Demon Sword Maiden

Book 5: Chapter 83: The Heavenly Oracle

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Book 5: Chapter 83: The Heavenly Oracle

Lily was unable to believe that this was Ayaka’s first time kissing. This seemingly inexperienced woman had a kind of natural dominance that enraptured Lily a little.

Of course, if Ayaka hadn’t said anything about this matter, Lily certainly wouldn’t have guessed it.

At this time, it became difficult for Lily to think clearly. There was no room for additional thoughts in her mind other than kissing. She wanted to think and find a countermeasure for this situation, but she couldn’t.

Lily repeatedly tried to push her away, but her strength seemed to have been drained away by Ayaka’s kiss. Lily’s hands pushed against Ayaka’s body, and in response, the latter pushed her down to the ground even more forcefully.

It must be because I feel Lady Ayaka’s sadness. If I forcefully push her away at this point, it will only make her sadder… This is not a kiss of mutual affection. This, this is just for comfort… Lily’s thoughts were chaotic at first, but gradually, such thoughts completely melted away.

She could only let Ayaka press her to the ground and continue their strong kiss. Ayaka grabbed Lily’s arms with one hand and pressed them above her head, while the other hand was free to roam Lily’s defenseless body, causing her to twist and tremble…

Admittedly, Lily didn’t dislike Ayaka in her heart. It was impossible to dislike such a powerful and beautiful woman. However, Lily really didn’t want to be kissed by her, nor did she want to be kissed without having a chance to catch her breath1. Yes, it was a seemingly endless kiss.

If it wasn’t for the shout from outside which relayed their near arrival to the chief advisor’s residence, it was uncertain when Ayaka would’ve stopped.

At this time, Lily was lying underneath Ayaka with her clothes slightly open, revealing parts of her ample chest. Although Ayaka’s lips had separated from her own, Lily’s beautiful little mouth still seemed to be relis.h.i.+ng the feeling. Her lips were slightly parted as she kept gasping for breath.

There weren’t any tears in her eyes, but her eyes looked misty. She just stared at the corner of the sedan chair that had no particular decoration.

She had already been kissed for the whole day so there was no point in complaining or resisting now.

That would only reflect her own powerlessness and let Lady Ayaka know that she was no longer capable of resisting after getting kissed, thus giving the mistaken impression that she was partially conquered with just a kiss. It was absurd.

Lily was a very strong girl and wouldn’t admit it. At this point, was there any use crying and regretting her complete lack of resistance?

What made Lily especially angry with herself was the lingering feeling Ayaka left on her lips. It was a sweet, wonderful feeling, though she refused to admit it…

Like before, Ayaka helped Lily to tidy up her lapel so she could experience her gentle side after the storm.

Do you think this will comfort me? Do you think I will forgive you just like that? Lily’s heart was in denial.

She pushed Ayaka’s hand away and complained, “You had straightened my neckline for me and said that girls should be reserved. Was it just to prevent others from seeing anything while you can look as much as you want? I don’t understand you, Lord Chief Advisor. You rule the Heian Dynasty, but does a supreme power like you have to act so arbitrary and rule everything? I, I know that you are very sad right now…so I won’t blame you for what happened today, but I hope you can be considerate of other people’s feelings and don’t repeat this incident in the future!”

Lily gave a righteous warning.

Ayaka leaned down and the fragrance from her hair pulled a haze over Lily’s mind once again.

“Lily, I understand your feelings better than yourself. Because we look from different perspectives, I can see what you can’t see about yourself…”

The tickling breath in Lily’s ear made her feel ashamed, “Don’t talk nonsense…”

“Watch your tone of voice. Do you think that because you got bullied by me, you can speak so rudely to the Lord Chief Advisor?”

“So what? Will you punish me? Then punish me!” Lily was also really angry and a bit erratic.

“I won’t punish you today, but if you act so willfully in front of me later, maybe I will punish you very severely.”

“You obviously do whatever you want, yet you say I’m willful?!”

Ayaka clasped Lily’s hands and gave her a solemn look, “Do you think that, as chief advisor, I will just do this to any woman2? No, it’s not like that. Lily, actually, I…”

“Lord Chief Advisor, we have arrived at the manor.” Just then, there was a sudden shout from outside the door.

Ayaka released Lily’s hand and said, “Get off the sedan chair.”

Regardless of whether Lily was willing or not, Ayaka still insisted on holding Lily’s hand and pulled her all the way into the mansion. Feeling that Lily wanted to shake her off, Ayaka increased her strength so she couldn’t. In contrast to Ayaka’s elegant and firm pace, Lily’s steps were somewhat unsteady as she was dragged into the backyard.

The other servants, who had never seen their Lord Chief Advisor act like this before, dared not to say anything. They could only bow nervously and carry the sedan chair inside before closing the door. What else could they do? The matters regarding the Lord Chief Advisor wasn’t something they could talk about.

Only Hos.h.i.+ Murasaki watched as the reluctant Lily was pulled into the private backyard by Lady Ayaka. Her eyes fell on Lily’s slender waist and plump b.u.t.tocks that swayed from side to side with a bit of jealousy. Her jealousy only grew when she saw Ayaka’s graceful steps and unquestionable grasp.

“Why has Lady Ayaka never treated me like this…? I, I won’t resist like that woman. I…” Tears flowed down Hos.h.i.+ Murasaki’s face and she walked towards the side of the mansion3.

Back at the study, only Lily and Ayaka were left in the huge and quiet courtyard. Lily thought that she was going to be punished for her rudeness or be subjected to other similar treatments. Lily didn’t like to be treated forcefully…but in a place like this, it seemed really difficult to resist her.

However, Ayaka sat opposite to Lily in a serious manner and said, “Lily, this extended night is still going on, but I still have to go to the court in the afternoon.”

“Eh?” She suddenly started to talk about official matters? Lily had nowhere to express her originally swirling emotions.

“What’s wrong?” Ayaka asked.

What’s wrong? What did you do to me just now, yet you are suddenly acting formally as if nothing happened? Lily was annoyed in her heart, but she felt an inexplicable emptiness.

But on the surface, she could only in accordance, “I await Lady Ayaka’s orders.” At this time, Lily’s expression was also indescribably wonderful.

Ayaka once again used arcane arts to isolate the sound inside. However, Lily felt that this isolation was not only to protect sensitive information, but also to prevent the leakage of sound no matter what was done to her, right?

Lily felt that she was thinking a little too much about what happened…

“Lily,” A wave of sadness flashed across Ayaka’s eyes as she said, “I’m sorry for making you go through such a thing.”

“Please don’t say that, My Lady. For something like this to happen, I’m sure that My Lady is more upset than I am.”

“Both Yoruko and I are dedicated to the great responsibility of preserving the heavenly way. Since we chose this path, both she and I had made preparations for such a day sooner or later. Yoruko is a samurai and had long been able to face all this head-on. She was well-aware of the situation.” Even so, Ayaka’s eyes still glistened with tears.

“Lady Ayaka, Madam Yoruko asked me to bring the heavenly oracle at the last moment.”

Ayaka’s eyes narrowed and she gestured for Lily to stop talking. She pulled Lily to the back room where there was a small altar. Ayaka devoutly wors.h.i.+ped the altar which hung a very beautiful and moving portrait of an ancient G.o.ddess. The G.o.ddess was floating in the sky and ruled all living beings with her beauty and strength. There was a sword in her hand, and although the painting was not completely in place, the artistic conception Lily perceived felt familiar.

“Tsukuyomi Sworstyle?”

Lily also showed her veneration in front of the altar.

“This is the great G.o.d, Tsukuyomi no Mikoto. Although we, the Fujiwara Clan, are not qualified to have such a great G.o.d as our patron deity, we have wors.h.i.+ped her for generations as a symbol of beauty and battle power.” Ayaka said reverently.

“This portrait is very beautiful. Legend has it that the great moon G.o.d is the G.o.d of beauty who rules the night. This is my first time seeing a portrait of the great moon G.o.d.” Lily marveled.

“Ah, Lily, you are really too simple. How could anyone in the world have seen the real moon G.o.d? This was only painted according to people’s own imagination. I think that the real moon G.o.d must be a thousand times more beautiful than this portrait.”

“I think so too…”

“Okay, Lily, now you can tell me the heavenly oracle in the presence of the moon G.o.d.”


Lily prayed reverently and solemnly in her heart, “Great Moon G.o.d, please bless Senior Sister, my sisters, and Lady Ayaka. Don’t let them tragically sacrifice themselves for the sake of the heavenly way, just like Madam Yoruko did. Please bless this world and eradicate the evil choking the heavenly way as soon as possible, and let the suns.h.i.+ne return to earth.”

After praying, Lily looked at Ayaka and said, “The heavenly oracle that Madam Yoruko told me was: Those who rebel against the way of heaven are the three archdemons.”

“What?!” Ayaka was shocked, “The three archdemons are the ones who are disrupting the heavenly way?”

“Yes, that is the whole heavenly oracle.” Lily said.

Ayaka became dazed for a while. Of course, she absolutely believed in Lily, and even more in Yoruko who sacrificed her own life for the heavenly oracle. She deeply pondered over those words and couldn’t help looking at the portrait of the moon G.o.d, “Is this the heavenly oracle that came from the high heavens? So it turns out that the root cause of this heavenly disorder are the three archdemons making trouble in the world. If we want the heavenly order to return to normal, we must first get rid of the three archdemons…”

Suddenly, on the other side of the room, the spell that Ayaka had cast to isolate the outside world was blown apart by a gust of wind. The cold wind and rain blew into the room and snuffed out all the candles on the altar, and even the portrait of the great moon G.o.d was blown up. Ayaka rushed to grab it, but even with her fast reaction speed, she actually failed to catch it immediately.

Rumble—! A flash of lightning that was brighter than daytime frightened the hearts of strong experts like Ayaka and Lily. During that moment, the portrait of the moon G.o.d flew through the window and landed in the rain and mud.

Ayaka and Lily rushed out of the room and picked up the moon G.o.d portrait that fell in the rain. They found that the rain got the ink wet, leaving two ink marks that flowed from the beautiful eyes of the moon G.o.d, which looked sad and poignant. Those eyes seemed to flow with tears of blood!

“This, what is this bad omen?4” Even Ayaka, the number one onmyoji master of the Heian Dynasty, looked up at the rainy sky with despair, trembling in her soaked white dress…

  1. Robinxen: If this was done differently then people would be up in arms about saying no.
  2. Robinxen: That’s not a justification.
  3. Robinxen: Next rival?
  4. Robinxen: Evil begins to spread.
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