Big Life


#1 31/03/2022 405 từ
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-Tikka! Tap! Click! Click!

The sound of a keyboard filled the narrow room. The clock on the wall showed midnight while the sky outside was painted black. Ha Jaegun took his hands away for a moment and pressed them onto his temples. He had been constantly typing since dawn. Not just one, but for two days straight; he had been working hard.

His neck, body, arms, and wrists were all strained to death. Jaegun already had gone to the bathroom ten times to cool himself with cold water, but his face was still flushed a bright red.

‘It’s so close&h.e.l.lip Just a bit a more.’

Returning to his computer, he pulled up his story’s information tab: a total of 124,331 characters. He only needed about 15,000 more characters to finish the last part of his two book series; the books with a contract.


At the latest, he had to turn it in by tomorrow morning. About 6 more hours to write..

‘In the past, I could type about three thousand words per hour.’

‘My stamina isn’t the issue,’ he thought.

He was only 27, he was not yet old enough to be able to call stamina the issue. The real problem laid elsewhere in his mind. ‘I want to write what I want to write.’ That was the main issue.

He couldn’t write about his own stories. Writing for money was the top priority. What else can you write when you have no food and no rent money? Nothing. Also, how could one write bestsellers?


Jaegun had no idea. He tried to fit the new trends and follow his editor’s orders, but it was hard. Even with all of his effort, it was still very difficult.

He looked around his pitiful one-room “house” while drinking coffee. With barely any furniture, it looked like a house that was recently moved into. He had bought all of his necessities at the lowest price possible. He had to boil water for it to be drinkable, and his refrigerator was letting out annoying clicks again.

‘Don’t give up! It’ll be fine! I worked really hard on this.’

He slapped himself to try to get a hold of himself. Thinking of his mother and sister, he had no time to waste.

-Tap! Tap! Click&h.e.l.lip!

He poured his coffee into his mouth and started to bash away at his keyboard again.

The white monitor reflected a gaunt face, tired of life.
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