Demon Sword Maiden

Book 2: Chapter 11: Vishvarupa's Binding Hands

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Book 2: Chapter 11: Vishvarupa’s Binding Hands

After agreeing to the invitation from Genji Main Dojo, Lily waited for Sakiko’s arrangement to send her to Kamakura city. Moreover, Sakiko would be transferred back to the main dojo to hold a teaching position. Now it was possible for her to personally instruct Lily. It seemed that it was time to really leave Takes.h.i.+ta town.

This was the place where Lily’s journey started.

Lily later returned to her residence. She took a bath and changed her clothes. After all, although she had often bathed in the spring while training in the mountain, the feeling was completely different from that feeling of soaking in a tub with hot water. Lily took a true proper bath.

Much later at night, Lily dressed in a black Yukata which sported a drawing of green bamboo and kingfisher, making her skin look fairer.

She started reading something at night under the lamp. However, today she wasn’t reading about sword techniques. After all, she had been practicing sword techniques for more than a month. She needed to step off from the topic for a while and get in touch with some other things. Lily was reading a book named “The Ancient Story Of Birds” which recorded many stories collected via thousands of years and old legends of the Heian Empire.

At this time, s.h.i.+u’s voice came from outside.1

“During the daytime, the master said that she wanted s.h.i.+u to help her practice escape technique. s.h.i.+u is ready so she came over.”

Lily just remembered that she did say this previously in the daytime. She wanted to spare some time to practice it in case a need should arise in the future. It was not that important so she didn’t take it seriously and forgot about it.

“Come in,” Lily said with a smile, “Since s.h.i.+u had come, let’s practice for a bit.”

The door moved aside and s.h.i.+u entered with a large bag made of black cloth.

“s.h.i.+u, why have you brought over so many things?” Lily asked while she put the book aside. “Master, these are all things that s.h.i.+u used in the training of the Fuma restraint technique. During the day, I searched around Takes.h.i.+ta town and bought some things from the Ninja House of Takes.h.i.+ta town. These things are barely enough.” s.h.i.+u replied. “Oh … is that so, but there’s so many …” Lily looked at the big black bag and felt a little terrified.

s.h.i.+u placed the black bag in the center of the room. She laid it flat after opening it and took every item from the inside and placed them in front of Lily.

“Master, this is the rope of tolerance. It seems like an ordinary hemp rope but it is more delicate and firm. It is extremely difficult to break. It is often used for climbing and can also be used for binding.” s.h.i.+u’s eyes flashed suddenly as she solemnly shook the rope in front of Lily and then she put it aside.

“Ah… Oh… ”

“These are restraint wooden flail and iron handcuffs,” s.h.i.+u said while holding a wooden board with two round holes. “They are commonly used on captured enemy female Ninja to bind her hands behind her body while interrogating via torture.”


“This is the bewildering fragrance used by ninjas. After being ignited and letting the captured female ninja inhale it, she would be intoxicated and drugged and start telling the truth.”


s.h.i.+u displayed all the strange things used by ninjas taken out from the cloth. Then raised her head and said, “Master, let’s start.”2

“Eh?” Lily suddenly felt somewhat worried. However, when she thought of s.h.i.+u, there should be no problem. Moreover, it was better for her to be prepared to deal with these Ninja’s methods so as not to have trouble dealing with them in the event of possibly falling into the enemy’s hands in future skirmishes.

“Well, then, come on.” Lily sat upright.

s.h.i.+u smiled and looked at Lily innocently. Then she stood up and said, “Master, let’s get started.”


Lily turned around. s.h.i.+u went behind her and covered Lily’s eyes with a strip of cloth. This would increase the difficulty and enhance the effects of the training.

“Master, our Vishvarupa’s Binding Hands have fifty-eight binding methods altogether. How many are we going to practice today?” “Well, let’s practice three to five methods before taking it further.” “Yes, master.” “Ah… Wait, why are you tying this place?”

“This is to effectively restrain the breath and spirit vein of the captured female ninja. This will effectively suppress her momentum and make it difficult for her to escape.” s.h.i.+u said as she circled around Lily.


The first binding skill, Lily felt that her hands were tied up behind her body. Her body and one leg were suspended in the air. She could only stand on the toes of her other leg which was very exhausting. Lily tried to escape and took ten minutes to succeed!

“Huh…” Lily’s Yukata slipped off her shoulders. Her white shoulders were covered with a thin layer of fragrant sweat. s.h.i.+u hurriedly brought a fan to Lily.

“Master, it’s so powerful that it can even escape such binding. It seems that the secret technique of the Saionji family is really wonderful. Can you teach me this next time?” Said s.h.i.+u.

“Well, I’m fine but I still have to ask Mrs. Kotoka. Okay, let’s get to the next method.” Although Lily was the one who was bound, everything was under her control. She was the master and it was just an exercise.

In the second method, Lily was hung horizontally on the beam of the room. After being wrapped around her legs for more than ten times, her legs were bent backward and tied with her hands. Then she was hung blindfolded on the beam. She was feeling giddy with her head spinning. It was very difficult to escape! However Lily still attempted to escape several times and failed. After nearly an hour, she finally escaped!

The third method was a relatively simple but more bizarre technique which was extremely difficult to escape. Lily tried for nearly three hours. She was sweating profusely but she still couldn’t escape.

“Ah … no, no, no … this posture … I can’t handle it. Forget it. First, let me go down. Tonight, we will end here.” “s.h.i.+u?” “s.h.i.+u…?”

Lily screamed several times in a row but no one answered. Lily was frightened, ‘There’s just no way right? Did s.h.i.+u leave at this time? T- then, how do I get out of this binding? What if the cleaning aunt came in and saw me like this… I wouldn’t be able to wash away this shame even if I jump into the Yellow River.’

“s.h.i.+u! Let me go.” At this time, the sound of the sliding door was heard, and Lily’s heart turned cold.

“Oh my? Miss Kagami, you are… ” It was actually Sakiko’s voice.3

  1. Robinxen: A wild ninja appears!
  2. Robinxen: I hope you took notes Lily, these are all useful items for when you get in the mood again!
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