Demon Sword Maiden

Book 1: Chapter 6: Senior Sister

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Book 1: Chapter 6: Senior Sister

As the plane gradually entered the cloud, the sky became darker. Most of the pa.s.sengers in the cabin were resting so the atmosphere was somewhat silent.

The only restless one was the boy. That was because senior sister was sitting right beside him. Normally he could only admire her from afar, but today, he could smell her body’s fragrance for the first time. As expected, you’d find her even lovelier after spending some time in close proximity of her.

If you have such a G.o.ddess as a girlfriend, wouldn’t you die without regret?

However, just what kind of person was the senior sister?

Even the three celebrity brothers and the sons of real estate dealers were rejected by her. How could a good-for-nothing otaku like him catch senior sister’s fancy?

If not because of a student exchange program between China and j.a.pan high school, and him being the “lucky winner” of a drawing lot among the student union, there’s no way he’d have the chance to spend time together with senior sister as the school representatives.

Perhaps he was the only one in this cabin to wish for the flight to prolong. However, in reality, there’s only a little more than an hour left before landing. The young man was getting more nervous. He still hadn’t spoken a word with senior sister… what to do? How could he call himself a man like this? Senior sister was right beside him, yet he didn’t take the initiative to start a conversation?

However, he didn’t know how to talk to girls!

What if he said something wrong, wouldn’t that ruin his chance? It’s better off to stay silent so that he wouldn’t make any mistake…

What to do, just what to do… but if he missed this opportunity, he really wouldn’t be able to get close to senior sister ever again…

Just when he was struggling within, the plane suddenly shook.

“Dear pa.s.sengers, the plane has encountered turbulent wind, there might be some slight shaking, please secure your safety belt and don’t move around the cabin.” The flight attendant’s calm and sweet voice was broadcasted.


Before she could finish her announcement, the plane shook again. And this time, the shaking was a little violent!

This time, all noise ceased inside the plane.

And the view outside the windows was all a piece of darkness. The gale whistled, and turbulent wind pounded against the plane. From time to time, they could even see a flash.

“Dear pa.s.sengers, the plane has encountered a violent storm, please—”


The plane shook violently as the flight attendant was in the middle of broadcasting. A noisy static and strong wind began to sound in everyone’s ears!

All of a sudden, the plane began to lose its balance and turned upside down—


The entire cabin was in a panic and raised a scream, accompanied by all kinds of items flying around. It had become as chaotic as the doomsday in a flas.h.!.+

“An air crash?! No way!” The violent shake almost caused the young man’s heart to jump out from his mouth. This fear caused despairing thoughts to well up in his mind, “Am I going to die? No, I don’t want to die!”

The rapid change in atmospheric pressure caused the eardrum to rupture and the noise in the cabin to become strange.

The young man also shouted instinctively in a panic. He was shouting without a care in the world!

Nooo! I am going to die! I am really going to die!! Scary! So scary!!

That feeling of rapid drop and spinning caused the young man to struggle in despair, as he helplessly raised a hysterical scream!

Suddenly, a gentle and delicate hand was lightly placed on the young man’s hand, which was tightly grasping the armrest.


“Th-This is…”

The originally frightened boy calmed down just as suddenly. He turned his face to look at the flickering light of the alert signals, the various kinds of items swirling in the air, the screaming pa.s.senger, and yet, among them all, senior sister was merely sitting with a calm expression on her angelic face, though she seemed to be slightly biting her lip. Her book had already flown to who knows where. In this chaotic situation, the young man could only feel the warm and slightly sweaty hand of senior sister grabbing the back of his hand more strongly.

With their hands in contact, the young man could feel that senior sister was also scared! However, even if that was the case, she was forcefully suppressing her fear and tried to encourage him!

That aloof and remote senior sister who possessed a marvelous future, in what might be her last moment of life, didn’t fall to despair and even thought about the helpless him who was by her side!

So, it turned out that senior sister actually cared about him!

“You are obviously very scared yourself, and you still try to take good care of this unaccomplished junior. Are you trying to lighten my fear and suffering just a little bit before the final moment?”

“Senior sister…”

“Bang—!!!” With a loud bang, the entire front side of the plane was torn apart. As strong gale poured into the cabin, many people raised a scream as they were blown away with their seat and all.

This hopeless scene caused the young man to fall completely in despair. We’re finished! This is hopeless!

The ice-cold gale devastated everything with its blade of wind.

All of a sudden, he was wrapped in a warm embrace.


The whistle of the gale, the scream of sorrow, all of these seemed to be blocked out by some kind of sweet comfort as they changed into blurry sound.

At this final moment, senior sister actually wrapped an otaku like him in her embrace.

He never would’ve thought that, the him who only dared to look at her from afar, the youngster who didn’t even dare to have eye contact with her, was now hugged tightly by this girl who was synonymous to a celestial G.o.ddess.

Senior sister’s hair was fluttering in the air like a symphony of death, yet her angelic face remained as calm as the moon in the sky.

Senior sister’s lips were slowly getting closer to the side of the young man’s ear. In this place, where the plane was constantly breaking into pieces, where they were surrounded by bottomless sky, the place which might become their final resting ground, senior sister said this:

“I like you.”

“Eh?!?!?!?!” At this moment, the expression of the young man who was falling along with senior sister was frozen stiff, his time stopped.

“If I don’t say it now, I’m afraid there isn’t any chance left…”

“You are the one who always peeks at me right? I like boys like that, very much so… It was me who arranged to go on this trip with you… I’m sorry, I didn’t expect it’ll become like this…”


“I was originally thinking… to offer myself to you in a love hotel at Kyoto…”

The last few seconds of the crumbling plane felt like eternity for the young man!

Senior sister likes me?!

Is this real?

The senior sister who he was secretly in love with, was also interested in him?

Even to the point of offering herself?

Is this for real? Or could he already be in heaven?

However, senior sister’s warmth and quickened pulse were continuously transmitted to his desperate face!

“Are you embracing me in order to protect me in my final moment? To give me a one in a thousand opportunity to live?”

“No! It should be me who is protecting you!”

“It should be me who should sacrifice myself to protect the girl I love!!!”

Senior sister and the young man were unable to resist the pull of gravity and were thrown out of the crumbling plane. However, they were still in each others’ embrace. They were blown towards the beautiful evening sky, and below them was the boundless ocean!

Right now, they had already left the scope of the black cloud. The distant sun was already emitting a gentle and beautiful light ray. However, none of this registered to the boy and the girl, as they were falling towards their doomsday!

However, this doomsday was rather beautiful…

The boy and the girl were no longer dominated by fear. Rather, they were embracing and looking at each other in close proximity. Even though their hair was fluttering wildly, their expression was pure and tranquil. The young girl’s loving eyes were filled with endless affection. However, in the end, as her eyebrows bent, glistening teardrops flowed out from the corner of her eyes.

Her red lips opened for one last time, and this time, the two of them were about to drop into the ocean, their consciousness on the verge of fading out. They were almost unable to hear the sound of each other anymore.

“Keep on living.”

The young girl used her feeble and gentle voice to say this.

The warmth of a next-door neighbor could be felt on top of this ocean. That was every bit of warmth the girl had for the boy.


No! No!! No—!!!

“What do you mean keep on living! The both of us will survive!!! If not! Let me be the one who die!!! You must live on!”



The young man also lost his consciousness in the end, but even until the last moment, he and his senior sister never let go of each other. No matter what was waiting for them down there in the bottomless abyss, they never separated.

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