Demon Sword Maiden

Book 3: Chapter 3: Leaving the Stone Room

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Book 3: Chapter 3: Leaving the Stone Room

“Spirit Jade adepts are that much stronger than Awakened when using the same amount of spirit power? Also, the Spirit Jade adepts have higher spirit power reserves than Awakened, right?” Lily inquired.

“It is indeed so. But it still wouldn’t surpa.s.s your reserves, Master, as your spirit power reserves would be several times higher than normal Spirit Jade adepts by the time you reach the Spirit Jade Stage!” Kagura stated.

“Not only can I recover spirit power quickly, I also have higher reserves. A blade maiden really is amazing,” Lily sighed ruefully, “However, although you have explained much, Kagura, I still don’t understand one thing clearly. Just what is the relations.h.i.+p between spirit power strength, spirit power density and spirit power reserves?”

“Tsk-Tsk. You’re so smart, so how come you still haven’t realized it, Master. I guess it’s time for a spanking!1”

“Oh you, stop messing around now and explain it to me quickly. This is related to my advancement,” Lily urged Kagura with a flushed face.

“I shall provide a simple explanation for you then. The base spirit power strength is regarded as the base strength and based on the general notion within the Heian Empire, this refers to the strength unleashed by a samurai via attribute-less spirit power. As for spirit power density, this refers to the difference in power contained within the spirit power when using the same amount of spirit power.”

“For example, the spirit power density of a Spirit Jade adept is three times that of an Awakened. Thus, when both use the same amount of spirit power, the power unleashed by the former is thrice that of the latter.”

“And since your spirit power possesses the blade maiden attribute, which has an offensive and eldritch nature. Leaving the eldritch nature aside, just the offensive nature makes your spirit power density twice as much as an Awakened. Thus, as long as you reach the Spirit Jade Stage, your spirit power density will be six times that of an average Awakened and twice as much as an average Spirit Jade adept.”

“As for spirit power reserves, this refers to the total amount of spirit power you can store within your spirit palace as well as other places within the body.2”

“Your crimson spirit jade converts the spirit power you absorb from the world or spirits into a stronger blade maiden spirit power and stores it within your spirit palace. This spirit power will slowly strengthen your physique when you use it in battle, but no matter how huge your reserves are, the augmentation of the physique will slow down inevitably. However, it’s possible to strengthen the physique quickly by absorbing the spirit essence present within magatamas as its strengthening effect is much more potent. Normally, the further you progress, the more you would need treasures like magatamas to increase your strength and fight by utilizing the stored spirit power. However, regardless of the magatama’s attribute or power, their effect of strengthening the physique differed based on quality and quant.i.ty. Do you get it now?”

Lily nodded, “I have a rough idea of it now, but why did you say that the power unleashed by a Spirit Jade adept is over ten times stronger that of an Awakened? Aren’t I just six times stronger even as a blade maiden?”

“Master, I was referring to the gap in total strength based on the spirit power density, base physical strength and power of the mystic arts. Having a sixfold spirit power density when you reach the Spirit Jade Stage when compared to an average Awakened is already a pretty incredible matter. Generally, it’s only possible to obtain a threefold increment in spirit power density while some talented geniuses with special attributed spirit jades can manifest a three-and-a-half-fold to fourfold increment in spirit power density.”

“While you, Master, have a sixfold increment in spirit power density, and that’s prior to taking the base physical strength augmentation and offensive power augmentation into consideration. You are pretty much invincible among those in the same stage as you unless you run into an opponent who is as talented and fated as you.”

Lily nodded, “Thank you for explaining it to me so patiently, Kagura. I have a clear understanding of it now.”

“Also, Master, Lunar Blossom wasn’t meant for mortals to practice. Thus, it doesn’t mention the way to form a spirit jade as high-level lifeforms like celestial maidens form a spirit jade automatically when they reach the Awakened Stage. As such, the first book only explains how to absorb spirit power while the second book explains the advancement of the Spirit Jade Stage. Therefore, it’s not necessary for you to practice Lunar Blossom right now. You can try collecting enough magatama-type treasures first and increase your strength to the Spirit Jade Stage before you begin to practice Lunar Blossom,” Kagura explained further.

“I see…” “When do you plan to go out, Master? I shall control Nanako’s body and open the stone door outside by using the Art of No-Thought for you.” “Uh, there’s no harm in waiting. I plan to train again for a while.” “As you wish, Master.” “Oh, yes. Kagura. W-What’s that indecent stele for?” “Master, if you say that again, I’ll really spank your b.u.t.t, that your female body in the outside world!”

“Eh? Why though? I don’t know anything, I’m innocent!” Lily blushed hard. He really didn’t want such a little girl to spank the b.u.t.tocks of that mature female body of his as it would be too embarra.s.sing.

“Master, it isn’t an indecent art. It’s an esoteric art created by my master, Suzuhiko-hime, and is known as the Dance of the Bell Maiden. It’s too early for you to learn about it now, Master, so I’ll explain it to you slowly later on,” It seemed that Kagura wasn’t that willing to explain it because Lily had referred to the dance created by her former master as indecent.

“I’m tired, Master. Please feel free to train until you’re satisfied and call upon me when you plan to leave. I’ll go back to sleep after preparing the foundation sword arts for Nanako.” “All right…”

But no matter what angle you look at it from, the postures and garments depicted in that dance are clearly indecent…

After Kagura left the room, Lily also proceeded to train in the Tsukuyomi Swordstyle and spent 2-3 days on it. However, although he made some progress in it, he was still far from attaining the seventh stage.

Thus, he used the Art of No-Thought and returned to the outside world.

“Hmm?” Lily soliloquized glumly, “My innate base strength is still thrice that of an average samurai woman, it hasn’t improved at all.3”

It seems like things aren’t really that convenient in this world4. I shouldn’t have reached the limits yet, but my physique did get strengthened the previous time I entered the mirror s.p.a.ce. How exactly can I make that happen again?Do I have to enter the mirror s.p.a.ce unconsciously? But that doesn’t make much sense.It won’t be that easy to figure out the secret of the mirror shortly.

“But a threefold increment is more than enough!” Lily revealed a chilling smile. “It’s time to go and deal with that group outside.”

“Wake up, Kagura!” Lily and Kagura could communicate with each via the s.h.i.+kigami link between them even without entering the mirror s.p.a.ce because of the strong bond between them created through the heavenly oath.

“Are you planning to go out now, Master?” “Yes.”

“Please use the Art of No-Thought to bring me outside then, Master,” Kagura continued, “This is your mirror, Master, so only you can control who enters and exits it.”

Thereafter, Lily spent a few attempts to figure out how to bring other life forms outside from the mirror.

In the next moment, the pink miniskirt kimonoed Kagura wielding the Sakura Parasol appeared beside her while s.h.i.+mmering in gentle moonlight-like energy.

“Kagura, Nanako is too weak right now, so I’m afraid she might get implicated in the battle. Therefore, I’ll transfer you back immediately once you open the stone door,” Lily stated.

“Understood, Master.”

  1. Robinxen: Fine logic. Understandable.
  2. Robinxen: Other places hmmmmmmm.
  3. Robinxen: Geez why am I only partially overpowered and not totally overpowered?! This is so unfair!
  4. Robinxen: If you don’t have it convenient what the h.e.l.l is hards.h.i.+p defined as.
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