Demon Sword Maiden

Book 2: Chapter 4: Accumulated Grudge

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Book 2: Chapter 4: Acc.u.mulated Grudge

It had been fifteen days since Lily entered the mountains.

The Chaotic Night had been ongoing from the ninth day onward.

The endless night fostered the eldritch energy, thus causing the number of monsters to proliferate.

Lily’s Demon Maiden power gave her a slight edge in the nights. She wasn’t scared of the monsters growing in size. In fact, her kills had increased since the Chaotic Night began.

Up till this moment, Lily had collected thirty-three Inferior Mid Ranked and two Normal Mid Ranked animas. With that much collected, the mysterious dimension in her lower belly had already stacked up so much Spirit Power to the point of overflowing. And as far as the Crescent Moon was concerned, it had already completed one-third of the upgrade process to Grade 6. During this process, the blade’s sharpness and hardness had increased by a considerable degree.

This was another key point that accounted for the strength of Demon Sword Maiden. The Phantom Blade could absorb animas to upgrade itself and grew alongside the owner.

However, there was a side effect for absorbing a large amount of high-tier animas in a short time. Recently, Lily hadn’t been able to sleep well.

The ma.s.sacre had tainted the blade with the grudge of the undying souls. If they didn’t get purified, the growing grudges would cause adverse effects on the owner.

In fact, Lily had already been affected without her notice.

The bright moon hung high in the cloudless sky tonight. But to Lily, that was yet another restless night. An unsettling wave of heat was consuming her body……

Lily only felt the heat emanating from her body even though the cold winds of the autumn night blew over her body. If only she had brought the Aubergine Teacup, that could easily relieve her burden. Yet Lily did not think of bringing it along as it was no use in combat.

The Seiwa Tamas.h.i.+ she used before wasn’t really a Phantom Blade. She couldn’t empower the weapon by means of Spirit Tempering, so the acc.u.mulated grudge was relatively weaker. But the crescent moon, on the other hand, had stored up way too many grudges in such a short time.

She could feel something she had never noticed before— the heat that could only be experienced by a girl.

Lily was leaning against a rock with a sheet over the ground as usual. But her thighs lifted up when she was in obliviousness. Today, she was wearing a red kimono with a split in the middle.

The red cloth slides to the sides as she spreads her legs.

“This isn’t a wardrobe malfunction if I am the only one seeing it, right?”1


“Oooo, so this is senior sister’s body. I have been constraining myself from glancing at this body, I even closed my eyes when showering. I have never looked at myself until now….. I want to see more…..”2

A dangerous thought crossed Lily’s mind.

“No, I shouldn’t do this. This is my senior sister’s body, how can I peek at it?!”

“On second thought, this is indeed ‘my own body’, why should I forbid myself to look at it?”3


“Hold on……. If I am a man, shouldn’t it be normal that I cannot resist seeing what I shouldn’t see? I had never seen it directly before. Regardless of right or wrong, I have got to see it today! Not as in an attempt to glimpse my inner mind during meditation, I’m going to take a look at my own secret with these very eyes……”

Lily began to breathe fiercely. Deep in her mind, she had warned herself not to do so. She was on the verge of overcoming herself, trying to tidy her dress and prepare to sleep.

But suddenly, she sat up and started to undress unconsciously. The neckline was spread unbelievably wide as a beam of moonlight shone on her white, round b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Thereafter she looked down.4

Lily’s breaths became more vigorous as the heat got to her in this silent night.

She leaned away from the rock, lifted her lower back, and then…..

Naturally, what came after the b.r.e.a.s.t.s was…5

“I am myself. And I am just looking at myself.”

  1. Robinxen: Logic!
  2. Robinxen: I refuse to believe this. It’s impossible.
  3. Silva: The inner devil is speaking.
  4. Robinxen: The oppai!
  5. Robinxen: THE THIGHS!!!!!!!
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