate the new calendar. Yun Xiangxiang was in the hospital and wanted to make up for her son with Song Mian. However, she did not expect that Yun Xiangxiang would act up in the early morning of June 1st.

After a long 10-hour labor process, she successfully gave birth to three babies, two little princesses, and a son who had always been in front of his sisters.

Although the three babies were relatively young, they were all very healthy and did not need to be placed in the incubator.

Although Mr. Song had his wish fulfilled and had a daughter, his plan was still broken.

The three-year-old Liuliu was very good with his hands, but he could not handle three babies.

Liuliu felt sorry for his youngest hope and his younger brother, so he took the initiative to share the work with his father. Tugged on some heartstrings.

The father who liked his younger sister was in charge of his two younger sisters, and he was in charge of taking care of his youngest brother.

Yun Xiangxiang could not help but laugh when she woke up after giving birth and heard her son distribute the work seriously. It affected her body, and it hurt so much that she grimaced in pain. However, she was especially satisfied when she saw the Prince Charming running over and nervously caring for her.

The four children had the same birthday. Yun Xiangxiang felt inexplicably happy. This would bring them closer to each other and make them love each other even more.

In fact, Yun Xiangxiang felt that this was a good idea. Song Mian would definitely teach Liuliu not to be biased and not to make her younger sisters sad. Then, he would set an example for himself. He would not be biased towards his two daughters and would treat his younger son and daughters the same way.

The last time she went into confinement, Yun Xiangxiang was served by Song Mian alone. This time, she was served by six warm men.

This time, she went into confinement for a full 45 days. Yun Xiangxiang could not bear it any longer and announced the end of the confinement.

After giving birth to six months, she returned to her slender figure. However, she was still a little plump. Fortunately, she was not considered fat.

In a week’s time, it would be the film festival. Deng Yang considered that she had not fully recovered. Even when it was extremely hot in July, she had also redesigned Yun Xiangxiang’s evening dress with long sleeves and high necklines.

It was a golden evening gown with a long skirt tied around the neck, a light fishtail veil, and a light golden cape draped over the shoulders. It looked very much like an ancient cape.

Her black hair was tied up with two jade-embedded gold hairpins. The hairpins did not have any pendants, and the earrings were also hollow gold and white jade. There were no other decorations, and it was elegant and steady.

Especially this time, she directly brought Joseph to the finale. It was even more eye-catching and glorious.

She had come to the grand hall three times. The first time, it was fresh and ethereal; the second time, it was charming and moving; and the third time, it was luxurious and grand.

Because of her confinement, Yun Xiangxiang did not partic.i.p.ate in the film festival and directly partic.i.p.ated in the award ceremony.

Every award ceremony in the Grand Hall would have a theme line. This time, the theme line was: Peace and self.

The theme line was related to the owners.h.i.+p of the film awards. When many people heard the theme line, they basically guessed that those films could s.h.i.+ne.

When these two words came out of the host’s mouth, Yun Xiangxiang and Joseph looked at each other and smiled.

Unlike last year’s “Lost in greed”, which started with a ma.s.sacre, this time, “Black Swan’s poem”basically did not have any nominations at the beginning. Occasionally, one or two nominations would be defeated.

This made many people look at them with a playful look. However, Yun Xiangxiang’s smile was always gentle, and Joseph’s expression was calm. He sincerely applauded every award-winning work.

It wasn’t until they arrived at the Best Supporting Actress award that Yun Xiangxiang received this award last year. However, she also experienced a huge change.

It was the Gray family’s doing. However, because Yun Xiangxiang didn’t disappear in the eyes of everyone, they couldn’t seek justice on the surface. However, Yun Xiangxiang knew about it even though she was raising her child.

The Gray family was on the verge of bankruptcy in just a short year. Yun Xiangxiang knew that it was song Mian’s doing.

She had once asked how song Mian had done it so smoothly, and the people here allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

Song Mian Thought About Yun Xiangxiang. The medicine that she had brought out from the laboratory had been knocked down by Song Mian during the second avalanche. This was evidence. Although it could not cause a dispute, and it could not even be announced to the world.., but everyone knew that they had to tolerate what they had to tolerate.

When the Gray family lost their protection, there would be people nibbling away at them, and there would be people wanting to support a new replacement. Song Mian only needed to release the news and lead the way for them, and countless people would swarm forward.

“The winner of the Best Supporting Actress Award is -- Zooey!”Yun Xiangxiang’s thoughts were pulled back by the pa.s.sionate voice.

She smiled at Zooey, who was beside her. She stood up and hugged her. “You’re the best.”

Zooey had already won the Best Actress award in the Grand Hall, but it was not too much of an honor. It was not an insult to win the Supporting Actress award after winning the Best Actress award. This was the division of roles, any award.., it was a proof of the ability and professionalism of the actress.

After Zooey expressed her excitement and grat.i.tude, she openly said that her biggest gain was getting to know Yun Xiangxiang, this good friend of hers. She hoped that she could work with her again in the future.

Next was best supporting actor. This was a female film, and although there were male supporting actors, they definitely could not be compared to other films. Best actor was even more impossible to exist.

However, Yun Xiangxiang was nominated for Best Actress. Yun Xiangxiang was a little nervous because the female leads nominated for the four films all had explosive acting skills. Of the four films, her film was the most suitable for the theme, however, this was not to judge the best film, but the Best Actress award. It depended on the molding of the character and the acting skills of the actors.

Under such a situation where they were evenly matched, Yun Xiangxiang did not have absolute confidence.

Zooey was even more nervous than her. When the host announced the name, she held her hand tightly.

“The winner of this year’s Best Actress award is a Chinese actress -- Yun Xiangxiang!”The awarding guest extended his hand in Yun Xiangxiang’s direction.

Zooey excitedly pulled Yun Xiangxiang into her arms!

Zooey understood better than ordinary people. Yun Xiangxiang’s award was not easy to come by because there was a rumor here that black people were second-cla.s.s background, and Asians, especially Chinese people, were third-cla.s.s background.

Zooey was very nervous about whether Yun Xiangxiang would win the award because of prejudice and discrimination. Even Joseph might feel that it was unfair.
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