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Hello Mr. King

Raw En 817 chapters 929121 words
Author: Bright Phoenix

Yun Xiangxiang was a well-regarded celebrity in her previous life.

This life, she wants to be a proper actor.

Have a good reputation, rather have nothing than everything and not rely on the words from her fans. The products are quality. Firmly plant her own feet to the ground and only rely on herself to take the throne, step by step.

Yet, she accidentally got entangled with a world-class big shot.

Ever since then, the world-class big shot followed her on Weibo. He would gift her advanced technological goods for protection. Create rings that no one else can wear but her. He would glorify her family name so he can go through fire to watch over.

Until he finally embraced her, "It's too dangerous for you. You can only be safe if you become my wife."

Yun Xiangxiang: ...

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