Demon Sword Maiden

Book 1: Chapter 3: Lily's Thought

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Book 1: Chapter 3: Lily’s Thought

Lily carefully stuffed the mirror back into the sash.

Her thoughts became disorderly again. I have become senior sister? My soul is in senior sister’s body?

The thoughts that this was another girl with the same face never occurred to Lily. That was because senior sister’s beautiful face was clearly reflected in the mirror! Lily had always been very sensitive. Even more so when this was the girl she always yearned for, how could she mistake her for someone else?

If that was the case, then where did her own body go? Did it also transfer to this world? Could it be that she somehow swapped body with senior sister?

No, the probability for this kind of illogical a.s.sumption to be true was too low. Now is not the time to let her imagination run wild.

Lily lowered her head again to look at her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. She didn’t expect this b.r.e.a.s.t.s that made her feel slightly dizzy was actually senior sister’s. No wonder it was so big……

Senior sister’s……

Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, her scent, her everything, all of these actually belonged to her now?

Lily unconsciously quickened her breathing, and her face was dyed by a crimson shade…

To the ignorant first-year student that she was, her first love was also her secret love, or perhaps it could even be counted as unrequited love.

And now she could admire and touch the body of her adored senior however she wishes.

If they were still in their original world, she might even be loathed if she were to approach senior sister. However, this body belonged to her now, couldn’t this have been Lily’s lucky strike?

Eh? No!

Something’s not right?

What time was it now?

She just had an encounter with a night parade of a hundred ghosts. Almost became the monster hound’s food, and yet she was actually having dirty thoughts at this kind of place, without any sense of crisis!

“Maybe saying it was dirty thoughts was a little too much… but I should really be beaten up to have these kinds of terrible thoughts!” As a boy, she actually used her senior sister’s body to think about those terrible things. As the reserved boy that he was, he only dared to admire senior sister from afar. How could she not have any self-respect?

What’s more, this body belongs to her now. She can examine her body thoroughly once she’s in a safe place…

“Nonononono… this is just wrong… My soul is in senior sister’s body, then where is senior sister’s soul? If senior sister knew I thought of doing these and that to her body, well… even if she doesn’t know, it doesn’t mean I can do anything I want. How could such a vulgar soul possess this beautiful and pure body? Isn’t this body mine now? How could I let senior sister’s beauty be defiled because of me? How could I let my first love to be desecrated because of this?!”

However, just how did this happen in the first place?

For some reason, Lily felt a stinging pain coursing through her heart for a moment.

Why did she feel heartache… Apparently, once she tried to recall the last moment of her life before coming to this world, her mind became blank. What’s left over was a faint heartbreak.

Just why, for what reason?

“Young lady…”

“Eh?” Lily was immersed in her thoughts and didn’t realize a tall samurai walking over from the main road with a lantern in hand.

This samurai looked to be around twenty to thirty years old. He was wearing a common kimono with loose black trousers. There were two katanas of different length hanging on his waist. He appeared brave and mighty. Even under the dim light of night, he carried an atmosphere of righteousness.

He had a healthy skin color, thick eyebrows and big eyes, wide shoulders, and his handsome face carried hints of masculinity that proved he had been through a long period of tough training.

Lily jumped up in fright!1

Evidently, even though she’s still holding up the parasol, the samurai could see her. It seemed like the parasol was ineffective against human? The good news was that the other side was also human. At least humans wouldn’t bite her. Eh? Wait a moment? Will they really not bite?

Even in her original world, senior sister was the prettiest girl in town. Then wouldn’t she be a devastating beauty in the eyes of these ancient people? What if… she was bitten in a different sense?

Humans, as long as they were men, hmph! She also couldn’t loosen her guard!

“Young lady…” The samurai’s voice was honest and gentle, “are you… a human or a ghost?”


Lily stared at the samurai blankly. When she was worrying over whether or not he had any ulterior motives, the other side was already suspecting her as a ghost?

Lily looked into the samurai’s eyes to observe his facial expression. Combined with his questioning earlier, he didn’t seem like a bad guy.

But she must not be careless, two-faced beasts also existed in ancient times.

“I… I am lost…” Lily felt very shameful to be talking to other people with such a girly voice. However, this was senior sister’s voice, what could she do about it?

“Eh?” That two-faced man frowned. He grew more vigilant after hearing Lily’s words.

Lily felt awkward. She had her own reason, but this tone of voice sounded more like that of a female devil one came across in the middle of the night. Moreover, she was using a parasol even though it was a clear night. Even she would be suspicious of someone like that!

“Young lady, where did you come from?” The samurai tried asking.

“I… also have no idea where I come from.”

“Eh?” The big eyes below the samurai’s eyebrows were already as round as a ball. He already unconsciously placed his bulky hand on the katana handle.

c.r.a.p, the misunderstanding seemed to be getting worse!

The samurai vigilantly approached Lily and sized her up. Although this charming girl was dubious, she was very unlikely to be a monster.

“What’s your name?” The samurai extended his hand and grabbed Lily’s arm.

The position he grabbed was a little high. His powerful arm grabbed hold of Lily’s soft and tender inner arm.

Lily started trembling within seconds!


She reflexively slapped the samurai’s face.

In truth, Lily was a little scared after slapping the samurai. After all, she had a female body. Of course, even if she was a boy, there’s still no way he’d be able to beat a samurai from this uncivilized era. However, it was precisely because he had the mind of a boy that Lily didn’t want to be touched by a man!

The samurai’s face felt like it was heated up by fire. Naturally, he was angry, but on second thoughts, this also eliminated the doubts he had about the girl in front of him. If she was a monster, then she ought to try to seduce him in every possible way, and after he lost his vigilance, she would bare her fangs and attack him!

And Lily’s reaction was more like that of an arrogant young lady. Looking at her fair skin again, as well as the quality of her clothes, she should be the daughter of a well-off family.

Facing a n.o.ble young lady like this, even if he was angry, at least seventy to eighty percent of it had dissipated.

The samurai didn’t get angry. Rather, he retreated half a step and said, “Sorry! That was rude of me just now! You must know that there is a night parade tonight. For a young lady to be out here alone at times like this, it is part of my responsibility to examine it clearly.”

“Responsibility?” Lily looked at the lofty samurai who was carrying katanas and a lantern with calligraphy writing. Could he be someone from the government office?

The samurai explained, “I am known as Hojo Ujizane, in charge of the night patrol of Kamakura City tonight. Of course, I made sure to confirm the night parade is already gone before I dare to come out and patrol. Can I please ask the young lady for your name?”

Lily thought to herself, since he had already given his full name, if she only introduced herself with a given name, that would be a little thoughtless. She honestly didn’t want to have anything to do with this man, but if he was really a night patrol dispatched by the government, then she did have something to request of him. It should be more fitting to introduce herself with a surname. However, she didn’t have one to begin with.

“Kagami Lily”

Lily suddenly blurted out that name.

This name suddenly popped up in Lily’s mind. This was to remind her of senior sister’s beautiful face that was reflected in the mirror, and also to remind herself to protect her beauty and purity in this other world! She had no idea why she was carrying this mirror. And this old-looking copper mirror might be a rare item that even demons yearned for!2

Thus, that was how she came to choose this as her surname.

Mirror, come with me and journey together. In this world with no science and technology, this was the only medium that allowed her to see her own beauty.

Hojo stared blankly for a moment. It seemed as though he was fascinated by this name, “Such a beautiful name…”

Lily was indifferent to his careless remark.

Hojo also felt that he was a little rude. Thereupon, he hurriedly took half a step back and bowed, “Could it be… young lady is from the renowned Kagami clan in the distant Kansai region?”

“Ah, that’s right…” Lily answered without thinking it through. Lily had a really bright mind. Since he said distant Kansai region, in this ancient world with slow communication and lack of information, he clearly didn’t know much about that place. Hence she easily admitted this family background. There shouldn’t be a big problem.

“Why is young lady out here all alone? Tonight is 15th July, the night of ghost festival!”

This Hojo unintentionally informed Lily of today’s date.

“Ah, that is…” Lily was stammering as she tried to weave a reason. Then all of a sudden, a vibration came from underfoot.

“Earthquake? Could this place be the same as j.a.pan and has many earthquakes?” That was the first thoughts that crossed Lily’s mind.

It was that wind again! The same kind of wind that made her shudder during the night parade!

“This is bad! Follow me quickly!” That samurai didn’t explain and pulled Lily towards the roadside and hide at the back of a willow. He took out a cloth with ancient writings from his bag and used it to cover both Lily and himself without asking.

“What are you doing?” Lily asked with a slightly angry tone.

“Shhh… don’t make any noise no matter what. Just stay quiet and look… Under the cover of this cloth, as long as they don’t pay special attention to us, we won’t be discovered…”

Lily also guessed that something was about to happen, so she didn’t say anything else. They just looked towards the direction where the wind was blowing from.

What they saw walking out from the dense fog was a majestic demon with two golden horns sprouting from its head, blue skin, and a dark brown fur was draped to its back.

The demon almost looked the same as the one Lily encountered in the night parade. However, it was even bigger. This one was almost five meters tall!

“Gos.h.!.+ That’s a Blue Demon! And such a big one at that…” Cold sweat was oozing from Hojo’s forehead, “We must not be discovered. Otherwise, both of us are dead.”

She felt that the cloth was not too reliable, but Lily didn’t want to reveal the sakura parasol unless it’s a crisis. Moreover, the parasol couldn’t conceal two people at all.

“Aren’t you a warrior dispatched by the government? Can you still be regarded as a samurai to hide at the sight of a demon?” Lily ridiculed him. If she could provoke this guy to fight with the Blue Demon, she could unfurl the parasol and run away regardless of the result.

In order to protect senior sister’s body, Lily hardly felt any guilt! What’s more, wasn’t it a samurai’s job to protect the common people?

“Miss Kagami, you seem like a girl from a wealthy family, but how come your words are so ignorant.” Lily’s words had clearly hurt his pride, hence he retorted in a low voice, “Blue Demon over the height of two meters is not a monster common soldier can handle! This one is at least four to five meter tall. Even if you a.s.semble the entire army stationed in this city, there would only be disastrous casualties! It might be possible to suppress it if only Genji3 is dispatched! Though low ranking samurai like us can exterminate demons and protect common people, however, when facing such a powerful demon, all we can do is borrow you half of this Sanskrit Cloth. Challenging such a huge Blue Demon with the power of one man? That’s an impossible task! A warrior’s courage and throwing one’s life away due to ignorance are two different things!”4

Hojo kept on speaking endlessly to defend his pride as a warrior. Meanwhile, on the other side of the wide street, a tall female samurai appeared.

That female samurai was facing the giant Blue Demon and walked over here.

From visual estimation, she was even taller than Lily. She was wearing a black sleeveless blouse with a golden sash wrapped around her waist. Her short skirt was formed by two pieces of black clothes covering only the front and back.

Her silver hair was so long that it reached her heels. On her back, she was carrying a sword so big that it was out of common sense. Her slender legs were bare and she wore a pair of leather shoes. She was walking with elegant steps as she made her way here.

Evidently, the female samurai and the giant Blue Demon had already discovered each other.

Sharp fangs were exposed on the Blue Demon’s already terrifying face, and the female samurai was still just as fearless as she walked towards the Blue Demon with confidence. Those b.r.e.a.s.t.s that seemed to be even bigger than Lily’s were bouncing, as though they were boasting her calmness and arrogance.

  1.  Figuratively speaking 
  2.  Yes, Kagami means mirror in j.a.panese in case you’re wondering. I opt for j.a.panese name even though this is a Chinese novel because this story seemed to be set in j.a.pan. 
  3.  I’m not sure if this is referring to a person or a clan, so I’ll leave this as a tentative name. 
  4.  Wow, someone is VERY b.u.t.thurt… 
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