Demon Sword Maiden

Book 4: Chapter 65: Lily And Ui

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Book 4: Chapter 65: Lily And Ui

Neither s.h.i.+mizu nor Tamurakonoe could’ve guessed that the aim of their efforts, Lily, was lying on the other sh.o.r.e of the lake.

Tamurakonoe had no personal grudges with Lily, but his father’s words were akin to a mountain. No matter what, he must kill the Mirror Girl and prevent her from traveling to the west. As for whether this was the order of Lord Kibo, Tamurakonoe didn’t care.

Needless to say, s.h.i.+mizu only wanted to find Lily out of pure worry. Although her sister was more resilient than herself, s.h.i.+mizu still agonized over Lily’s well-being more than her own.

“Get up, let’s not linger here while the tide is high!” Ui pointed at Lily and commanded.

“Whether it’s Lake Biwa or the sea, aren’t tides usually low in the daytime and rise at night?” Lily asked.

“Whatever! You still have to follow my orders anyway!” Ui a.s.serted with her hands on her hips.

Lily was unsure of the potency of the cursed mark she was afflicted with, but she didn’t think that it was enough to shatter her mind. The solidity of her mind was incomparable to that of ordinary women, after all.

However, Lily didn’t dare to take it lightly. Even if she forcefully resisted the cursed seal and managed to retain her sanity, the curse’s effects would continue to torture her mind. No matter what, she couldn’t afford to act rashly.

If Lily disregarded all the consequences, she could break out of her bindings right now. She was only facing a single opponent. Although her swords were confiscated, she could summon Yuki-Onna to kill Ui or fend her off at the very least.

However, things would get troublesome if Ui escaped with her swords. In terms of speed and agility, Lily wasn’t too inferior to Ui, but the risk of not being able to catch up still existed.

In consideration of these two points, Lily decided to restrain her cards until she could properly figure out the situation.

Ui couldn’t afford to underestimate her captive again. She took out a bra.s.s collar and buckled it around Lily’s neck from behind before fastening the lock on the front. As if that wasn’t enough, she reinforced it with a st.u.r.dy-looking rope.

Lily’s hands were also tied behind her back by the same kind of rope.

“Hmph, I advise you to stay obedient. Don’t think that you can break free with only brute strength. This is an extremely strong, seventh-grade rope.” Ui said while tugging and tightening the rope.

Lily was a little shocked. If this was indeed seventh-grade rope, she wouldn’t be able to forcefully break free. However, she wasn’t too worried since she possessed the Restraint Release technique. As long as she was given a little time, such a plain binding method where her hands were tied behind her back was a piece of cake to escape from.

“Why do you carry such things with you? What exactly do you want?”

“Shut up!” Ui grabbed Lily’s hair before whispering in her ear, “Why, you ask? Of course, they’re for tying up women like you! Now get up!”

Ui pulled the rope tied to Lily’s neck, forcing her to stand up. Lily was much taller compared to Ui. Although the two were similarly slim and slender, Ui’s height only reached up to Lily’s chest. However, at this time, Lily was the captive and the little girl was the master in control.

“Your name is Ui, right? I understand that this was all instigated by Lord Kibo, but why are you so intent on killing me?

Ui drew a snakeskin whip from her waist and shook it at Lily, “Do you see this? This is a sixth-grade snake whip. You’re not allowed to call me by name anymore; you must call me Senior Sister Ui, otherwise, I’ll discipline you with this whip! Whether they were at the Awakened or Spirit Jade Stage, every female warrior that I have thrashed couldn’t help but beg for mercy. If you don’t want to suffer, then listen to my orders, understand?”

Lily’s face flushed, “What are you talking about? It’s understandable that you don’t want me to call your name directly, but you’re obviously younger than me, right? What’s the point of asking me to call you senior sister? Isn’t that weird?”

“I can do whatever I want, do you have a problem? You just need to obey; not ask questions, understand?”


Ui brandished her whip and tugged on the rope, slowly nearing Lily’s face. Unfortunately, the tip of her nose only reached Lily’s chest, causing her to feel a little depressed. She pulled Lily a little closer and smiled softly, “Now, say it so I can hear.”

“…” Lily may have agreed if it was some other request, but the term ‘senior sister’ held a special meaning in her heart. She could only close her mouth and remain silent.

“Oh, you choose to reject my orders even now? Hmph, just you wait. I’ll teach you a lesson later. Come here!” Ui pulled Lily onto the sh.o.r.e of the lake.

After walking a dozen or so steps, she became a little confused. The island in front was mystified in an indescribable atmosphere and the towering mountains looked intimidating.

“Where should I go?” Ui wondered.

“You’re only considering this issue now?” Lily was dumbfounded.

“What kind of place is this? When I washed ash.o.r.e, you were the first one I saw. Since you were an immediate threat, I decided to tie you up first before taking off your undergarment.” Ui took out the slim, amethyst undergarment from behind her kimono sash and dangled it in front of Lily’s face.

“Okay, stop showing it off!” Lily blushed. After all, this was something she had always worn close to her body.

“Ah, your sword is so heavy!” Ui grunted and untied Yasutsuna from her back. It was a strain for her pet.i.te figure to carry such a long katana.

“Too heavy? Then why not return it to me?”

“Sure,” Ui grinned at Lily with a bad smile, “Open your mouth.”

“Wait, what?”

Ui put the whip back onto her waist and pinched Lily’s nose with her little hand.


When Lily subconsciously opened her mouth, Ui shoved the hilt inside at a sideways angle which formed a on her cheek, “Bite! Didn’t you want your sword back?”

Although a wave of humiliation showered Lily, on second thought, this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. If it meant regaining possession over her katana, she didn’t mind pretending to be obedient. After a bit of hesitation, she eventually bit onto the hilt.

Ui pulled Lily further inland. All the way, Lily carried her sword with her mouth and couldn’t speak. The two soon reached a big tree on a higher section of the sh.o.r.e. After taking shade underneath, Ui wrapped the rope binding Lily’s hands to an overhanging branch of the tree.

She then took Lily’s sword and leaned it against the tree trunk.

“This tree seems to be made of high-grade lumber. I don’t have to worry about you breaking free from it.” Ui nodded in satisfaction.

“Now is not the time to be doing this, right? Aren’t we stuck on this strange island? Shouldn’t we be thinking of ways to leave? Besides, this island gives me an unsettling feeling.” Lily warned.

“Leave? Once I hand you over to Big Brother Tamurakonoe, you’ll die, and that’s not what I want.” Ui sneered.

“You don’t want to kill me?”

“That’s the adults’ business. Mirror girl or whatever, I don’t care. I just want to…” Ui jerked and adjusted the rope, hanging Lily in the air at a low alt.i.tude. The upward pull caused the kimono to press tighter against Lily’s body, accentuating her curvaceous figure.

Her long, beautiful hair also cascaded and spilled across her narrow shoulders. Ui went behind Lily and raised her snakeskin whip high, “A woman like you…a woman like you…must be punished!”

“Why? Since you came to kill me at Lord Kibo’s behest, shouldn’t you be finis.h.i.+ng the job? Why are you holding me captive and forcing me to obey you?” Lily reluctantly turned her head and asked Ui who stood behind her.

Ui returned to the front and slid her fingers through Lily’s silky hair. She then nibbled on Lily’s earlobes which stimulated her whole body to tremble, “Why, you ask? Because it makes me happy…”

Ui picked up Yasutsuna and traced the handle along Lily’s pink lips, “Give me a good bite, you talkative woman!”

Lily didn’t object to biting her weapon.

After leaving the sword in her mouth, Ui returned to Lily’s back. Hatred blossomed in Ui’s eyes as she beheld the tall and beautiful woman in front of her.

“You ask me why? You ask me why—”

Ui raised the whip high and lifted Lily’s skirt to one side.

“Today, the ‘reward’ for suppressing the cursed seal’s effects is this whip! Hehehehe!”

“Ah-!” The whip lashed towards Lily, carrying a flurry of wind. However, only a crackling sound echoed as the whip was pulled back at the last second. The rush of wind stung Lily’s jade-like skin, causing her body to squirm.

Ui walked up to Lily with a hint of playfulness soothing her voice, “How was it? Wasn’t it very exciting? You expected to get lashed, but in the end, the whip didn’t hit your skin. Do you feel empty?”

After Ui spoke, she blew a hot breath into Lily’s ear which prompted her to s.h.i.+ver.

She then removed the sword from Lily’s mouth, allowing her to gasp for air.

Ui snaked her little hand into Lily’s cleavage and said, “Say something, you big-breasted woman! Perhaps in the eyes of those Eastern samurai, you are an idol or dream lover, but in my eyes, you are just a captive and slave who is at my mercy, do you understand? Now tell me, do you feel empty inside?”

“Who would feel any emptiness at this type of thing! Are you sick—ah!”

Ui squeezed hard and muttered, “Today’s rewards are over; you can look forward to more tomorrow.”

Lily waited for her erratic breath to soften before asking, “Aren’t you thinking of a way to leave here?”

Ui didn’t seem to mind her words, instead pressing her hand against the tip of her nose and breathing deeply, “Ah, you smell much better than them…”


A flash of darkness flitted through Ui’s eyes as she looked at Lily, “Who said I wasn’t going to find a way to leave? Why are you so concerned anyway? The closer I get to leaving this place, the faster your death approaches. Shouldn’t you be hoping to never find a way out and stay trapped on this deserted island with me?”

“Uh?” Lily was stunned. Ui may not know that she still retained means of escaping, but Lily also found loopholes in her own thinking. She steered her thoughts based on the a.s.sumption that she could flip defeat into victory. It would become troublesome if her insistence caused Ui to heighten her alert. Fortunately, she didn’t pick up on the signs.

“Are all you women from Eastern land like you— big b.r.e.a.s.t.s but no brains? Did the nutrients all flow to your b.r.e.a.s.t.s?” Ui spat in contempt. She suddenly remembered something, causing her eyes to flicker, “By the way, if we don’t find a way out, I’ll fish while you make the fire. You’ll also give birth to a few children for me and we’ll live on this deserted island away from the world, okay?


What the h.e.l.l did she mean by having children? Lily’s face flushed a deep shade of red.

“Y-you are also a girl. What children? Do you have a brain problem?!”

“Hahaha, I’m just kidding. Your silly face looks so cute!” Ui folded in laughter.

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