Demon Sword Maiden

Book 2: Chapter 44: The Grudge-Inflicted Blade Maiden

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Book 2: Chapter 44: The Grudge-Inflicted Blade Maiden

Lily was planning to just walk away from this, but she still felt a bit discontent with how things were right now, so she wished to make things clear at all costs.

She turned back and quietly pulled the tent’s entrance aside. Then, she took a peek inside, only to discover Uesugi Rei kneeling on the ground alone, using her longsword, the nodachi, to support her body. Her hair was a mess, and her neck, shoulders, back, and arms were covered by a thin layer of sweat. She also appeared to be gasping for breaths1.

The tent only covered an area of three-square meters, so its interior was saturated with a heavy womanly fragrance.

Lily wasn’t aware of what had happened, but she had a feeling that the current Uesugi Rei was a bit abnormal2.

“Bam!” Uesugi Rei’s hand slipped, and the cursed blade fell to the blanketed ground. Consequently, she too followed after it and dropped onto the blanket. Her powerless arms trembled as she reached out with the intent to grab her weapon again.

“Sister Uesugi!” When Lily saw this, etiquette and whatnot were the last things on her mind as she charged into the tent after taking off her wooden sandals3. Then, she crouched beside Uesugi Rei to support her up.

“Don’t come over! Who allowed you to come in?!” Uesugi Rei berated and pushed Lily to the side before leaning on the tent’s walls.

She then turned her head aside and pa.s.sed an obscure remark after seeing it was Lily, “So, it was you, Lil’ Lyn.”

Uesugi Rei’s forehead was still covered in sweat as she pulled her leg closer and placed her elbow on her knee. Although her face was wholly flushed, she revealed a relaxed yet willful smile, “Weren’t you going to spend the night with your training partner, s.h.i.+mizu? How come you’re here to see me now? Is s.h.i.+mizu’s weak body unable to satisfy you or what?”

“S-Sister Uesugi, what are you even saying?! Sister s.h.i.+mizu and I are just ordinary training sisters, that’s all. I really don’t know what weird things you’re referring to!” Although Uesugi Rei had spoken such ridiculous words to her, Lily wasn’t angry at all. She was more concerned about Rei’s state of mind right now, so she sent her a worried look and asked, “Sister Uesugi, what’s wrong with you? Are you all right?4”

Uesugi Rei answered back with an easygoing smile, “Hehehe. It’s nothing. Do you think your Sister Uesugi is the same as that sickly, glum, and petty woman? I was just… feeling a bit hot, that’s all. Mhm, indeed. I’m obviously wearing such a skimpy armor, yet I still feel so hot. Maybe the wicking ability of the fabric is too subpar.”

“Sister Uesugi…”

“Did you come here just to tell me that? I got it. There’s nothing between you and s.h.i.+mizu, right? Fine, then. If there’s nothing else, you can return now. It’s already so hot here, if another woman were to stay here, it would only become hotter…”

“Are you really all right? Shall I bring some water for you?” Lily didn’t feel relieved after seeing how Rei looked right now.

“There’s no need for that. There’s a lot of cavalrywomen here, so there’s no need for you to do that…” Uesugi Rei’s gaze suddenly lingered on the Crescent Moon’s dark handle that was tied to Lily’s waist.

Such an intense grudge… and it’s an entirely different kind of grudge from mine too, Rei soliloquized internally.


“Leave quickly now, or else, I’ll push you down here! Or could it be that you entered my tent so late into the night because you were actually looking forward to me pus.h.i.+ng you down roughly and then…”

“I’m leaving, okay?!” Lily got up, gloomily, with a blus.h.i.+ng face. She had come here to give an explanation with good intentions yet ended up as the target of Rei’s inappropriate words. This really made her wonder whether Rei believed she liked to hear Rei talk to her vulgarly, and this annoyed her to no end.

After reaching the tent’s entrance and lifting it half-open, she turned back and emphasized again, “T-There’s really nothing between Sister s.h.i.+mizu and me, nothing at all.”

Actually, she had already told Rei this once just now, but for some reason, she had emphasized it yet again, and even she felt puzzled about why she had done that.

As for Rei, she acted as if she hadn’t heard it, and her gaze was still fixated on Lily’s Crescent Moon.

Lily discovered this peculiar behavior of hers and asked, “Sister Uesugi, are you really all right? Why are you staring at me?”

“Leave now!” Uesugi Rei berated her suddenly.

This startled Lily and made her feel grieved. I came here to see you with kind intentions, so why are you mistreating me?!

Maybe she has something she really doesn’t want me to know? Lily’s expression turned gentle, “I’m leaving then. We head out tomorrow morning, so take care of yourself… sister.”

Saying so, Lily turned back and lifted the tent’s entrance. Then, she bridged down to wear her sandals. This action of hers, however, caused her plump b.u.t.t to perk up and ended up exciting Rei. As the battle skirt was too short, that moist, white fabric underneath the skirt came into Rei’s view.

At the moment Lily had finished wearing her sandals and was about to set out, Uesugi Rei suddenly pounced at her and pulled at Lily’s waist to turn her around.

“Hyah!” Lily cried out, cutely, in a flurry.

In that instant, Lily believed Rei was really going to push her down, but after turning her over, Rei hadn’t pushed her down. Instead, her womanly and charming figure kneeled beside Lily, and her hands reached out to grab the scabbard of Crescent Moon that was tied to Lily’s waist.

Uesugi Rei’s limpid eyes had blurred up as she parted her plump lips to exhale a cloud of breath. She held Crescent Moon’s scabbard beside her mouth with a seemingly intense longing and l.u.s.t, and then, she mumbled, “Grudge. Your blade has acc.u.mulated so much grudge, and that too a different kind than mine. Give it to me, your sister, okay?”

“Ehhh? Lily felt baffled as she saw this confused and obsessive side of Rei, “Sister, what did you say? You want my sword? And what grudge are you… ehhh?”

It seemed like Uesugi Rei had run out of patience, so before Lily could even finish speaking, she straightened her back and licked the handle of Lily’s weapon.

“Grudge… so much grudge. I need this grudge… Mhmm…”

Rei’s expression possessed an obsessive and feral glint to it, and just like a raging volcano, she gently sucked the handle of Lily’s weapon with her moist mouth.

She then sucked it deeper.


The cursed blade had acc.u.mulated a strong grudge because of all the slaughter performed through it, and this grudge was now pouring into Rei’s mouth through the handle of Lily’s weapon. Rei had her eyes closed as she seemingly gulped all of it down, and her mouth produced a few m.u.f.fled moans too. Her body was on the brink of collapsing previously. And now, she powerfully held onto Lily’s thigh with one of her hands and hugged Lily’s pert b.u.t.tock with her other hand.

Lily’s face blushed hard as she couldn’t comprehend what exactly Rei sought by sucking on her weapon’s handle.

“Sister Uesugi… W-What are you doing? Don’t… be like this, please. I’ll let you suck on it however much you want after taking it off, okay?”

“Aaah…” Uesugi Rei pulled the handle out of her mouth. The entire handle had become slopping wet and gained a l.u.s.trous gleam while a translucent thread of saliva ran from Rei’s tender mouth to the handle. This intense longing of Rei seemed to declare that this thing belonged to her. As if all the grudge Lily had acc.u.mulated was destined to belong to her alone. She moved her body in a somewhat pa.s.sionate, greedy yet seductive manner and said, “No. Let’s do it this way with you standing before me… let me eat… your grudge… Haahh…”

Saying so, Rei combed her pretty silver hair to the side. As a result, her neck and ear were now exposed, and she then sucked the weapon’s handle with her mouth again.

Lily stood there, affixed, in a daze under Rei’s embrace. Although she couldn’t understand the situation and also felt incredibly embarra.s.sed, Lily could see that this action was pretty important to Rei as her state of mind was much better now.

“Grudge? Is it because of the strong grudge that the blade maidens acc.u.mulate? And hence, they need another type of grudge to balance it?” Lily came to a sudden realization.

Since I can neutralize the grudge by borrowing the power of moonlight, my requirement towards this isn’t that intense. However, a powerful blade maiden like Sister Uesugi must have killed a lot of monsters and demons. Yet, as she cannot disperse the grudge, even though she looks so powerful on the surface, the acc.u.mulated grudge must have always tormented her to the limits of her sanity.

Lily looked down and watched as the pretty woman kneeling before her bobbed her head up and down zealously. All of a sudden, Lily felt tender feelings fill her heart for Uesugi Rei, who was sucking the grudge from her weapon’s handle. A powerful woman like her, a blade maiden possessing a well-endowed body, also had a moment where she suffered from a torment that was hard to break free from.

For some reason, Lily performed an action just now that even she couldn’t comprehend. She reached out with her hand and gently caressed Rei’s slightly warm earlobe with her slender finger.

“Mmm…” A m.u.f.fled moan surged out from the depths of Rei’s throat, and along with it, her body also seemed to huddle up slightly.

Lily began feeling she had actually recovered some of the dignity she lost when Rei had taken liberties with her previously. Hence, she continued caressing Rei’s earlobe with her finger.


Rei seemed to have an endless source of energy, while Lily had also acc.u.mulated a ma.s.sive amount of grudge.

This episode had finally concluded after a full two-hours of sucking5.

Rei released the handle of Lily’s weapon with her hair in a mess and leaned onto the central pillar of the tent. Her voluptuous b.r.e.a.s.t.s heaved up and down energetically and were covered by a layer of glistening sweat.

“Haahh…” Rei moaned with a delightful sigh while fiddling with her pretty hair.

As for Lily, she still stood affixed in her original position, feeling flummoxed about what to do with the slopping wet handle of her weapon.

“I never expected your cursed blade to have so much grudge, Lily… I’ve never felt this good ever since I’ve embarked on the path of advancement. Lily, I really didn’t expect our cursed katanas to have different attributes, what a coincidence it is. This has truly resolved a huge problem for my advancement.”

Lily shook her head and said helplessly, “Sister Uesugi. If you needed my cursed blade’s grudge, why didn’t you just ask for it? It’s not like I wouldn’t have lent it to you, so there was no need to pounce on me…”

“Humph! You’re still complaining?” Rei’s neck was also drenched in a musky scent of sweat. She combed her hair aside to reveal her inflamed earlobe and said, “Lil’ Lyn, didn’t you have fun caressing it too? How did it feel to see me kneel before you? Are you satisfied?”

Lily blushed and lowered her head, “What are you saying now? T-That was just to alleviate the distress Sis was feeling, so I just wanted to comfort Sis, that’s all.”

“Hmm?” Rei’s sight turned as sharp as a hawk. She got up and walked over to Lily, towering over her with her tall height, and then hugged Lily’s waist, “What did you call me just now?” “Ehhh? What do you mean by what?” Lily felt puzzled. “You called me Sis just now!6” “Ehhh?” Lily recalled that she had indeed inadvertently addressed her that way, “I-It was just a slip of the tongue… Mmf!”

Rei’s tender, pink lips sealed Lily’s.

Not again now! I always end up getting kissed by her forcibly each time we meet! I hate it so much!

This time though… Lily’s eyes that had widened in surprise soon turned gentle and affectionate… She subconsciously placed her hand on Rei’s waist and then slid it downwards.

However, the lengthy buzz of a horn suddenly arrived from outside at this moment. It ran through the entire camp, causing everyone to become restless immediately7.

The girls also parted in a reluctant yet inevitable fas.h.i.+on. The duo then gazed towards the direction the horn had sounded out from.

“Is it the call for the expedition?” Rei questioned doubtfully.

“Now? Are we going to set out in the middle of the night? Didn’t they say it was going to be early in the morning?” Lily commented, as she also found this to be out of her expectations.

  1. Silva: The t.i.tle looks juicy~ and it didn’t disappoint
  2. Robinxen: Ah my bet failed. I thought it’d be like a reverse version of Darkness being forced to wear a dress.
  3. Silva: well, at least you still remembered to take off the sandals despite all odds…
  4. Silva: The grudge runs deep…
  5. Robinxen: Well dang….
  6. Robinxen: A harem of sisters….
  7. Silva: Wait wut? Nuoooooh!! Butwhy! It has only been 2 hours!
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