Demon Sword Maiden

Book 1: Chapter 24: The Arrival of Hojo

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Book 1: Chapter 24: The Arrival of Hojo

If someone from the Matsuda Clan saw Lily’s slash just now, they would have to stop treating her as a simple girl. Even the Hojo Clan wouldn’t be able to touch her so easily.

However, whether it was intentional or not, this matter was not known to anyone.

To a beautiful girl trapped in this parallel world, it wasn’t really a good thing for her strength to remain unknown…

At this time, Matsuda Nagahide was waiting for an important guest in the house. He was already informed by a servant from the Hojo Clan yesterday. However, Nagahide didn’t feel it was necessary to let Lily know since the other party was not Hojo Ujizane.

As for the Hojo’s purpose of coming, he was not informed of it.1

And right now, Lily was wiping the sweat on her forehead and reflecting on the slash just a moment ago.

217 kan surpa.s.sed by far the bottom line of a samurai’s standard. However, just how strong was this penetration force compared to the samurais all over the world?

Lily didn’t know.

“Since my penetration force has increased so much, what about the speed?”

Lily bent her waist without caring that her yukata was getting loose and exposed her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. n.o.body else was around anyway.

She held the wooden sword at her side and fixed her gaze at the tree on top of a distant hill. It was approximately three to four hundred meters away.

A samurai’s speed was naturally measured while carrying a sword. Moreover, she needed to attack and run at all times. Otherwise, there would be no meaning to it.

Lily adjusted her breathing, and with a flash in her eyes…

“Hiyaaa—!” She let out a dainty shout as she stepped on the meadow with her wooden sandal. She abruptly changed into a gale-like white shadow as she launched towards the targetted tree!

Lily looked like a beautiful white steed galloping atop the hill. She arrived under the tree in the short time needed to take a few breaths. With the sudden stop, the skirt of her yukata flipped backward and revealed her slender legs.

“I think that took about thirty seconds, hehe,” Lily couldn’t help smiling. Even though she was holding a sword and wearing a pair of wooden sandals, she was still faster than an Olympic champion from the modern world. If she went back now, couldn’t she become a sports star like this?

But of course, since Spirit Power didn’t exist back in the modern world, it was like comparing apples and oranges.

It goes without saying that Lily understood speed was no less important than penetration force in actual combat. Changing positions in battle, dodging, chasing after the opponent, or to run away after defeat, all of these required speeds.

Even though running away was very disgraceful in the samurai’s code of chivalry, Lily was not bound by the standard of this parallel Heian world. Winning and survival were the two most important things for her.

If something happened to her, then who would take care of senior sister?

“I shouldn’t be conceited even if my penetration force and speed increased drastically. As I am now, I am still not a match for that Blue Demon! Just one hit will easily reap me of my consciousness. I feel like I am still so far away from that silver-haired female samurai who cut down the giant Blue Demon that night!”

Lily stood atop the hill and looked at the picturesque scenery. Although Matsuda Clan’s residence was plain-looking, it naturally merged with the scenery.

Perhaps because she grew up in a city with many skysc.r.a.pers, she didn’t feel homesick at all in this distant parallel world.

At this time, one person ran over here from between the picturesque mountain range. It kind of destroyed the artistic mood. That person was precisely Kimura. He ran over from the bottom of the hill and called Lily to go back, saying that there was an important matter.

And so, Lily followed Kimura back to the Matsuda Clan. When they arrived at the gate, she could feel that the atmosphere was a little different. There were even two servants standing at both sides of the gate, each carrying a sword.

As Lily entered the courtyard with Kimura, she saw a lanky samurai wearing blue embroidered kimono and a small ebos.h.i.+ capWiki before I directly translated this as a “Crow Hat” xD”>2. It seemed as though he was waiting for something.

Matsuda Nagahide and the others were standing at the side, with somewhat ugly complexion.

This samurai had a shrewd-looking face, an aquiline nose, thin lips, and a pair of seemingly venomous eyes. The moment he saw Lily, he shot her a glance that made Lily feel uncomfortable. It would appear she was the one he’s been waiting for.

“So you are Kagami Lily?” That samurai was about 1.88 meters tall, Lily felt a little pressured by his height. He came forward and sized Lily up.

Lily felt a little awkward right now. After all, she sweated a lot from the training prior to this. Her body was emitting a scene that made even herself a little intoxicated, and her hair was a little messy. She really didn’t want to let someone of the same gender catch a whiff of this scent! She really didn’t expect so many samurais would suddenly make their appearance in this courtyard, so she was caught unprepared.

As a matter of course, what Lily meant by the same gender was either men or males. There was no saying that only men would covet for her body in this world filled with demons and monsters anyway.

“Yes.” Lily unconsciously tidied up her clothing. This was a little lacking in manners, but since it was too sudden, Lily just stopped caring.

The lanky samurai waved his hand as soon as he heard those word, “Come! Restrain her!”3


Whether it was Lily or everyone else from the Matsuda Clan, they were all shocked by this sudden turn of event. Only Madam Hiroko who stood at the corridor not far away was sn.i.g.g.e.ring.

The two servants already grabbed Lily’s arms. They thought it’d be an easy job to take the wooden sword from a girl, but they found themselves unable to get it off Lily’s hands, so they remained in a stalemate.

“W-who are you guys! Why are you catching me!” Lily asked with slight anger. She was completely baffled by this unexpected event.

That lanky samurai didn’t notice how the servants were obstructed from seizing her sword and said rather arrogantly, “I am known as Hojo Motos.h.i.+ge4. By the order of my lord Hojo Hayamasa, I am here to carry out the order of my lord.

Hojo Motos.h.i.+ge?

Lily blanked out for a moment. After hearing his name, she looked at his clothing before moving on to his profile. It seemed like he did have a blood-relation with that Ujizane?

Hojo Motos.h.i.+ge continued, “Kagami Lily, you claimed to be the daughter of the Kagami Clan, but according to my Hojo Clan’s elder, after the Daidouji Clan carried out an investigation through the temple, there is no such person in the Kansai region’s Kagami Clan. There’s also no missing report of a girl recently. Kagami Lily, you sure have the guts to impersonate a high-ranking n.o.ble! In accordance with the law, we will detain you at the Daidouji Mountain City and interrogate you there! Take her away!”

“Wait!” Lily shouted out, the feeling that she’d been wronged showing clearly on her face, “How can you people from the Hojo Clan just arrest someone like this! Since when did I impersonate a n.o.ble?”

So it was the matter regarding her ident.i.ty! Lily only acknowledged this ident.i.ty at that time because she was completely horrified by the dangers of this world and still had lingering fears remaining. That’s why she instinctively wanted to defend herself. She didn’t expect it would bring about such a disaster.5

“Hmph!” Motos.h.i.+ge sneered, “After a thorough investigation through the information house of the Kansai region’s Honjyo Temple, your lie has already been exposed by our elder, Daidouji Akira! Did you think you can swindle someone by claiming that you are from the distant Kansai region? If you want to say something, say it in jail!”

“Since when did I swindle someone!” Lily asked with confidence. The truth didn’t matter, but for a delicate little girl like her to fall into this chaotic world with demons looming around, where she could get eaten or killed any time… was it wrong of her to lie in order to protect her chast.i.ty?

Right now, her mind was working out a solution at flying speed. Did he say Daidouji Akira? Daidouji Hiroko… Hmph, I can roughly guess what happened now.

“Young Master! Please curb your anger, Miss Kagami is not someone who’d lie!” Matsuda Nagahide stepped forward to mediate the situation, “There must be some kind of misunderstanding.”

“Nagahide! You are just an insignificant insect in my Hojo Clan!” Motos.h.i.+ge said with contempt, “Or are you saying that the Hojo Clan’s second elder Daidouji Akira would plant false evidence against a common girl?”

Though he was also a young master of the Hojo Clan, this Motos.h.i.+ge was bossy and domineering. He was not at all like Ujizane who was honest and considerate.

“This…” That’s right, with the intelligence network of the temple, the Daidouji could find out many things that the Hojo clan couldn’t easily attain. Nagahide was left speechless shortly.6

  1. My guess on the best case scenario, Lily is INDEED a missing person from Kagami Clan. The worst case scenario is that they are here to capture her for fraudulent ident.i.ty.
  2. Glad I went and researched this on Wiki before I directly translated this as a “Crow Hat” xD
  3. Ok… so THIS IS the worst case scenario… Her lie came back biting at her faster than expected…
  4. Ok, I completely gave up on trying to make any sense of their names, I’ll just use a random name generator.
  5. No, you should have thought of that when you first used the name of a big name. But I guess it’s true that you can’t think straight when under the effect of terror.
  6. Ok… so how is Lily going to get herself out of this mess? Will an Ujizane magically appears and save the day?
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