Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps The World

Chapter 1108 - 1108 This Is Going To Kill Her!

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Chapter 1108 - 1108 This Is Going To Kill Her!

1108 This Is Going To Kill Her!

The man was very attractive. He smiled and changed the timer to countdown mode. It was set to 12 hours.

Sheng Yang: “…”

This was going to kill her!

She looked serious. “Yi Juncheng, you can’t do this.”

He hadn’t been like this. Ever since he said his vows, he’d been pus.h.i.+ng his luck. Of course, that was only in this regard.

He had never changed his att.i.tude toward her.

It was the same.

“Can’t do what?” He smirked, his thin lips landing on one spot after another.

Sheng Yang was forced to arch her back.

Actually, this kind of thing was quite mysterious.

She was extremely self-disciplined. In the past, she had never thought that she would be addicted to something, but now, she seemed to see more and more signs of her being addicted.

But she couldn’t let this continue. She pushed him away a little. The man stretched his arms as if he was doing push-ups. He just looked at her quietly, the muscles on his arms were flexing.

“We have to control ourselves.” Her tone was still indifferent, but her eyes shone with determination.

She had always been disciplined when it came to things that were easy to indulge in.

“Huh? Yangyang, do you think there’s any harm in doing this? Yes, we need to exercise restraint, but oftentimes, we call it a stop if something brings harm.” Since she was serious, Yi Juncheng also got serious with her. He listed the benefits of doing these things.

Sheng Yang was speechless.

Yi Juncheng’s way of persuading her really stuck with her. She couldn’t refuse.

“Then… alright.”

“Yes, just a light taste.” His smile was breathtaking. His lips slowly landed on her snow-white neck. The feeling was numbing and ticklish, but it was pleasant.

At the same time, on Owl’s side, the entire organization was staring at the big screen. They hadn’t slept all night.

Wolf Fang asked, “Has Soon raised the price yet?”

“No, not at all.”

Wolf Fang’s lips curved. “They must have been defeated by our unity and intimidated by our momentum.”

The leader’s words were especially inspiring. His voice was like a bell, and his casual words were like a speech.

Everyone applauded in unison, especially excited. They had not slept all night, but they seemed to be on steroids.

Wolf Fang called Zhou Feiyang again to tell her the happy news.

Zhou Feiyang was also deeply gratified. Although ‘Soon’ was an unexpected guest who had suddenly appeared, they were like a cloud on the horizon that was quickly blown away. They were nothing to be afraid of.

At this moment, someone suddenly rushed over anxiously. “Things are looking bad. Leader, the price has increased again!”

The smiles on Wolf Fang and Zhou Feiyang fell off their faces.

It was already 6:30 in the morning.

Sheng Yang sat in front of the computer, her back aching. Fortunately, her fingers were still fine. She could punch a few numbers and press the s.p.a.cebar a few times.

She pressed 25 billion and cursed Yi Juncheng in her heart.

She was fooled by him again.

He said that doing that was beneficial for blood circulation? He even wrote an international thesis to verify this. He must be really bored.

She would definitely write a thesis to go against his. d.a.m.n it, how was it good for her health? She was clearly exhausted!

Wolf Fang returned to the screen. He was furious. He placed his hand on the table and smashed it!

This was a big move!

No wonder Soon didn’t appear the entire night. It turned out that the other party had been busy preparing the funds. Soon suddenly raised the offer to 25 billion.
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