Demon Sword Maiden

Book 1: Chapter 25: Lily's “Protest”

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Book 1: Chapter 25: Lily’s “Protest”

Lily made all kinds of preparation in her heart. It wasn’t as if she didn’t have the power to resist now. If things really turned out for the worst, she would be left with no other choice but to escape! It’s just that the Sakura Parasol was still in the room. If she really ran away, then she needed to find a chance to come back and retrieve it.

As for her odds of success, the Matsuda Clan probably wouldn’t stop her. Hojo Motos.h.i.+ge should have brought along at least two to three samurais according to Lily’s intuition, and the strongest among them was naturally Motos.h.i.+ge himself.

However, Lily didn’t sense any signs of Spirit Power from him.

The 《Lunar Blossom》 Lily practiced had a secret technique to send out weak spiritual fluctuations to probe the surroundings. Lily used that technique just now, and according to what was recorded in the book, it should be able to sense the existence of other Spirit Power users. She didn’t sense anything from these samurais, but it could be because their power level was higher so they blocked her from sensing anything, or that she was not proficient enough in spirit perception.

Regardless of which, she couldn’t be careless. Nothing good would come out of this if she fought with the Hojo Clan here! Even if she managed to escape, she could kiss the samurai qualification test goodbye and live the life of a hermit.

Since it already reached this point, she could only stick to her previous statement and argue strongly.

“Lord Motos.h.i.+ge! I don’t dare to make irresponsible remarks as to whether there is someone trying to frame me, but since when did I tell anyone that I am the daughter of the Kagami Clan? Did I say it with my own mouth? If so, who did I say it to? Bring them over here!”

Lily thought about it clearly, if she could get Hojo Ujizane to come over here, he probably would stand by her side?

That’s why she became bolder, “I have never said that I am a high ranking n.o.ble. There are plenty of people with the surname of Kagami in the Kansai region. I am just a girl from an ordinary household, but my family name is also Kagami, is that also considered illegal?”

Although Lily usually kept her manners in check, she could also argue like this when situations arose!

She had indeed never admitted which Kagami Clan she came from. All she said was that her name was Kagami, so what could they possibly do about it? Would they continue to refute her argument?

Seeing that everyone was shocked, she continued, “I am indeed a Kagami. That n.o.ble Kagami Clan in the Kansai region is also a Kagami. Or what, are you saying a Kagami of common birth is not a Kagami? Besides, the n.o.ble Kagami Clan has such a big mansion and they already divided into so many branches with their countless offsprings. Who can say for sure, maybe my family might really have some blood-relation with that n.o.ble Kagami Clan!”

“This…” The honest-looking samurais in the surroundings didn’t know how to refute this young lady’s argument.

And yet Motos.h.i.+ge said, “Hmph, trivial objection! If that is the case, then why did you remain so ambiguous from the start! Why are you staying here with the ident.i.ty of a n.o.blewoman?”

“I had previously lost a part of my memory and didn’t know who I really am, that’s why I didn’t make it clear. However, I have never said anything about being the young lady of some high ranking n.o.ble! I have just remembered that I am the child of an ordinary Kagami Clan, or are you saying that Daidouji has already investigated every Kagami Clan in the Kansai region?”

“Trivial objection! That is clearly a trivial objection!” Hojo Motos.h.i.+ge refuted, “Since you are a commoner, why are you living the life of a rich lady here? If that is not swindling, then how do you explain this?”

“Young master!” Nagahide finally found a chance to b.u.t.t in, “Miss Kagami was indeed a little absent-minded in the beginning. We treated her as a young lady of n.o.ble birth, but now she is staying here as my kenjutsu apprentice.”

Motos.h.i.+ge was surprised, “Kenjutsu apprentice? So that’s why she’s carrying a wooden sword! Hmph, you know how to swing a sword?”

Lily thought that this question was right on the spot. She knew that a samurai had a lot of privilege. If she let Motos.h.i.+ge know that she was going to become one very soon, then he would have to treat her with due respect.

Therefore, she adjusted her breathing and said with a slightly more respectful tone, “This little girl has just learned swordplay for two weeks under the care of Master Matsuda. I have learned much and is planning to partic.i.p.ate in the samurai’s qualification test ten days later.”

“What?!” Motos.h.i.+ge was a little flabbergasted as he looked at Lily, then he shouted with an angry look, “This shameless girl! Are you trying to make fun of the way of samurais? You want to partic.i.p.ate in the samurai’s qualification test after learning kenjutsu for only two weeks? Just how much longer do you want to keep up with this lie?”

Matsuda Nagahide stepped forward and explained sincerely, “Young Master, Miss Kagami is indeed telling the truth. Ten days later, my disciples will be competing with each other and the winner will get the rights to partic.i.p.ate in the Genji Dojo’s samurai qualification test. Miss Kagami will also partic.i.p.ate in this compet.i.tion.”

Motos.h.i.+ge reevaluated Lily and said, “Hmph, is that so? You are good enough to partic.i.p.ate after merely two weeks of training? Us Hojos trained since early childhood and is only able to partic.i.p.ate after many years of arduous training, and yet this girl is treating it as though it is no big deal! Either she possesses outstanding power or she’s just stupid!”

Hojo Motos.h.i.+ge turned towards the platform and looked back with a cold gaze, “In that case, let me test whether you really have the qualifications to become a samurai!”

“Release her!”

The two servants released Lily and retreated to both sides.

“Young Master…” Matsuda felt slightly concerned as he looked at Motos.h.i.+ge.

“I am thirsty, bring me a cup of tea!” Said Motos.h.i.+ge as he sat at the side of the platform.

Hiroko personally offered him a cup of tea in order to curry his favor. However, her body build and excessive makeup only made Motos.h.i.+ge frown.

Lily did not say anything, she just stood at the center of the yard with her wooden sword. She felt like something was about to happen so she didn’t dare get careless.

Motos.h.i.+ge finished the tea and said, “The tea is so-so, and the tea set is nothing valuable. Kagami Lily, since you claimed to be a swordsman and is even trying to partic.i.p.ate in the samurai’s qualification test in vain, then… can you cut down the cup I throw at you with the wooden sword in your hand?”

“Young Master, this…” Nagahide panicked. Swords were originally used to cut men, using such a thin sword to cut a cup thrown by a samurai was impossible unless one had exceptional skill!

“What? Don’t tell me the Matsuda Clan is s.h.i.+elding this female swindler?”

Lily knitted her brows and said, “Lord Hojo, if that’s the case, please let me have a try.”

“Oh?” Motos.h.i.+ge’s eyes flashed as he revealed a complacent smile. He thought in his heart, ‘Hmph! This girl who don’t know how high the Heaven or how thick the ground is! I am not just anyone, I am a samurai! She’s just dreaming if she thinks a girl who just learned kenjutsu can cut a cup thrown by a samurai!’

Motos.h.i.+ge had received orders to detain and interrogate her this time, but in reality, he had received bribes from Daidouji Clan. Otherwise, why would the second master of the Hojo Clan even care about this trifling matter? As for how they’d interrogate Lily, he was not concerned about it.

The reason Daidouji Akira requested the second young master of the Hojo Clan to come was that they were both the va.s.sal clans of the Hojo. Even if Daidouji had more power than the Matsuda Clan, it would set a bad example to cause trouble between va.s.sal clans.

Motos.h.i.+ge thought of another thing, ‘However, I cannot throw with full strength. If this foolish woman missed and got killed by the cup, it will be troublesome to explain to Akira. I have received his money after all.’

Motos.h.i.+ge’s slim yet powerful hand grabbed the teacup firmly. He looked at Lily with his eagle-like eyes and said, “Then, are you ready!”

“Yes,” said Lily as she lifted the wooden sword with a graceful and steady motion. Her eyes looked forward with tranquility and calmness.

“Miss Kagami…” Nagahide, Kimura, and Kanzaki had a concerned look. They were worried that Lily would miss and Motos.h.i.+ge would forcefully take her away. They were even more worried that she would get hurt by the cup.

At this time, Lily did something that went beyond everyone’s expectation.

She was actually shutting her eyes.1

  1. Ok… so the worst case scenario has turned into a not so bad scenario, wonder how it would turn out in the next chapter? Show them h.e.l.l Lily!
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