Demon Sword Maiden

Book 5: Chapter 89: Discussion and Punishment

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Book 5: Chapter 89: Discussion and Punishment

The Himemiya Sen-no-hana Painting— when Lily saw this painting again, she had a different feeling.

The palace in the painting was beautiful and the sisters were comfortable and intimate, living happily in the beautiful palace in this fantasy dream.

Lily couldn’t help but yearn in her heart. If she could live with her senior sister and other sisters in such a beautiful, elegant, and peaceful palace garden, which was not under the threat of the heavenly calamity and belonged only to her sisters…even if it was just a wild mountain with a small stream and a few gra.s.s huts, Lily would be satisfied.

But in this world, how difficult would it be to realize this dream?!

Lily couldn’t help but think of Yoruko again. If she had been more prudent or made a different decision, and invited Yoruko to go with her to deliver the heavenly oracle to Ayaka instead of simply obeying orders and going alone, she could have at least saved Yoruko’s life with the help of the Blood Spirit Jade.

That way, in this dream of the maidens in the garden, perhaps Yoruko’s figure could’ve been seen under the flower tree by the stream…

As Lily looked at the beautiful painting and the people and things within, she couldn’t help crying.

This sadness; this unrecoverable loss, gave Lily a new understanding of seductive charm.

Lily’s sad state of mind made her seductive intent a bit more poignant.

Seductive charm was certainly not dignified, but it imparted an eye-catching beauty and celestial fragrance that allowed her to live proudly and independently in this dark and tyrannical world!

Until one day when her beauty was no longer coveted, but admired and revered, just like the painting of the moon G.o.d who showed disdain for all living things, ascending from arrogance and restraint to transcendence!

Even if the world knew that Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi were the most beautiful sisters in Takamagahara, so what? Who dared to covet or disrespect them? Who dared to harm their sisters?

Lily looked at the palace of the celestial maidens and made a vow in her heart.

“Lily must protect her sisters and never let the tragedy that befell Yoruko happen to my sisters again!”

Lily turned and gazed up at the bright moon through the window.

Although the path to Takamagahara was still very far away for Lily, it was the only place where Lily and her sisters could attain ultimate happiness!

In the dark, invisible poignant fluctuations swirled around Lily’s face and imparted her with inner enlightenment. She seemed to become stronger and more independent, and the beauty in that independence gave her an admirable quality!

Lily’s perception of seductive intent improved at an incredible speed that night…

When Lily walked out of Kiyoszawa, even Kimiko was a little surprised.

“Lily, you…don’t seem to be the same as before.”

“Eh? Really?” Lily touched her jade-like, pretty face.

“It’s not looks, it’s temperament…”

Lily bid farewell to Kimiko and returned to the chief advisor’s manor. She wanted to report everything she had discovered and thought about to Ayaka.

At this time, Ayaka was waiting for Lily in the study room, wearing a white elegant court dress and a high hat.

“Lady Ayaka.” Lily greeted.

“Lily…” Ayaka felt Lily’s charm and was slightly moved, but she didn’t say too much, “You are here.”

“Lady Ayaka, Lily went to investigate Yoruko’s murder case and has made some progress.”

Lily told Ayaka what she found and deduced.

“Lily, I have already seen the b.l.o.o.d.y jade character and I think it is indeed the last message left by Yoruko, but I don’t think it necessarily refers to Tamamo-no-Mae like you thought before. According to my understanding of Tamamo-no-Mae, she shouldn’t have killed Yoruko, and if it was really her, neither you nor Yoruko would have been able to escape. The entire capital is under her nose, and even the empress’ affair in the harem couldn’t escape her eyes1.”

“Eh?” Lily couldn’t help blus.h.i.+ng when she heard that, “The empress, isn’t she the emperor’s wife? She actually…”

“Okay, let’s not talk about that. I’m only saying this to show you that Tamamo-no-Mae has eyes everywhere. You, a girl, shouldn’t be interested in that kind of thing.”

“Ah, I’m sorry, Lady Ayaka.”

“Lily, the three points you a.n.a.lyzed are quite insightful. Did you really come up with them yourself?” Ayaka asked.

“I won’t hide it from you, My Lady. Some of these points were developed by Lily herself, but there are also some that were given by Lady Kimiko which Lily agreed with and reported to Lady Ayaka.” Unless it was something that might endanger her senior sister, Lily didn’t feel the need to hide the truth from Ayaka.

“Kimiko?” The fan in Ayaka’s hand was suddenly snapped shut and she put it away, causing Lily’s heart to tremble. She asked in surprise, “That old woman told you?!”

“Yes, it was also Lady Kimiko who invited Lily to observe the Himemiya Sen-no-hana Painting. Her words are quite insightful, and Lily also gained a lot of useful enlightenment…”

“Silence!” Ayaka’s expression suddenly changed, “How could Kimiko help you a.n.a.lyze all this? Did you tell her the whole case?”

Lily’s heart began to beat faster and she didn’t understand why Ayaka suddenly got angry. Ayaka had an innately strong aura, and when she got angry, it made Lily extremely nervous.

“Yes… I, I told Lady Kimiko about the case.” Lily lowered her head and said with a red face.

“How dare you!” Ayaka’s words became cold and stern, and she slapped the fan onto her palm, “You actually told Kimiko the secrets of the imperial court that are related to the heavenly way? Tell me, what else did you tell her?”

“No, nothing else…” Lily really didn’t want to lie, but the look on Ayaka’s face made her fl.u.s.tered.

“Nothing? If not, how could Kimiko know the motives of the three archdemons and a.n.a.lyze the following inferences?” Ayaka suddenly realized something, “Could it be that you told Kimiko about the heavenly oracle as well?”

Things had already come to this point so Lily didn’t dare to lie again, “Yes… I did.”

“…Ah, Little Lily, do you know what you have done?”

“Lady Kimiko has taken good care of Lily and even saved Lily before. Lily absolutely trusts her. Without her a.n.a.lysis, the case would not have progressed so quickly and My Lady said that Lily could make decisions on her own!” Lily looked at Ayaka’s angry face and felt a little aggrieved.

“Make decisions on your own… Sigh…Lily, you are too confused! Do you know who this Kimiko is?”


“She is Tamamo-no-Mae2!” Ayaka said solemnly.

Lily was startled. Although she had doubts before, when she heard Ayaka’s affirmative reply, she felt that she might have really caused a disaster. She had told Tamamo-no-Mae, the head of the three archdemons, that the G.o.ds wanted to kill them…

“Lily, do you know that you have created a great disaster?”

“Lily knows that she was wrong, but even if Lady Kimiko is really Tamamo-no-Mae3, she is not a bad person. She wouldn’t do anything to harm the heavens.”

“Shut up! How much do you know about Tamamo-no-Mae? How much do you know about the boundless karmic fire that burned down Nara Castle?” Ayaka asked sharply.

“Eh? This… Lily doesn’t know, but Lady Kimiko is very good to Lily. Just now, she even let Lily gain enlightenment…”

“That woman said some flowery words and gave you a little benefit, and you are dizzy over her, right?”

“No! Lily said all that so we could find the real culprit behind Yoruko’s murder as soon as possible! To avenge her death! Lily trusts Kimiko, and whether she is Tamamo-no-Mae or not, Lily trusts her enough to tell her everything. This is Lily’s own judgment!” Lily bowed towards Ayaka, but loudly declared her decision.

Ayaka’s towering chest began to rise and fall visibly, “Well, although I believe that you did it out of a sincere heart, you must not publicize this matter. With Tamamo-no-Mae’s methods, she would have found out sooner or later.”

“Thank you, Lady Ayaka, for understanding Lily.” Lily bowed deeply with a guilty look on her face.

“When did I say I was going to forgive you?”


“Lily, you made your own decision, and whether it was right or wrong will be decided afterwards. However, what about when you disobeyed my order?” Ayaka’s voice became more severe.

“Eh? This… Regardless of the reason, Lily disobeyed Lady Ayaka’s order. This is a fact. Lily knows that she was wrong.” Lily said meekly.

“Since you know that you’re wrong, you should be punished. Come here.” Ayaka’s eyes radiated a strange, rather dominant glow, and she gave the order indifferently.

“Eh?” Not knowing why, Lily got up and went to Ayaka’s side.

“Lie down on my lap.” Ayaka said in a soft yet stern tone, her towering chest heaving.

“Lady Ayaka, what are you going to do?” Lily trembled.

“Lily, do you remember the mistake you made? I said that it was your first offense, so I would forgive you, but if you made another mistake in the future, you will be punished for it as well.”

“But this time doesn’t count. Lily did it to further the investigation of the case and Lily really believes in Lady Kimiko!” Lily argued in a panic.

“Oh, now you are saying it doesn’t count? Didn’t you admit that you were wrong just now? Is it not a mistake if you didn’t listen to me? What do you think?” Ayaka’s tone was unexpectedly indifferent.

“It counts…”

Lily knew that regardless of her motives and whether it was right or wrong, she had indeed made her own decision to inform Kimiko about the heavenly oracle and disobeyed Ayaka’s order. It was irrefutable that she had committed a grave mistake.

“Since you know your mistake, why don’t you come into my arms and receive your punishment?” Although Ayaka said it was punishment, her gentle and carefree tone made it seem like some kind of teasing…

“Yes.” Lily could only nod her head.

There was obviously no one forcing her, but there seemed to be a strong aura in the air pressing Lily to kneel down. Her expression looked a little serious and somewhat aggrieved, but her red face couldn’t make her admit that she was shy.

She knelt in front of Ayaka, but it was even more difficult for her to bend over and lie on this woman’s lap. However, she had disobeyed an order and had to be punished. It was all her own choice. Lily leaned down in humiliation and lay on Ayaka’s soft, warm, and feminine thighs.

Ayaka didn’t say much. She grabbed both of Lily’s hands and pressed them against her waist. Then, with her free hand, she skilfully lifted Lily’s skirt…

“Tell me, how many hits?”

“Eh?” Lily’s delicate body trembled, “Hit, hit where…?”

“You are lying on my lap, yet you are still asking me? Do you think I am flirting with you? Tell me quickly, how many hits?!” Ayaka said sternly.

This put Lily in a dilemma. She made such a big mistake, and if she asked for too little, it would probably make Ayaka even more angry, but if she asked for too much, she would feel ashamed.

“If you won’t say anything, then I’ll slap as much as I want?” Ayaka picked up the fan and frivolously slid it up and down on Lily’s plump b.u.t.tocks.

“One, one hundred…” When Lily said that, her face reddened even more, and her voice was barely audible.

“What are you saying? Big Sister can’t hear you clearly! Speak louder!” Ayaka’s voice suddenly became high-pitched and stern.

“Lady Ayaka, please slap Lily…one hundred times!” Lily blushed and said with an incomparable shameful look on her red face.

“Say it again, louder!”

“Lady Ayaka, Lily was wrong. Please, Lady Ayaka, slap—”

Slap! The fan fell with a fragrant wind.

“Ah!” A young girl’s uncharacteristically delicate cry came from the quiet study room4.

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