Demon Sword Maiden

Book 1: Chapter 113: The Night of the Samurai

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Book 1: Chapter 113: The Night of the Samurai

The oil lamp cast a dim light in the gloomy cave. Hojo Dijon was sitting atop a boulder within the cave with an unwavering expression. His thick and powerful limbs made him look like the incarnation of a mountain G.o.d.

“Your Highness!” Nagasaki despondently walked in with his coin armorSomething like this?”>1, “I asked Kagami Lily to stay in the cave just now, but she insisted on staying outside. That Matsuda Nagahide even voiced out in support of her decision!”

Dijon frowned, but immediately loosened up and said, “Forget it. The target is already within sight, I need to preserve my energy for the big hunt anyway. That woman is just a newbie, she shouldn’t be very strong. Just send a few people to monitor her and don’t let her get away. It still wouldn’t be too late to take her back and play with her after I killed the Demon Hound and collected its anima and treasure.”

Though Dijon might be lecherous, his power and ambition were more important to him! He only managed to reach this level today because of disciplined training. It was not a level just any degenerate brutes could reach. The Demon Hound might be wounded, but it was still a powerful demon from the Kansai region. How would he dare to slack in the presence of such a powerful foe? Even if Lily did accept his invitation today, he still wouldn’t play with her for real. That’s why he was not that concerned. So long as Lily was still in his grasp, there was no need to feel anxious. Moreover, Lily was only an especially gorgeous plaything to him and nothing more. She was merely a prey he could catch at any time without the extra trouble.

“Hold on!” Before Nagasaki left, Dijon called out to him, “For some reason, when I looked into her eyes, I feel that this woman is seemingly hiding something. It made me feel ill at ease. Nagasaki, you will personally monitor her with your men! Don’t let her escape at all costs, but don’t make it too obvious either.”

“Your Highness, she’s just a newbie samurai, and what’s more, a woman2, why is Your Highness so mindful about her?” “……anyway, just follow your orders.” “Yes, Your Highness.”

Nagasaki was at a loss, he was a Low-Tier Sword Master, using someone of his level to monitor a newbie female samurai was the very definition of using a talented person in an insignificant position. However, Nagasaki didn’t dare to disobey Dijon, so he still dutifully carried out his order.

Going back to Lily, she was currently feeling quite anxious for rejecting Nagasaki’s invitation earlier. She could only hope that Dijon would take his status into consideration and don’t act recklessly.

Though he was hateful, she didn’t have sufficient strength to fight back! It was not uncommon for a beautiful girl to lose her freedom when she ran into a group of powerful samurai in the wild area. Though they may sugarcoat it as gaining experience for herself, this was practically a house arrest!

Lily couldn’t help but cover her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and held onto her shoulders.

Why was it that difficult for a girl to gain freedom in this Heian Empire? It was more of a misfortune for one to look good but without strength to back it up.

I am still not powerful enough. Even though I tried so hard, even though I am very talented and had so many chance meetings, it’s still not enough…’ ‘Regardless of what I have to do, I need to get stronger!’ ‘For my freedom and honor, for this spotless body that’d put a blush on my face!3‘

However, it suddenly became lively in the open s.p.a.ce where Lily was resting……

“Hyaaaha— Pat, pat, pat!”

The strange beat aroused Lily’s attention. A group of samurai was surrounding the bonfire and drinking, some of them lifted up their sleeves and started to dance.

The beat of the dance looked somewhat strange to Lily, but their styles strongly resembled that of Kanto’s folk dance.

These samurai jumped from side to side with a unique tempo and even sang a folk song from the 《Heian’s Ancient Record》.

“O great G.o.d of Earth, cast under the shadow of the Moon G.o.ddess, Scouring through the eight island nations, the bright doorway still nowhere to be found. Oh, where are you, my fated ones! Who has taken away my suns.h.i.+ne? Even in that distant nation, the sun and moon are disheartened, Rumors say there is a G.o.ddess of Wisdom, living in green hills surrounded by birds, And in the dark, the G.o.ddess of War is causing an uproar…”
This song sounded a bit cheery, Lily a.s.sumed this was how the boorish samurai relieve themselves. Though the lyrics were simple, the words and sentences were somewhat melancholy. There was even a slight feeling of mystery to it. This was quite a peculiar folksong indeed.

For some reason, Lily felt her heart aching as she listened to this song. Perhaps it was because the sorrowful tunes somewhat matched with her present situation?

As she looked upon these resolute and young samurai revealing such a clear and bright side, Lily suddenly had a thought; it wasn’t like these low-ranking samurai did not have feelings either. They might not have enough strength or backings, but who among them wasn’t trying to protect their own properties and impoverished family?

In these troubled times, one couldn’t just act out of their own volition. Even a kindhearted samurai had no choice but to kill if they were ordered to do so by their evil lord. If it weren’t for that, why would these people so easily give up on pursuing a simple life with a bright future?

Those five who escaped, Lily didn’t regret letting them go. If she had to pay the price for letting them go one of these days, then bring it on!

This was Lily’s way of the samurai, it was not hypocritical, yet it wasn’t cruel either. This was in order for her to maintain her kindness. She must be forceful, yet gentle at the same time!

Even if she was to take pity on her opponent and be merciful to them, so what?

“Because that is who I am, Kagami Lily.”

  1. Something like this?
  2. Robinxen: I can understand them dismissing her at first, but this is just weird. It’s not like female samurais are inherently weaker than male samurais. I mean when your penetration power is 10,000 it’s going to be 10,000 regardless of if you have ***** or not.
    At worst they probably just have a lower potential.

  3. Silva: …uh… can you not be so rude and just say it’s for senior sister?
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