Demon Sword Maiden

Book 1: Chapter 52: Slaughter Fest

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Book 1: Chapter 52: Slaughter Fest

Lily raised her head to face the four or five Mountain Imps that jumped at her. The crimson glow in her eyes reflected with her rosy lips, accentuating the calm, yet icy expression on her pristine features.

With one of her legs as the axis, Lily kicked the ground with her other leg. By lowering her center of gravity and concentrating the power into her slender waist, Lily began to rotate on the spot. The red clothes covering her lower body fluttered as a result of the rotation, and her long hair formed a black crescent behind her.

The Seiwa Tamas.h.i.+ in her hands drew a perfect circle with ample strength.


Those four or five Mountain Imps were cut in half right across the waist!

Red animas flew out from the evenly cut sections as they got sucked into Lily’s katana.

Lily had long since reached the upper limit of the Spirit Power her body could contain.

Lily felt herself overflowing with power as she performed another full circle swing. She saw the potent Spirit Power forming a sword wave that twisted the surrounding scenery!

That sword wave remained stationary at first, then it abruptly increased in speed as it flew towards the Mountain Imp pack.

“Pff! Pff! Pfff! Pffff! Pfffff!”

The crimson sword wave flew out for more than ten meters. No less than ten Mountain Imps were killed in the process. The sword wave grew bigger and thinner over time. It struck the bulky tree trunks constantly before it shattered and dissipated.

Two huge trees about a hundred meters in height had been cut by the sword wave as they slowly began to fall. The Mountain Imps atop the trees jumped all over the place in a panic.

Truth be told, it was actually possible for a close combat samurai to launch a long-range attack with Spirit Power. That move was none other than the famed Sonic Wave. However, it consumed too much Spirit Power and was normally less powerful than an ordinary slash, so it was hardly ever used.

But Lily had so much Spirit Power that it was practically overflowing. As long as she kept killing the Mountain Imps, she would have a limitless supply of Spirit Power. Since the surplus of Spirit Power was going to be wasted anyway, she might as well compress them into sword waves and release it.

The panicking Mountain Imps became furious. They had judged that Lily’s strength had already surpa.s.sed that of a High-tier Samurai and approached the domain of Low-tier Kengo. However, there was no way the hundreds of Mountain Imps would be satisfied after so many of their companions had fallen. And thus, they charged at Lily with even more fervor. They firmly believed that they would be able to kill Lily once she ran out of Spirit Power!

But Lily was not at all worried about her Spirit Power drying up. Her penetration force was one level stronger than her previous self. Moreover, the Spirit Power released by the red magatama in her energy core strengthened her body drastically!

The speed and power behind all her attacks were not something the Mountain Imps could dodge or guard against!

So long as they entered Lily’s attack range, the Mountain Imps would inevitably die with a single slash from Lily!

What was even more enigmatic was Lily’s footwork. She was somehow able to avoid the Mountain Imps encirclement and surprise attack at all times. Then, with a successive slash to the left and right, she sheathed her sword. The Mountain Imps in her path were all beheaded by the dreadful red light and scattered randomly!

The corpses of the Mountain Imps dropped from midair one after another. That s.e.xy red-clothed girl looked as though she was an envoy of death. She appeared elegant and ethereal among the group a.s.sault of the demons as she occasionally switched between execution and evasion.

Each and every single one of her attacks never missed their target! The number of the Mountain Imps were dwindling far too quickly!

Lily opened the Anima Container while she was at it. She allowed a portion of the Mountain Imp anima to be absorbed by the Anima Container because she wouldn’t be able to bear it if all of them were taken into her body!

Not only that, Lily felt that if she took in any more of these red-colored Spirit Power, her body would get hotter and hotter. Her face was also becoming redder over time and her entire body was dripping wet with sweet-scented sweat. Even the parts that were not supposed to be sweating were getting wet.1

That’s why she might as well collect some animas that could be converted into money. Although a single anima was not that pricey, they should add up to a considerable amount with such a big quant.i.ty.

In only a few minutes, the corpses of at least a hundred Mountain Imps were littered everywhere.

The Mountain Imps were slowly getting dominated by fear.

This couldn’t be considered a fight, this was practically a ma.s.sacre!

The Mountain Imps were monsters with a certain level of intelligence. They relied on huge numbers to fight a samurai much stronger than them. Never once had they hesitated to sacrifice a few of their companions to exhaust their opponents, but the potent Spirit Power released by Lily had a little resemblance to the Demon Fury. Moreover, she didn’t weaken at all even after killing so many Mountain Imps. On the contrary, the more she killed, the stronger she got. Not only was her Spirit Power filled to the brim, but her strength was also increasing with each anima she absorbed.

If this kept up, their advantage with numbers would have amounted to nothing!

The only way to defeat Lily now was to make her face off against an opponent much stronger than her. Number advantage was meaningless as they would only provide Lily a means to recover her Spirit Power! The Mountain Imps would only throw their lives away in vain.

But of course, if there were tens of thousands of them, a chance might reveal itself when Lily’s bodily functions reached their limit, which would ultimately lead to her defeat! A few hundred was just not enough.

The Mountain Imps would disregard the damages incurred to their group when attacking a powerful individual. They would continue the siege even when many of their brothers were down for the count. However, that didn’t mean the Mountain Imps were stupid enough to die for nothing.

When they determined that this woman, or perhaps a witch, had powers beyond their understanding and that they were unable to exhaust her with their numbers, the Mountain Imps started to retreat!

Several hundred Mountain Imps scattered in every direction all at once as they made a run for it. Lily did not go after them, but in the valley, under the cold gleam of the moonlight, the severed corpses of a hundred and fifty odd Mountain Imps were left behind.

Lily had gathered up to fifty additional animas. The rest had either been absorbed by her or used up. Lily’s Spirit Power was still full by the time the Mountain Imps were fleeing. Since the battle had concluded, she flung off the blood sticking to her sword. In contrast to her surrounding, the young girl with demonic aura was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with the colors of spring.

Only now had she finally noticed that her power had drastically increased due to absorbing close to a hundred animas from that battle just now.

Lily wasn’t sure of the concrete number, however, if she was to encounter Akira again, hmph, there was no telling who would end up victorious in the end. Even if their weapons were to clash again, Lily was no longer fearful of it.

Around this time, the light blue Spirit Power that existed naturally in Lily’s body slowly recovered. Due to the drastic strengthening of her body, the potency of the light blue Spirit Power also became a lot denser.

Lily noticed that when she shrouds the sword with the red Spirit Power refined from Soul Eater, the ancient runes would appear on the sword and the blade would be covered in a thin layer of red light. Lily then waved her sword towards an empty s.p.a.ce— “Whoos.h.!.+”

A powerful wave of wind blew past the dark mountain woods and brushed the!

Its penetration force was several times stronger than unrefined Spirit Power!

Lily heaved a long sigh of relief. Her big b.r.e.a.s.t.s also swayed up and down as she relaxed. She lowered her head to look upon what little bit of red cloth that was covering her body. It was downright ridiculous how there was so little cloth remaining. After the danger had pa.s.sed, her feeling of shame had returned so there was no helping it if she started to blush. It was quite fortunate that there was no one around to watch.

Lily skillfully twisted her wrist a few times to turn the katana around before sheathing it into the scabbard with a “Clank!”

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