Demon Sword Maiden

Book 2: Chapter 8: Sword Saint

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Book 2: Chapter 8: Sword Saint

The forest of Mount Izu was gradually covered with a layer of yellow autumn leaves. Fallen leaves swirled up in the air because of the cold and dry wind.

Lily’s skin was still spotlessly white but her face was a little crimson. She was wearing a white kimono with red maple leaves design and her feet stepped on the rustling leaves on the ground.

Behind her lay a green viper longer than three meters. For a snake, the length of three meters was not too long. However, this type of viper could originally only grow up to one foot long. For it to reach such a length, it already had the strength equivalent of a normal mid ranked monster.

However, although Lily was good at fighting, she was not good at dissecting or skinning so she couldn’t process this resilient green viper monster. Otherwise, this monster’s not too big skin and fangs could also be sold for 10 kan. If the venom gall was taken out completely, it could be sold for 12 kan. However, Lily didn’t know how to do it nor did she know their worth, so in the end they still ended up discarded.

Of course, it was also due to the uncountable number of weaker monsters slain by the Phantom Blade. They were easy to kill. However, if it was an ordinary samurai instead of Lily, he would definitely regard them as treasure. Even if he couldn’t process them, he would carry the back carefully. Obviously, Lily had already retrieved the most precious part of the normal mid-rank monster, their anima.

It had been more than a month since she came to practice in this deep mountain. For the first time in this marvelously diverse world, Lily had witnessed the change of seasons in the mountain. Besides enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, she also came to understand artistic conception from a different perspective.

To this date, Lily’s Crescent Moon had finally devoured more than a hundred inferior mid ranked animas. Nowadays, the l.u.s.ter of Crescent Moon was even sharper. After all, just looking at it made the observer feel that it would cut their eyes.

At this time, the durability and sharpness of the Crescent Moon had reached grade six! And this was not inclusive of the additional power brought upon by the high ranked Demon Hound’s anima.

Grade six swords were rare weapons that couldn’t be found in the whole of Kamakura. Ordinary samurai may never see one in their lifetime. There were no inferior and ordinary products among grade six swords. Even the worst one was of top quality. Their monetary value was worth no less than 10,000 kan. Even if one really had 10,000 kan, one may not necessarily be able to buy such a sword.

Even the Hojo clan of the Kanto region and the Imagawa clan could not come up with a grade six sword! However, Lily now had one.

In addition, after a month of slaying hundreds of inferior mid ranked and low ranked monsters, Lily’s physical strength, combined with ordinary light blue spirit power, had reached 1000 kan penetration force.

Lily now had a deeper and clearer understanding of strength and sword technique. Even without the test of Slash Force Sensor, she could estimate her own penetration force.

When Lily came out of the mirror s.p.a.ce for the second time, she had twice the basic strength. That was 2000 kan. Demon Maiden Spirit Power was about twice as powerful than ordinary spirit power. So after using Demon Maiden Spirit Power, Lily’s power reached 4000 kan.

The Third stage of Genji Swordstyle had power enhancement about two and a half times of the base power. In this rough calculation, the penetration force of the Lily at this time had reached 10,000 kan!

The level of samurai’s strength was divided according to the penetration power:

Low-Tier Samurai: 80 – 200 Kan Mid-Tier Samurai: 200 – 400 Kan High-Tier Samurai: 500 – 800 Kan Low-Tier Sword Master: 1,000 – 1,500 Kan Mid-Tier Sword Master: 2,000 – 4,000 Kan High-Tier Sword Master: 5,000 – 8,000 Kan Low-Tier Sword Saint: 10,000 – 15,000 Kan Mid-Tier Sword Saint: 20,000 – 40,000 Kan High-Tier Sword Saint: 60,000 – 100,000 Kan

Lily’s maximum strength now had reached 10,000 Kan. That meant she had just stepped into the ranks of a Low-Tier Sword Saint!

Sword Saint…

Lily looked at the fluttering yellow leaves in the distance, floating and swirling in the air.

I remember that a few months ago, when I first arrived at the Genji Dojo and bought the Seiwa Tamas.h.i.+, I heard the elderly sword merchant blurting out the words “Sword Saint” with s.h.i.+ning eyes. What a lofty existence!

Now, Lily herself had stepped into the threshold of Sword Saint! The speed at which Lily progressed even stunned Lily herself!

“Am I really an ordinary teenager or a girl who happened to come from another world? Even if I have both excellent comprehension abilities and good opportunities, isn’t my speed of progress too fast? Do I really have nothing to do with this Heian world? Why is the soul of senior sister asleep? ”

Lily increasingly felt that the road she was going to take was by no means simple. This Heian world was hiding a secret that she never thought of…

“This time the harvest has been rich and the purpose has also been achieved. It’s time to return to Takes.h.i.+ta.” Lily thought while touching her beautiful hair.

Last time, Lily smashed the Slash Force Sensor so she also had to pay compensation of 200 Kan to dojo. But at that time, the value was only calculated and Lily had not actually paid for it yet. Yet, as of right now this much compensation money was nothing to Lily.

With the innate gift of a Demon Sword Maiden that recovered Spirit Power by a.s.similating the fallen enemy’s anima and the Crescent Moon that was getting increasingly sharper, Lily made money much faster compared to other samurai in the Izu mountains.

Although Crescent Moon had devoured almost all of the inferior mid ranked animas for Spirit Tempering, Lily still kept two normal mid ranked animas to sell for money.

The amount of animas needed by a master was astronomical. But as it was hard to find a high quality anima, one didn’t have to worry about it not selling at all.

Two normal mid ranked animas were worth 400-500 Kan each.

And tens of thousands of different kinds of inferior low ranked animas were stored in Lily’s Sakura Parasol. Yes, for more than a month, Lily had been attacked by hordes of Mountain Imp, demon wolves, spiders, and other monsters. Lily naturally counterattacked mercilessly, killing tens of thousands of them.

Approaching a place occupied by innumerable inferior low ranked monsters, any ordinary samurai would be afraid to enter. However Lily was not afraid at all so the efficiency of hunting was high.

The inferior low ranked animas seemed to be of little value because the cheapest ones were worth only a few hundred mons. However, with tens of thousands of them together, they were roughly worth nearly ten thousand Kan!

Lily was really rich now.

With this money, after returning to the Genji Dojo, Lily could buy many rare books, as well as various other artifacts and materials that may a.s.sist her in future training sessions.

Of course, her own strength was far from the top Sword Saint such as Hojo Dijon and Uesugi Rei. Lily even thought that Uesugi Rei’s strength may have surpa.s.sed Sword Saint.

However, my sense of direction is much better than Sister Uesugi.

Lily took out the map, observed the terrain on the hill, judged her position, and then found the direction to Takes.h.i.+ta.

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