Demon Sword Maiden

Book 3: Chapter 80: Lily's Fall

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Book 3: Chapter 80: Lily’s Fall

Only darkness remained in Lily’s vision as she had been blindfolded and her katana had also been retrieved by the Itsura.

A bunch of tough and coa.r.s.e ropes had been used to bind her tightly and these white cat-masked kunoichis were taking her to an unknown location after tying her hands behind her back.

The Hundred Demons rampaged around in the surroundings.

This was a pretty fleeting and strange feeling, and if it weren’t for the fact that Lily still possessed a few aces, she couldn’t even imagine how she would’ve felt in such circ.u.mstances.

She could now experience getting captured by monsters and savor the feeling of getting taken to their lair.

Most samurai women would probably never have the chance to sample the feeling of such an experience.

Lily communicated with Kagura via a voice transmission secretly, “Kagura, my domain can strengthen the connection between me and the mirror. The mirror might get taken away in a while but remain on reserve even then and wait for my order.”

“Got it, Master, but don’t overdo this play.”

“I’m really not playing around. I need to clarify a few matters, that’s all,” Lily paused, “Also, who knows what kind of difficulties await us in the future? I don’t feel like Haihime is an evil person and don’t really want to kill her. It’ll be pretty difficult for you to guarantee my safety without killing her if you make a move and I also cannot take this risk.”

“Well, then. I’ll watch you closely then, Master. Even if the mirror leaves you, your soul is still connected to it. However, if you run into a real threat and have no time to call for help, I will make a move decisively, but you’ll still face danger even so. Do you really want to take this risk, Master?”

“Yes, I’m certain.”

After getting escorted for a long time and getting pushed about through unseen paths, Lily finally arrived at a mountain that seeped in oppressive miasma and climbed its steps.

“Take your sandals off!” The white cat-masked kunoichi commanded.

Lily lifted her feet and took her wooden sandals off before she was pushed onto the wooden floor in the front and was then escorted into a room after pa.s.sing through a corridor.

Lily then heard the sliding door close and remained standing inside this tatami-matted room with the blindfold still covering her eyes and there was no response even though she waited for a good while.

Lily didn’t attempt to flee as she wouldn’t have got caught previously if fleeing was that easy, so she planned to wait for the best timing. Since she hadn’t been taken to the prison to get tortured and had been brought to this tatami-matted room that was visibly lit with dim light even through the blindfold, Lily planned to wait and see just what exactly Haihime intended to do.

This room also contained the scent of another woman, so she presumed that this room belonged to Haihime or some other woman.

Lily’s sense of smell was pretty normal and similar to the average young woman’s, bar any special sensitivity. Thus, she wasn’t able to distinguish the scent that clearly, but she had picked up the scent of more than one woman from this room.

Lily waited for a couple of hours in the darkness just like that and remained standing quietly. Although she flexed her legs occasionally, she didn’t sit down and maintained the prim and proper posture of a virtuous woman at all times. She didn’t show any fear or relax her posture because of the fatigue from the battle as a display of her pride.

She maintained the appearance of a virtuous woman even though she had got caught and tied up!

The sound of the door sliding echoed within the room and a few people came in with lithe footsteps.

A white cat-masked kunoichi took off Lily’s blindfold after that.

Lily saw a relatively bright room supported by a wooden pillar with a pale yellow door with a simple and elegant painting of birds and flowers drawn on it illuminated by a few oil lamps when her vision recovered. There was nothing else here and it looked like a simple, unadorned yet stylish room.

Haihime had her aquamarine hair tied up right now, which made her look much mature, and she nodded pretty contentedly after seeing Lily, “Untie her.”

Two Itsura kunoichi arrived behind Lily and untied her bindings.

“All of you, go out now,” Haihime signaled the others to leave.

The sliding door opened and closed, leaving behind only Haihime and Lily inside this s.p.a.cious room.

Haihime grabbed Lily’s wrist suddenly and inquired after a moment of silence, “You’re really unfathomable, Kagami Lily. Why aren’t you shaking even at this stage? Are you really not even a little bit afraid?”

“Just kill me if you plan to. You’ll probably change your plan if I show fear, right?” Lily stated coldly.

“Oh? Let’s see then. Your hand isn’t shaking, but I wonder if your heartbeat has quickened?”

Haihime then grabbed Lily’s breast with the slender fingers of her medium-sized hand.

Lily felt a s.h.i.+ver pa.s.s through her, and her breathing changed slightly, but she neither resisted nor said anything.

“Uh-huh. It looks like your heartbeat has quickened, hasn’t it?”

Lily lowered her head and furrowed her brows slightly, a faint blush appearing on her cheeks, yet Haihime still kept grabbing her breast and seemed to feel her breast move up and down more clearly.

Lily found this a little hard to bear after some time pa.s.sed, “Just what do you want?”

Haihime released her grip and Lily also responded with a clearly relieved sigh that made Haihime smile faintly, “A lovely response.”

“S-Shut up,” Lily said irritably.

“Why don’t you resist me now that your hands are free?”

“Hmph! Don’t ask a question that you already know the answer to. Where would I get the spirit power to resist you without my cursed katana?”

“Heh. So, you do understand. That is to say, you’re utterly powerless to resist me right now. Isn’t that so, the prettiest woman in the East?” Haihime lifted Lily’s chin gently and actually kissed her cheek unreasonably.

Lily just resisted this with the stiffness of her body.

“Can you please hurry up and say what is it exactly that you want?”

“Hoh. You even dare to urge me. Do you know that just this alone deserves punishment? Allow me to teach you what att.i.tude you need to take when facing me.”

Lily turned her head away to ignore Haihime.

Haihime then sashayed to the side of the room and opened a closet to retrieve a long rope from the wooden mesh underneath the quilt.

She then arrived in front of Lily and threw it up over the beam without saying anything.

Lily tensed up a little and complained in a low voice, “Why did you have me untied if you planned to tie me up again?”

Haihime lifted Lily’s long hair and whispered into her ear somewhat affectionately, “That won’t do. I have to enjoy the process of tying up a proud and hard-mouthed woman like you now, don’t I? Also, unless I tie you up personally, I’m afraid that you might run away because the bindings aren’t tight enough.”

Lily lowered her blus.h.i.+ng face helplessly and remarked internally, “You perverted old woman.”

Just like that, Haihime used this rough and powerless, common hemp rope to tie Lily and this instead made Lily feel more humiliated as this rough hemp rope seemed to remind her that she was no stronger than a mortal woman at this moment.

The friction between the pretty and exquisite cloth and the rough rope produced a rustling noise as Lily’s slender arms got tied up behind her back, and one of her legs was also raised up because of the rope wound around it, following which Haihime pulled on the rope and forced Lily to stand on tiptoe of her other leg.

Lily was just like the winter plum that was set up within the petals beside her, unable to leave the flower vase even though it was icily arrogant and forced to receive the appreciation of others, depicting the sketch of a humiliating and sad painting.

Haihime stepped back a little and observed her ‘masterpiece’ silently.

Lily, however, lowered her head even more embarra.s.sedly and thought internally, “Can you stop looking at me with such an appreciative gaze…?”

After looking for a good while, Haihime nodded contentedly and walked forward, “Kagami Lily. Did you know that your beauty contains a special charm when combined with this rope?”

“That’s just in order to satiate that perverted and appreciative gaze of yours, isn’t it?” Lily retorted stubbornly.

“Keep denying it and you’ll be crying and begging for mercy in no time,” Haihime continued unhurriedly, “Tell me where your mirror is hidden.”

Lily already expected Haihime to demand her mirror, so she just lowered her head silently.

“I will have to search your whole body if you refuse to answer me. Well, then. Where should I begin from?” Haihime went around to Lily’s back and lifted the hem of her kimono directly.

“Enough! It’s… inside my sash, at the front,” Lily answered with a blush.

“That’s honest of you now,” Haihime stretched her hand towards Lily’s front from behind her and searched for the mirror after reaching inside her sash and took the mirror seeped in Lily’s warmth out.

Haihime observed the mirror carefully, “This is indeed… pretty nostalgic.”

She then brought the mirror close to the tip of her nose and took a deep breath, “Mhm. What a nice scent. You’ve always worn it next to the skin, right?”

Lily didn’t answer this meaningless question and answered back with a question instead, “Since you like this ancient mirror so much, why did you let yours get shattered?”

Haihime was taken aback momentarily but a haze appeared on her face unintentionally.

“Slap!” She slapped Lily’s face and said, “Don’t ask about things you aren’t supposed to!”

Lily, however, gave the infuriated Haihime a meaningful look, who also realized that she had lost control and regained her calm again. She then caressed the mirror and trailed her finger across Lily’s chin before caressing her lower lip with her thumb unrestrainedly, “Come clean honestly now. What’s so special about your mirror?”

“It reflects a clear image under the moonlight,” Lily stated truthfully.

“What else?”

“That’s it.”

“Hahaha. Are you trying to trick a kid or what? An average onmyōji can do this trick with just a basin of water. Tell me what the real special ability of the mirror is! You must’ve obtained the talent you possess currently by relying on this mirror, right?”

“Since you possessed one once, it’s probably the same as yours. So why bother asking about it?”

“You don’t know my mirror’s secret, so how would you know they are the same?”

“Then it’s the same whether I tell you or you tell me.”

Haihime remained silent for a moment and directed a gentle yet stern gaze at Lily after that, “Fine, then. I am also not expecting you to confess that simply.”

Lily questioned in a gentle voice yet again, “So, Lady Haihime, how exactly did the monsters make you confess honestly back then?”

Haihime raised her hand once again with the intention of slapping Lily again, but she stopped and regulated her emotions internally in silence. She then revealed a mature and stern smile again, “What a hard-mouthed la.s.s you are. It seems like I need to punish you as your senior.”

Haihime untied Lily from the beam, “I don’t even need these bindings to deal with a little girl like you.”

Haihime grabbed Lily’s wrist, and as Lily didn’t possess any spirit power right now, she was utterly powerless to resist her.

Haihime then pulled Lily to a side of the room and kneeled down to sit and made Lily bend over on her knees before holding her by her waist with one hand and lifting the hem of her kimono to her waist openly with her other hand, revealing a bootylicious patch of white momentarily.

Haihime was also pretty infuriated by Lily’s provocative words, so she tightened her palm and raised it up straightforwardly.

“It’s really meaningless to reason things out with a woman like you. Women like you looked cold and indifferent, but a spanking is what you need to sort you out!”


Haihime’s palm landed a loud and clear slap on Lily’s b.u.t.t.

“Keep talking tough now, won’t you! Do you still dare to speak so crudely?! Are you going to confess or not?!”

“Slap! Slap! Slap!”

The white cat-masked kunoichi that were guarding the corridor outside heavily turned their heads around after hearing the sounds from within the room, but they couldn’t see anything through the walls and could only hear the voices, so they didn’t know what exactly happened inside…

Kagura felt like making a move several times over this long interval, but she still held back from doing so as Lily didn’t command her yet. After all, it was really too humiliating for her mistress to get punished like a woman by her grandmother, but she felt that her master might have her own considerations.

The snowy peaks gained a crimson flush after the storm pa.s.sed through.

“How is it? Do you feel like confessing now?”

“Confess what?”

“Hmph. You still want to deny it? Could it be that you have a spanking fetish like that kunoichi Yumi?

“How could you bully Yumi like that when she’s so faithful to you?!” Lily seemed to mind Yumi getting bullied much more than her own condition.

“Enough with the nonsense. Admit your fault to Sis Haihime! State the special ability of your mirror as well.”

Although Lily was in such a posture over Haihime’s knees right now, she still replied indifferently, “I have nothing to say.”

Haihime pushed Lily over to the side and then crawled forward to press down Lily’s shoulder bone while asking in a threatening tone and a bewitching gaze, “Are you going to tell me or not?!”

Lily, however, just turned her head away.

“Look at me.”

Haihime used her hand to turn Lily’s face towards her suddenly and stooped down, “If you don’t answer, I’ll…”

“Huh?” Lilt felt that something was wrong momentarily and extended her hands with the intention of pus.h.i.+ng Haihime away, but she wasn’t her match without spirit power, so Haihime was able to grab Lily’s hands quite easily with one hand and pulled them over Lily’s head and pressed her body while holding Lily’s chin with her other hand.

Regardless of Lily’s struggle and defiant gaze, she opened up her sweet lips and kissed Lily’s lips forcibly.

Haihime disengaged the kiss slowly only after Lily had almost run out of breath and smirked at her gently, “Your mouth is so stubborn, but you were actually so weak. How about it, sweetie? Are you going to confess now?”

Lily’s face was utterly flushed right now with a ragged breath and she gasped for air with a clouded expression and messy hair, repeating the same line over and over again, “You… are a cowardly woman.”

“Shut up! How dare a little girl like you who I am riding on top of mock me?! I’ll make you pay the price for it!”

Haihime got up and straddled across Lily’s waist directly and grabbed the front of Lily’s dress with two hands before tearing them up…

“Lady Haihime!”

However, the hurried voice of the Itsura arrived from outside at this moment.

“What is it?! Can’t you see that I’m busy interrogating the mirror girl right now?!”

“Lady Haihime, we wouldn’t dare to interrupt you unless it is for something important… well… Lord Amanojaku has returned!”

Haihime’s expression that seemed to say that everything was under her control initially as she straddled Lily’s waist turned lifeless momentarily.

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