Demon Sword Maiden

Book 1: Chapter 96: Casual Stroll

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Book 1: Chapter 96: Casual Stroll

Dark red blood dripped from the katana,reflecting light from the flame.

Neither Akira nor the insufferably arrogant young thug from the Hojo Clan registered in Lily’s eyes, the only thing in her mind was Nanako.

Did Nanako get hurt? Was her wound severe? Although Lily had treated them as her slaves on the surface, in Lily’s heart, Nanako and s.h.i.+u were her family.

If she didn’t think that, Lily would feel so very isolated and alone in this otherworld!

“No one is allowed to harm my family! My sisters! If I had been stronger and become as powerful as I am today, then I might have been able to protect senior sister at that time!”

When she thought of senior sister Rinne, Lily suddenly had a distant and bitter feeling. Just why did her simple wish of awakening her beloved senior sister seemed so far away from her!

“Senior sister, at least for today, as your little sister… Ah no, what’s wrong with me, how could I address myself as her sister, I should be her junior instead… At least today I can protect the people at my side!”

Lily walked firmly, neither slow nor fast, as if she was just taking a casual stroll. However, her cold eyes were fixed on Akira and Motos.h.i.+ge. If they dared to make any irregular move, Lily was prepared to speed up and take action immediately. This was a gamble. The closer she managed to get to Nanako, the higher the chance of rescuing her.

Lily wasn’t afraid of Akira’s team. What she was worried about was that Nanako would get hurt while she was trying to rescue her!

However, Akira and Motos.h.i.+ge were actually more anxious than Lily.

“Ka- Kagami Lily… It’s impossible! Several days ago, you couldn’t even bear one strike from my club! How could you get so much stronger in such a short time! Just what are you playing at? Why did you hide your real power at that time!” shouted Akira as he pointed at Lily with his ma.s.sive golden club.

Hojo Motos.h.i.+ge was even more shocked. She was already powerful enough to receive one of Akira’s attack just a few days back. But he remembered clearly that a few dozen days ago, that accursed woman was still a fragile girl who had only started practicing with the wooden sword!

There wasn’t too much animosity between Motos.h.i.+ge and Lily, to begin with. He naturally wouldn’t let her go that easily after she killed his most capable va.s.sals. However, he could feel his life being threatened at this moment. He didn’t want to engage Lily in mortal combat, “Listen to me! Miss Kagami, what is it that you want? Let’s just talk it out if you have something on your mind, why are you attacking us on the spot!”1

“T- that’s right, Kagami Lily, you wounded my son and my nephew, b- but they were also in the wrong. I won’t blame you for their mistakes. There must be some kind of misunderstanding that pushed you to kill my men today. If there is something troubling you, don’t hesitate to tell us! How about we just forget about all the previous mishaps between us?” Akira was also exuding cold sweat.

“Exactly!” Motos.h.i.+ge continued, “Miss Kagami, you’ve received favor from our Hojo Clan, what more do you want? Why are you attacking us with no explanation? Let me remind you that even if you are a bit powerful, you are still nothing more than an ant in front of the entire Hojo Clan! Do you really want to become the enemy of our Hojo Clan?”

Seeing that Lily didn’t pay him any mind and continued forward with cold eyes, Motos.h.i.+ge panicked and added, “M- Maybe it was a misunderstanding that the Arakawa Brothers are killed. If you are willing to join the Hojo Clan, I declare to let bygones be bygones, including the grudge between you and Lord Akira! It’s not a big issue anyway. I can ask my brother, Hojo Dijon of the Eastern Nation’s Six Swords, to step in as a middleman…”

Under the blue light of the night, Kagami Lily’s long hair fluttered as they were brushed by the wind. Her white sleeves and floral kimono swayed gently as though they were the only pure colors in this dark Chaotic Night.

Her face looked icy yet serene from the side. She walked past Akira and Motos.h.i.+ge as if they were just air.

They were baffled.

“Ka- Kagami Lily!” Akira and Hojo turned and shouted, “Just what are you…”

Ignoring all else in her surroundings, Lily already arrived next to Nanako.

“Oh…”Regardless of how much they lose their head out of fear, the two could already guess Lily’s purpose.

In front of the gracefully slender Lily, Nanako’s eyes only reached up to her chest level.

Nanako still couldn’t believe what had just happened right before her eyes. She trembled and sobbed periodically as she looked at the great beauty in front of her.

Lily sheathed her katana and gently caressed Nanako’s face with her slender fingers. Lily had a pained expression as her hand stopped at the swelling spot.2

She used her pure white sleeve to wipe the blood on the corner of Nanako’s mouth. Then, gently bending her body forward, she adjusted Nanako’s front piece which had been torn open.

“Did it hurt?” She parted red lips and asked, her calm voice contained hints of worries.

Transparent tears filled Nanako’s eyes. Regret and affection twisted in her heart. Witnessing Lily’s power with her own eyes and the moment Lily arrived at her side, her heart had already melted. She was totally enraptured by this big sister. If it was now, she was willing to do anything big sister asked of her.

However, out of the blue, Nanako turned her head away. She didn’t want Lily to see her tearful face. Trying to suppress her crying, she answered with a somewhat unnatural tone, “It doesn’t hurt!”3

  1. Robinxen: No offence, you stupid dimwit of a failed human, but you did a.s.sault her first.
  2. Silva: Okay… Motos.h.i.+ge is dead… Robinxen: Hear me! True Lolicons, mighty fans who have gathered here! Though we may be rivals, or from completely different fandoms, we must stand together now. Not to prevent the Lewding of Lolis, but to open up a path for Maiden Lily! My True Name is Mark Robinson! In the name our lord, I shall become your voice!
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