Demon Sword Maiden

Book 5: Chapter 95: To Save Or Not To Save

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Book 5: Chapter 95: To Save Or Not To Save

Michizane was encased in demonic clouds and his huge body resembled that of a demon G.o.d. The hairy demonic claws revealed under his long sleeves were terrifying, one of which held a huge, heavy-looking iron fan. Just looking at it would give people palpitations.

The vengeful spirit, Lord Tokihara, was crawling on the ground beside Michizane and he had a pair of small dragons in his ears. Inside the demonic cloud, there were numerous strange and ferocious ghosts, all of which were staring at the beautiful and upright sword miko sisters with frightening gazes.

The legs of Ijuin and the other young female samurai nearly went limp when facing these gazes.

‘Run!’ Lily was anxious in her heart. Michizane might think that these female samurai were too weak and disdained to have a confrontation with them, but perhaps it was already too late for them to escape.

“Sisters! There is no need to be afraid. This great vengeful spirit is just bluffing. With the blessing of the heavenly way, we are invincible!” Ijuin shouted in a strong and beautiful voice, plucking up courage for her sisters and herself, “Onmyoji sisters, use the evil-slaying spell!”

Standing behind the female samurai in short skirts and long stockings, there were onmyojis in female hunting suits. They had long been prepared and recited the incantation, sending spell talismans bursting with spiritual light towards Michizane one after another. It was unknown whether these talismans were really blessed by the heavenly way.

“Not good! These idiots!” Lily’s heart sank. Now that they took action, everything was irreversible.

The spell talismans flew towards Michizane, but he and his hundred ghosts only watched with placidly terrifying expressions. Instead of dodging, they just stood there and laughed.

The spell talismans exploded around Michizane, engulfing him in spiritual light and spreading a wave of evil-slaying power which was enough to kill Awakened stage demons and suppress those at the Spirit Jade stage.

However, after the explosion of spiritual light, the night sky returned to darkness. These young ladies were quite wealthy and used very high-level spell talismans, but even after using so many precious spell talismans, not even the demonic cloud floating around Michizane was dispersed!

“Hehehe, hehehehe—!” Michizane let out a thunderous laugh. He looked at these little women like a G.o.d in the dark night!

Ijuin had a bad premonition, but as the leader of this group of sword miko sisters, and as a famous young lady in the capital who was admired by everyone in their circle, it would be worse than death for her to retreat now.

“Don’t be afraid, everyone! This is just some kind of formation used by these vengeful spirits. Vengeful spirits are inherently good at arcane arts, but in the face of our direct sword attacks which carry the blessing of heaven and evil-slaying power, they will…certainly be vulnerable! Sword miko sisters, follow me! Archers and ninjas, provide cover!”

It had to be said that, as a leader, Ijuin Reira had strong conviction and courage, excellent on-the-spot decision-making, and the ability to command and mobilize! But…in Lily’s opinion, she couldn’t be considered a really smart woman.

Under the cover of all kinds of shurikens, torrential blasts of ninjutsu, and evil-slaying arrows, Ijuin Reira led the charge of dozens of sword mikos to kill Michizane and his hundred ghosts!

“This is bad—!” Lily was extremely anxious. If they were ordinary vengeful spirits, Lily would simply kill or repel them to protect these girls. After all, most vengeful spirits were harmful and committed a lot of sins. Even if there were vengeful spirits who had suffered unjust grievances, between the wrongful killing of vengeful spirits and sacrificing so many clansmen and sisters, Lily naturally stood on the side of the girls.

However, the opponent was Michizane so Lily had no chance of winning. What could she do? Shout from afar to remind them? Apart from exposing herself, such an action wouldn’t serve any purpose.

These little girls were completely crazy!

Ijuin Reira was not an ordinary woman. She was a middle stage Spirit Jade powerhouse. Among the circle of n.o.ble girls in the capital, she could be regarded as a very powerful expert!

Ijuin sprinted into the demonic cloud and leapt up. As someone in the mid Spirit Jade stage, it wasn’t difficult for her to jump a height of several meters and reach Michizane’s chest. Ijuin’s sword condensed powerful spiritual energy that resonated with her innate arrogance, adding a bit of sharpness to her sword energy! The samurai sword turned into a silver-white light and stabbed at Michizane’s chest.

The sword directly pierced towards the great demon’s broad chest, aiming at the location of the spirit jade in the spirit sea. This attack was really ruthless and decisive!

Meanwhile, the sword mikos who followed behind Ijuin attacked Michizane’s legs and feet or the surrounding ghosts.

“Hahahaha, hahahahahaha!” Michizane, however, laughed wildly in the sky. He opened his hands, almost covering half of the night sky.

A small ball of lightning suddenly emerged from Michizane’s bearded mouth. The ball was about the size of a goose egg, which looked small and tiny compared to Michizane’s figure.

However, Boom—!

The small ball of lightning suddenly emitted a dazzling thunderbolt, turning into dozens of small electric sparks that streaked towards the oncoming sword mikos at an unbelievable speed.

“Eh?” Ijuin Reira was focused on her sword maneuver which was about to pierce Michizane’s broad chest when a small electric spark impacted her chest seemingly at random, but at just the right time.

Zapzapzap— Ijuin Reira’s mind went blank as the small electric spark turned into powerful electric currents that surged throughout her entire body!

“Ah!” Ijuin screamed, feeling as if the current spreading from her chest was going to tear her body apart1. The destructive force instantly took away all her strength, leaving her to be ravaged and tortured by the electric currents in the air.

The other sword mikos were also swept up by these electric currents, causing their clothes to burst apart as they screamed in agony. The swords in their hands either fell or got shattered!

Ijuin fell down and lay helplessly on the cold pavement, paralyzed and convulsing with her eyes looking half-dazed.

As for the other sword mikos, the weaker ones directly fainted while the stronger ones also fell to the ground, unable to stand up.

Obviously, Michizane had suppressed the power of his lightning to a huge degree. If he had used a little more lightning power, these girls would have been reduced to ashes in an instant.

When Lily saw the Demon King Michizane take action once again, she still felt irrepressible palpitations.

“I can’t win. Not to mention winning, if I really make a move, I’m afraid it will even be difficult to survive!” Lily’s heart pounded.

The female onmyoji, female ninja, and female archers who stood in the distance were also stunned. In recent days, they had rushed into many deep dwellings and eradicated many ancient vengeful spirits under the leaders.h.i.+p of Ijuin. Although there were some casualties, they won all their battles in the end. However, this incomparably huge existence in front of them seemed to be as strong as the ratio of his body size to theirs, like a large mountain facing a small patch of flowers and gra.s.s.

Simply impossible to overcome!

“He… Could he be… I have seen him in the Night Parade of One Hundred Demons… Sugawara no Michizane, one of the four great vengeful spirits of the Heian Dynasty, Demon King Michizane!” A girl said and threw down her bow and arrows, directly kneeling on the roof in despair.

“What— Michizane???!” These fanatical girls weren’t stupid enough to think that they could defeat Michizane. They just had never seen this legendary great vengeful spirit before.

The morale of the girls who were supposed to provide support from behind instantly crumbled. For a while, they couldn’t even move to escape.

“What…? The great vengeful spirit mentioned in the intelligence is Michizane…?” At this time, Ijuin was paralyzed by the electricity and lying on the ground, unable to move. As she looked up in horror at the ancient evil spirit that resembled a black mountain peak, her eyes couldn’t help but become hollow.

A stream of hot liquid flowed from between her short skirt and shamefully formed a puddle of water that spread on the ground.

The tall, powerful ghost monsters pushed aside the clouds and mist, and went towards the girls. Some used their huge claws to grab the girls directly while others approached them teasingly and pulled their clothes, even extending their terrifyingly long tongues.

“Lord Michizane, can we bring back these beautiful pieces of meat that delivered themselves to our door and let our hundred ghost brothers enjoy them too?” An ugly, but unusually majestic evil spirit with a head full of mangled hair looked back at Michizane with big bronze bell eyes and asked, its mouth constantly drooling.

“Yeah, Lord Michizane, these little girls are really young and watery. Let’s take them back and play with them, and then eat them. These girls took the initiative to invite us to enjoy this feast. It would be too much of a shame to let them down without having a good time, right?”

“Hehehehe, do as you like!” Michizane’s laughter was like thunder. He was endlessly powerful and his realm was very high, so naturally, he disdained to join in on the fun. He was indifferent to these ragged girls whose beautiful bodies were revealed and unable to resist. For some unknown reason, Michizane squinted and looked up at the night sky, staring at the bright moon with a hint of sadness in his eyes.

However, those ghosts and monsters were all a vulgar, violent, and filthy bunch. They s.n.a.t.c.hed up the girls, and some even fought for the most beautiful ones among them!

Even the female onmyojis in the distance and the female ninjas and archers on the rooftops were not spared. They had long been terrified and their legs were too weak to escape, so they were easily caught by the monsters who rode on the rolling demonic clouds.

Lily lowered her head, closed her eyes, and blushed. She couldn’t bear to watch this nasty and tragic scene.

These girls would most likely get eaten after being subjected to a long period of inhumane s̲e̲x̲u̲a̲l̲ i̲n̲t̲e̲r̲c̲o̲u̲r̲s̲e̲2. Just thinking about these scenes brought Lily indescribable shame and sadness in her heart.

Hmph! These girls are also at fault in the first place. They caused their own deaths by provoking the Demon King Michizane. They deserve to be caught and punished! Lily told herself in her heart, Besides, that’s Michizane. Even if I want to save them, I can’t!

Lily gritted her teeth and wanted to turn around to leave, but for some reason, her lithe and slender legs just couldn’t take a step.

Lily, leave it alone. Why should I care? The so-called following the heavenly way is simply ignorance! They have no one to blame but themselves! There is no need to get yourself involved! Lily kept telling herself in her heart.

A fierce, green-faced evil spirit came in front of Ijuin and used its horrifying ghost hand to hook her short skirt with a thick, hooked finger. Saliva drooled from its ugly face as it unscrupulously approached Ijuin, “Hehehe, leave this leader to me to take care of.”

  1. Robinxen: Wow the author didn’t make her clothes explode and describe how her b.r.e.a.s.t.s jiggled randomly? Is this even the same author?!
  2. Robinxen: Ah it is the same author. All is right with the world.
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