Demon Sword Maiden

Book 2: Chapter 27: A Defensive Battle

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Book 2: Chapter 27: A Defensive Battle

Tokugawa had a ma.s.sive ego. He had blocked Lily’s path for several reasons. First, it was to rip off a new disciple like he always did. Second, to give an answer to Hachiya and his other brothers. And last, for his own selfishness as he had taken a fancy to Lily.

Although Tokugawa looked like a stout boor, he was actually a calculative person. Before cutting off Lily’s path, he had already investigated her background. Her family history was a mystery, but this wasn’t uncommon in this chaotic era where demons and ghosts rampaged across the lands. It also seemed like she had a close relations.h.i.+p with the Saionji House and Uesugi Rei, nothing more than that. Tokugawa obviously did not understand the emotions between women. Hence, he thought Lily had no real backer behind her and that he could bully or threaten her easily.

Lily’s refusal had fallen short of his expectations.

It had also happened in front of so many brothers of his, and this made him lose face.

“Humph! Kagami Lily, I know that I cannot force the matters between men and women. But since you’ve made your choice, it’s time to pay up!”

Tokugawa wasn’t good at dealing with women, so he switched to threatening her. Since he couldn’t get what he wanted, he had finally revealed his true colors.

“Putting aside me not having magatama fragments on me, I have no reason to give them to you even if I had them,” Lily responded in a harsh tone. She believed they wouldn’t dare to act impudently as they were still within the Genji Clan Dojo.

Tsunemoto Torayasu took the chance to pressure her, “Lily! Don’t think we won’t dare to touch you inside the dojo. No one will come to save you in these woods. Today, we will teach you a lesson you’ll never forget, you ignorant woman!”

Tokugawa’s juniors took out their wooden swords in succession.

Lily went on guard and retreated cautiously. It can’t be that these people really dare to attack me inside the dojo?

Although they were within the dojo, without a third party to act as the witness, Lily would have no chance of seeking justice if these people just beat her up and didn’t kill her. After all, the dojo encompa.s.sed a vast area, and these woods were too secluded.

Is the Genji Clan Main Dojo just as Sakiko told me, and much more complicated than my imagination? Will I have to go through this loss?

“Miss Kagami!”

A charismatic voice came through the woods at this moment.

Lily turned jubilant. Great! It’s Senior Kondo.

Sure enough, Kondo had arrived together with a few elegant, scholarly disciples.

He had understood the situation after looking as he knew that Tokugawa often attempted to rip off the newcomers. Still, he couldn’t pick a fight with Tokugawa for matters unrelated to him. But if it were for Lily, Kondo would not hesitate to fall out with Tokugawa.

“Senior Kondo.” As Lily didn’t possess a weapon, she felt relieved when she saw Kondo arrive.

Kondo arrived beside Lily and glared at Tokugawa’s group sternly, “Miss Kagami, are you all right?”

Lily shook her head, “I’m fine.”

Tokugawa advanced forward and looked at Kondo somewhat condescendingly. Kondo’s height stood at 1.78 meters, an exceptionally tall height in the Heian Era. Although this didn’t necessarily represent the gap between their strengths, he looked short and weak when contrasted with the tiny giant-like Tokugawa.

“Kondo, this matter is unrelated to you, so why don’t you get lost.” Tokugawa threatened viciously.

Kondo displayed the mannerism of a genuine gentleman as he protected Lily behind him and stated in a heroic tone, “Lord Tokugawa. What matters requires a group of men like you to hold up a woman like Miss Kagami in these desolate woods?”

Tokugawa scrunched his brows as his face became taut. His glowering eyes and wrinkled nose revealed lion-like oppression, “I said that this is ??????? unrelated to you!”

Lily knew she was in a dangerous situation. A wise woman knew better than to fight when the odds were against her. She showed neither fear nor shyness as informed from behind Kondo, “Senior Kondo, they wanted to extort me.”

“What?” Kondo’s expression turned solemn. In fact, he had already guessed Tokugawa and his group’s purpose. He just didn’t wish to reveal his cards, but since Lily had spoken already, he couldn’t act dumb anymore, “Lord Tokugawa. You are still bullying newcomers? This goes against the dojo rules. Are you not afraid of getting expelled? Moreover, how could you have the heart to hara.s.s a delicate, lovely woman like Miss Kagami? Do you still have any honor left as a man and as a samurai?”

Tokugawa remained steadfast as he replied in an infuriated tone, “Kondo, you and your group of cowardly sissies didn’t dare to utter a word all these years. How come you meddle in my affairs today? Did you tire of sitting idly in the dojo or what?”

“Tokugawa, I won’t care even if you insult me, but if you dare to even touch a finger of Miss Kagami, I won’t stay silent!”

Kondo took a firm stance this time.

“What? Do you want to fight with me?” Tokugawa got straight to the point.

Kondo flipped his hair handsomely as he stated, “I’ve always focused on my training during my time in the dojo, and never took part in these pointless battles. However, if it’s for Miss Kagami, I won’t back off from a fight with you!”

“Good!” A savage glint lit up in Tokugawa’s eyes as he sneered with his pudgy face, “I was just waiting for you to say those words! When shall we do it?”

“Humph! I’m ready anytime!” Kondo showed no deference towards Tokugawa, who possessed the strength of a Mid-Tier Sword Saint. Even Lily felt a little admiration for this.

In this Heian Era, there are still real men like Senior Kondo, Ujizane, and Uncle Matsuda.

“All right! Such a chance comes by rarely, so why don’t we do it right now?!” Tokugawa strengthened the grip on his wooden sword.

“So be it!” Kondo didn’t back down and stood bravely before Lily.

Ranked sixth in the dojo, Kondo Naotaka, an expert of the dojo that had remained low key for a long time! Ranked third in the dojo, Tokugawa s.h.i.+getsugu, a fearsome expert of the dojo with a cruel and savage personality! Lily never thought these two men would fight for her and thus felt complex emotions.


Someone interjected; it was the same voice as the girl that had defeated her.

Minamoto no s.h.i.+mizu, a girl with beautiful blue-black hair donned in slim-fitting, elegant white robes, arrived alone through a trail in the woods with no weapon on her waist, and just a paper fan in hand.

Tokugawa’s group that stood in opposition to Kondo’s group suddenly lost all their zeal.

“Miss… s.h.i.+mizu…” Tokugawa’s face turned a little pale; even his voice broke up.

Ranked first in the dojo, ever since Minamoto no s.h.i.+mizu had got the first rank in the dojo at fifteen years of age, she had never dropped from the position over the next three years. Although fierce compet.i.tion existed within the dojo, none of those who held the second rank had challenged her for a year.

As the number one samurai among the younger generation of the Eastern Nation, she was an unparalleled existence within the Genji Dojo and possessed overwhelming strength!

Lily also looked at the girl walking towards her with astonishment, “What? You… You’re s.h.i.+mizu? Minamoto no s.h.i.+mizu?!”

Lily naturally remembered this name!

Did I really overestimate myself today and exchanged blows with Minamoto no s.h.i.+mizu, someone who can suppress Sister Uesugi? Fortunately, I’m still able to stand here with no injuries. Did Sister s.h.i.+mizu hold back?

But is Sister s.h.i.+mizu really stronger than Sister Uesugi? Since Lily had witnessed Uesugi Rei’s wild, tyrannical strength many times, she felt a little doubtful. But no matter what, Uesugi Rei always handled her playfully.

“Tokugawa s.h.i.+getsugu,” s.h.i.+mizu made her way towards Tokugawa while disregarding the others as no one dared to block her path. Kondo also withdrew tactfully as s.h.i.+mizu raised her head to give Tokugawa a frosty look, “Lily is my junior. Since you want her to pay you magatama fragments, how about letting me pay it for her? Why don’t you tell me how much you want? I will give them to you.”

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