Demon Sword Maiden

Book 5: Chapter 32: Himemiya Sen-no-Hana Painting

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Book 5: Chapter 32: Himemiya Sen-no-Hana Painting

The moonlight shone through the water, flower petals scattered throughout the spring. The two leaned against the rocks soaking in the hot springs. Naturally, bath towels weren’t needed when submerged. The waters were milky white obscuring their bodies. Lily’s bust was mostly submerged but they formed two arcs above the water like two white islands. Her face was red and her hair pinned up.

“Ah, when you pin your hair up, you look quite mature.” Kimiko complimented Lily, her finger trailing down Lily’s arm. “Why so nervous? I’m not going to eat you.”

Lily’s heart protested, we’re already like this, how can I not be worried?

“Little Lily, in the eastern land, do you have someone you like?” “Huh?” Lily was taken aback, unsure of why Kimiko was asking this. Kimiko gossiped, “I hear that in the East, many n.o.ble samurais and scions consider you to be their dream woman.” “This… I can’t control what they think. Lady Kimiko, we’ve been soaking for a while, I’d like to go back……” “Tsk, what are you in a rush for? Afraid I’ll do something to you?” Kimiko’s hand rubbed Lily’s thighs1, “If I really wanted you, do you think you could resist?”

The words made Lily want to cry. Where did Kimiko come from? Though she was a peerless arch-demon, she didn’t have that dangerous sensation, but Lily had a feeling that Kimiko was stronger than any other ent.i.ty she had ever met before. If this woman really wanted to do something to her, how could she resist?

“Ahh, don’t look so bitter, you won’t look good if you cry. I hear eastern land’s As.h.i.+kaga Makoto will soon arrive in Heian-kyo.”

“Madam As.h.i.+kaga?” Lily startled.

“That isn’t very strange, the As.h.i.+kaga household is still one of Kanto’s n.o.ble houses. I say, her son As.h.i.+kaga Kiyos.h.i.+, is he one of your suitors?”

“I’m… I’m not too sure…”

“You don’t know? That Kiyos.h.i.+ is a superior young scion. I think, if you look through the entire eastern land, he is the only one who can barely be matched with you. Don’t tell me you haven’t done anything with him? Say… a few kisses? Some caresses?” Kimiko murmured while blowing air into Lily’s ear.

“Lady Kimiko!” Lily was a bit angry and solemnly announced, “You and I have only known each other for a day, while I respect you for your justice and protection of the night markets, your accomplishments and your power, but please don’t act as if we’re intimate friends and can ask anything. Though that question, I can answer, nothing has happened between me and Kiyos.h.i.+, no contact at all. I have absolutely no interest in men, please don’t ask such questions anymore.”

“Ahahaha, Ahahahahahaha!” Kimiko let out raucous laughter, not caring that her large b.r.e.a.s.t.s were completely lifted and exposed from the water. “Lily, ahh Lily… it’s said that you’re ice cold and smart, but to think you’re like this. I only teased you a bit and you’ve revealed the truth. From the moment I touched you, your reactions told me everything. You and I, we’re the same type.” Kimiko asked into Lily’s ear, “You like women, right?2”

“No… no…”

“You won’t admit it? Then how about I kidnap you and set you up with Karasu Tengu? If you don’t like women, then you naturally like men. That Tengu is the world’s most heroic man. You’d like him, right?”

“Lady Kimiko, please don’t tease me, I……I…… fine, I like women, but please don’t think you can mess around with me, I already have a partner!” Lily had no choice but to confess.

“Uwaa? Really? The eastern G.o.ddess has a partner? I would have thought no one could match your standards. Tell sister, who is she?”

The ‘she’ in question was Lily’s senior… but… how could she explain?

“What’s the matter?” Kimiko saw sadness within Lily’s eyes.

“I don’t know… where she is……”

“To think that you’re an infatuated type? I couldn’t tell from your temperament and reactions. Since she’s not by your side, aren’t you lonely? How about you play with sister?” Saying so, Kimiko stretched a hand towards Lily’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

“No, don’t be like that.” Lily turned, covering her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Kimiko ignored that and plastered herself to Lily’s back, targeting her ears again, “So, you like it from the back……”

Lily shuddered, her expression melancholic, “Lady Kimiko, please don’t make fun of me, I know you aren’t the type to force someone, so please don’t tease me anymore.”

“Ahahahaha, you’re quite perceptive, you can understand my thoughts. But it’s quite fun teasing you.” Saying so, Kimiko gave Lily’s rear a rub. Kimiko wouldn’t force Lily but she would take advantage to embarra.s.s her. “Lily, you won’t suffer since the one you met was me, but you need to be careful. An elegant soft beauty like you is very attractive, doubly so since you aren’t that strong. You will not only draw male arch-demons to you but also female monsters.”

“Eh? This…?”

“Do you know why? It’s because you possess a unique scent, filled with moonlit snow sakura femininity. It’s the feminine scent most desired by monsters. Most male monsters are both rude and ugly, so female monsters also prefer women. And most don’t follow the rules like me.” Kimiko rested her chin on Lily’s bare shoulder.

“Before saying you follow the rules, please take your hand off of my waist…”

“Hehe, sister’s only playing with you3, not like other female monsters. They’d tie you up after catching you.”


“Anyways, you have to be more careful. You really trust too easily, if the one you encountered wasn’t me but a ferocious monster, I think you’d have been taken already.”

“Am I supposed to thank you for sparing my innocence?”

“Look at you, what are you saying?” Under the water, Kimiko smacked Lily’s thighs “Your words really invite misunderstandings, I understand you but another person might think you’re seducing them, understand?”

“Ah? How could that be?”

Kimiko looked at Lily, thought a bit before nodding in understanding, “So it’s like that, you’ve practiced a unique insight of the charm. Don’t worry, sister won’t investigate your secret, that’s the greatest taboo of any pract.i.tioners. You only need to answer yes or no.”

“Yes, I practiced a special dance style…”

“Nn, the charming aura on you will easily make a monster think you’re an enchantress. But it seems like your seductive aura is naturally dispersed without any guiding will4, right?”

Now that they were discussing the path of advancement, Lily had some interest, turning around, “Lady Kimiko, I’ve gained a few insights in the way of charm… only it’s too ethereal, I’m unable to control it…”

“Come with me.” “Ah?” “Put on your bathrobe and follow me. Relax, I’m not going to take you…for now.”

“……” Every three sentences Kimiko said, one was to hara.s.s her, Lily really had low resistance to this.

She put on a white bathrobe and followed Kimiko after hooking her ancient mirror to her waistband. Kimiko noticed the mirror and Lily noticed Kimiko’s attention.

Kimiko laughed, “You don’t have to hide it, it’s only an ancient mirror. I know you’re a mirror girl, I even know about the Viper and Witch Momiji’s secret admiration of you. There are many mirror girls in Heian-kyo, especially after that little girl Ayaka established a new policy to prohibit the harming of mirror girls. Many of them have traveled to Heian-kyo, I had thought you were among their number.”

Lily let out a sigh of relief, it seems with Kimiko’s superior advancement, she disdained the idea of s.n.a.t.c.hing her ancient mirror, but Lily still carefully put her mirror away.

“Strange, why don’t you have a storage device?” Kimiko suddenly asked. “Ah? I…” “With your power, you should have one, it’s very convenient. You should know of Heian-kyo’s Fuyutsuki, you can purchase one there. If you don’t have enough money, sister will lend it to you, but… you’ll have to pay with your body~” “No, no need…I have methods to earn money.” Lily’s back stiffened with fright, thankfully she had left her blade back in the room, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to explain.

Lily followed Kimiko to the top floor of the Kiyoszawa, to the door of a large room, that door was decorated beautifully with golden satin.

“What, what is this feeling?”

A distant, ancient aura radiated from the room, triggering endless daydreams in Lily.

Kimiko looked and nodded with a laugh, “You really are very sensitive, a regular mirror girl would not be able to detect this aura. This door has been inlaid with a spell to suppress energy fluctuations.”

Kimiko opened the door with an arcane arte, the room was absolutely dark, but the ancient aura radiating was a thousand times stronger, a charming aura.

“Enter.” Kimiko pulled Lily into the room.

“What… What is this?” Though Lily had just taken a bath, her bathrobe was instantly soaked through with sweat.

The room clearly had no smell, but in the air there seemed to be a mix of thousands of different mesmerizing scents. With a snap, Kimiko lit up the candles of the room, lighting the area. The room was magnificent, elegant, and dazzling to the eyes.

Under the candlelight, Lily saw on the opposite wall, a ten-meter tall mural.

The mural depicted a distant opulent palace, in the palace, there were many scantily clad seductive women. One moment they were celestial maidens, in another they were seductresses. They were dancing, singing, gossiping, frolicking around. There were also plenty of kissing, caressing, and other various more intense erotic activities5.

“Ah……” Blus.h.i.+ng hard, Lily covered her mouth, she felt her body soften to the point she couldn’t stand up. She had never felt such a strong charming intent, “This, this is…”

“Ah, Lily. This is one of Heian-kyo’s sacred relics, ‘Himemiya Sen-no-Hana Painting’.

  1. Robinxen: How envia… I mean disgusting.
  2. Robinxen: I actually hate this character honestly… rubs me the wrong way.
  3. Robinxen: I hate these types.
  4. Robinxen: Yes, we call it the yuri magnet.
  5. Robinxen: Isekai Only Fans!
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