Demon Sword Maiden

Book 3: Chapter 103: Silent Wrath

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Book 3: Chapter 103: Silent Wrath

The screeching rain outside the temple rushed into the hall along with the freezing wind and caused the lantern flames illuminating the interior of the towering hall with dim light to flicker gently.

The ma.s.sive shadows got up one after the other and gazed at the purple-clad, feeble-looking pretty girl with eyes flas.h.i.+ng with menace.

The s.e.xiness of the rain-soaked Lily and her pretty appearance made the monsters see her as a prey that had delivered herself to their doorstep instead of seeing her as an intruder.

“Who is it?” “A woman! It’s a woman!” “Capture her!”

A few such monsters nearby to Lily who were subchiefs rushed towards Lily without waiting for Amanojaku’s orders and even Amanojaku was also a little taken aback as it was always him who had bullied humans since times immemorial, especially women. It was his first time coming across a stunning samurai woman like this who intruded into his home while wielding a katana, so he looked at the girl standing a few tens of meters away with great interest.

A tall snake woman, a ma.s.sive white-haired mountain imp, a blue demon, and a palm demon charged towards Lily aggressively, and the rattling sound of their footsteps was accompanied by the quaking of the whole temple.

The blue demon reached for Lily’s neck straightforwardly as the only thought in its mind was to gain possession of the woman before its eyes without killing her.

A pretty woman was the same as delicious foods and treasures to these monsters instead of an opponent.

Lily lowered her head, not even putting this blue demon into her eyes as she tightened her grip on Crescent Moon, and the blade gave rise to spiritual sparks as it scratched against the wooden floor because she used too much force.

“Buzz!” A white, crescent sword beam containing the sorrowful intent unique to Tsukuyomi Swordstyle shot out.

The ma.s.sive blue demon resisted the attack with its valiant body, yet the beam sliced through it like hot b.u.t.ter and the crescent moon flew towards the center of the main hall after pa.s.sing through it.

Amanojaku was in the middle of drinking wine with the intention of enjoying the sight of this group of demons ravaging this woman, yet he saw the frightening sword beam fly towards him after cutting through the blue demon.

“Pfft!” Amanojaku spewed the wine out in shock and rushed to resist the attack with the bracelet treasure he wore on his arm.

“Bang!” The clash between the crescent moon and Amanojaku’s defense resulted in the bracelet’s explosion. The power far exceeded his imagination and blew Amanojaku back cras.h.i.+ng underneath the Thousand-Armed Buddha, resulting in the formation of a ma.s.sive crater with large amounts of rocks and mud falling on Amanojaku among the rising dust, leaving him in a sorry situation.

“What?!” The monster chiefs were also shocked by this.

The snake woman’s blade slashed towards Lily at the same moment, but she executed a high front kick with her leg and shattered the snake woman’s blade into pieces with her wooden sandals made from the wood of the Azure Dragon Tree while slas.h.i.+ng at the brown demon simultaneously.

The blade sliced through the ma.s.sive hand of the brown demon along with its head and bisected him into two, body and all!

The ma.s.sive white-haired mountain imp was over 3 meters tall and possessed great strength, with the ability to move ma.s.sive boulders with ease. It sensed the danger of this woman immediately and changed his grappling hands into clenched hands as it struck down towards the top of Lily’s head like a mountain landslide.

“Boom!!!” The mountain imp’s fists stopped in midair a foot away from Lily’s head, almost as if they had crashed into an intangible spiritual barrier, which was actually a cl.u.s.ter of sakura petals.

Lily then flipped over and stomped down, burying the mountain imp deep into the wooden floor with a kick to its head, resulting in an explosion of ruptured wooden boards.

Lily looked at the demons in the hall with cold eyes while standing on the white-haired imp in silence as her wet hair fluttered down.

The monsters finally sensed that Lily wasn’t someone ordinary, so Ookado questioned Lily with a glowering look, “Who are you? Do you know where this is?”

Lily just ignored Ookado, then stared at Amanojaku who laid within the debris, and walked forward after stepping past the mountain imp’s body.

“H-Halt!” A naginata-wielding long-eared demon rushed forward to block Lily’s path while tottering, “T-Take no step further, or else I’ll c-chop you down!”

Lily flailed the 120cm long Crescent Moon and a crimson beam flashed by.

“Boom!” The long-eared demon was blown away by the strike and crashed through the side roof of the temple, causing a huge number of tiles to fall down as he remained stuck in the roof and twitched for a while before turning silent, a ma.s.sive, bleeding sword scar running across his whole chest.

“You crazy woman! How could you just come and start killing without saying anything?! Just where did you come from?” The stupid Kama-Oni pointed at Lily furiously after lifting its ma.s.sive body.

However, Lily had no intention of answering him and continued advancing forward. Any monster that barred her path was bound to be slain under her blade.

The chiefs also showed brutal ire and even though they had thoughts of taking this pretty woman captive initially, they viewed Lily as a dangerous opponent now.

“Kill her!” “Kill!” “Kill her first, and then violate her!”

The subchiefs swarmed around from all corners of the temple one after the other and directed their hunter-like killing intent at Lily.

Lily could’ve killed most of these small and weak chiefs first by using Sakura Blizzard, but she didn’t do that.

An endless stream of sakura petals blew inside the temple from outside and filled the hall.

Lily charged in a random direction and bisected the body of the hesitant demon before her with a ten feet tall crimson sword beam.

She then jumped up and descended from the top, bisecting a stout demon into two in the process.

A monster with an atrocious-looking head that had a maw bigger than a gate when open bared its bloodied mouth towards Lily, but she took a slight step back and stretched her foot backward to come to a sudden stop then stabbed her odachi into the monster’s throat and out through the back of its neck.

The monster tried to bit Lily’s arm which was nearby, but she lied down and spun her blade around before slas.h.i.+ng up with the back of the blade and pried open the 7th-stage Awakened monster’s ma.s.sive head via the lower jaw, causing its whole skull to fly up and crash against the top of the temple hall with half its face, leaving it in a badly mutilated state!

The chiefs were all shocked by this. The woman looked so s.e.xy and charming, yet her attacks were so brutal, which was no less brutal than these monsters!

Lily’s eyes flashed with a crimson glow before they could even react and she transformed into a crimson shadow, shuttling past the subchiefs with swift and fierce movements, leaving behind the flashes of sword beams wherever she pa.s.sed by as her frigid blade sliced through the bodies of the monsters.

“Argh!” “Spurt!” “No! Argh!”

The subchiefs collapsed under the devastation wrought by this ma.s.sacring shadow.

Lily didn’t use her domain’s large-scale offensive ability and chose to kill the monsters personally under the augmentation of the domain. Her eyes contained an unprecedented bloodthirsty intent right now.

“So brutal! This human samurai woman is as brutal as a monster!”

“Die!” Ookado finally made a move. He pushed the subchief ahead of him aside and released an ancient and powerful eldritch energy as he charged towards Lily with large strides, his speed so fast that his ma.s.sive body arrived in front of Lily instantly. At the same time, the dark one-eyed Kama-Oni also approached Lily from her other side, executing a mountain-cleaving slap with its stout hand!

Lily, however, sheathed her odachi in response to the pincer attack of these two monster chiefs and welcomed them with bare hands. She dodged to the side when Ookado clawed down towards her and caused his claw to smash the floor open.

“You’re so dead!” Ookado’s ma.s.sive, much faster and mightier tail thrashed at Lily but she leaned back gently and grabbed Ookado’s tail with both her hands before leaping back and pulling it in the same direction as its course, causing the tail to slide across the floor in a semi-circle and stab inside it suddenly because of her sudden kick. Lily then used it as a fulcrum and borrowed the momentum of the tail which acted as a reverse axle now and threw Ookado aside.

“Spurt!” The adamant and incredibly sharp silver horn just happened to stab through Kama-Oni’s eye and jutted out from the back of his head along with blood.

All the monsters who saw this transpire from nearby held their breaths at this instant.

Kama-Oni’s eye was its core region and the horn stabbing through it also shattered the spirit jade inside it. Blood flowed out from the back of Kama-Oni’s head, the front eye and his maw as he twitched a few times before dying.

Lily didn’t rest even for a moment and seized the chance to step on Ookado’s shoulder and grabbed his horn firmly once he pulled it out of Kama-Oni’s head unsteadily in shock and pinched his head from the back with her thighs while pulling the horn hard. This horn was pretty long and even though Lily’s strength was inferior to Ookado’s, it was quite effective in this region!

“Arrggghhhh!” Ookado’s horn was his very lifeblood, so he howled in pain under the immense twisting force and kneeled down in the hall powerlessly.

“Stop it!” Amanojaku shouted loudly when he saw this after getting up from the debris, “How dare you try to kill my uncle?! Stop it, I said!”

Lily gave Amanojaku a cold look and unleashed her spirit power, boosting her power by ten times, “Spurt!”

Ookado’s horn was pulled out from his ma.s.sive head forcibly along with the wretched sight of flesh attached to it.

Lily had killed Amanojaku’s protector, his very own uncle, Ookado, right in front of his eyes.

Amanojaku’s crimson eyes were shocked to the point of dazedness.

“I-Is this woman really human? Or has she long become a blade maiden whose mind is under the control of the cursed katana?” Amanojaku was also shocked by Lily’s brutality.

Ookado collapsed to the floor powerlessly with darkened eyes after getting his vital organ plucked out and twitched unceasingly as blood gushed out from the top of his head.

“Die, b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!” Kokurin slashed at Lily across the center with the venomous, green-shrouded naginata in her hand, but Lily blocked it simply with Ookado’s horn.

“Clang!” Ookado’s horn was so hard that it left a nick in Kokurin’s naginata after clas.h.i.+ng with it.

Kokurin withdrew her blade and slashed down once again but Lily dodged it with an extremely fast sprint to the side. Kokurin turned around quickly but the moment her tail pa.s.sed by Lily, she stabbed the horn down and nailed Kokurin’s tail to the floor.

Lily unsheathed Crescent Moon and climbed three steps on the nailed Kokurin’s back, her blade streaking across Kokurin’s serpentine body and cutting it open from the center!

Kokurin convulsed all over and fell to the floor while screaming while Lily stepped on her back and stabbed into her waist that linked the human torso and serpentine body, stabbing through her spirit jade accurately.

It took just a single breath for all these events to transpire yet most of the monsters had yet to see Lily’s appearance clearly. Even Amanojaku was still oblivious to Lily’s ident.i.ty, yet 3 of the 5 chiefs under Amanojaku—Ookado, Kama-Oni and Kokurin—who were late middle-stage Spirit Jade Great Demons, had all gotten slain!

Lily had also killed the Lion Mist Demon back in the underground s.p.a.ce.

Thus, only Genga remained alive among the five chiefs.

A vein popped out on Amanojaku’s forehead as he failed to restrain his anger any longer.

“H-How dare you kill my subordinates like this, you demoness!!!”

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