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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World

Alternative : Mang Theo Nông Trường Hỗn Dị Giới; 带着农场混异界

Raw En 1871 chapters 3891817 words
Author: Ming Yu

Bringing the Farm to Live in Another World is composed of a series of chapters where a man awakens in an unfamiliar place. He quickly notices that his life is not as it should be, and his main mission is to change the behavior and try to rebuild broken things. However, his body does not function normally, so he encounters different problems on his way. That can be truly challenging but very rewarding at the same time because he has a chance to fulfill life while discovering the real purpose of existence.
At first, the man starts re-developing his family, and he also personally grows together with that effort. That’s a very good chance for the entire place where he found himself at the beginning of the book. The family has better chances to make something valuable and significant on the land, while the single man is quite limited in different aspects of life. His mission slowly becomes an epic journey and a very interesting story. The new place, however, seems strange to him so he struggles a lot to adapt to the new environment.

To overcome various problems with his body, he is taking different types of drugs on a regular basis. The drugs provide some benefits because he can operate with his body better while on the treatment. However, such medication also has negative sides, so the situation is not ideal at all. The man still has one supernatural power despite all the problems he faces in the new places.

He is capable to enter another world, which is, in fact, a farming simulation game. It does not seem useful at first. However, he can find normal food in that strange world. And it can be used elsewhere, even in the regular world. That still does not seem like a big deal, but he is stuck in an unfamiliar place, and the food is of precious value to him. He can survive without problems thanks to that supernatural ability because he always has enough food to eat well. That’s why this cheat is so valuable to him. He also finds out about other happenings in strange places.

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