Big Life

Chapter 83

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How is this here…?’

In the box were Jaegun’s debut fantasy novels.

The unfortunate novels that got ended quickly.

The painful novels that he didn’t even want to think of were discovered in his dad’s closet.

Jaegun opened the entrance of the box. All the books were in there.

Not just them either.

All the books, even the two series that he made before the hit Ranking series, were there. The only ones that were not there were the 90s Child and the Breathe that weren’t made into paper books.


Jaegun sighed.

Jaegun picked up his debut book with one hand.

It was obviously read. The pages had signs of a person carefully reading them.

The last page.

-Jaegun’s first project.

I don’t know why, but it got ended at the good part.

His dad’s writing filled his eyes.

Jaegun bit his lip and looked at the other books.

As he expected, all of them had his dad’s writing.

-Jaegun’s second project.

It seems like he was less stressed than the first one.

-Jaegun’s third project

It’s really good, but maybe it’s too dark for the readers?

-Jaegun’s fourth project.

Like my son, he finally uprises.

-Jaegun’s fifth project.

It’s good to hear from my son by my wife and daughter, but I don’t know if I should laugh comfortably or not.

They were books that were not published either

The drafts that he wrote in college were all there. It was the draft that he had ripped and stuffed in the trash can. The drafts that should have been ripped were taped together.

Jaegun closed his eyes and sniffed.

He tried to press down his emotions.

If any tears came out, he would feel like such an idiot for being so distance from his dad.

In the time he was pressing his emotions, he saw another one. A bank account.



Jaegun kneeled as he opened the bank account.

It was money that his dad had saved up for him

There was a memo as well.

-Gonna be given at age 30

Since the first month seven years ago, 150 dollars were inputted every month. His dad’s mind continued until just last year’s summer.

The first month of his. .h.i.t novel.

Beep! Beep!

Jaeyn called him

He couldn’t pick it up, though.

The only voice that he had was a crying one.

He kneeled and put his head down on the ground. His tears flowed quickly and dripped on his dad’s study.

“Somii, are you done? Let’s go eat.”

“Yes, Lee”

Somii turned off the monitor. She stood up, turned around and s.h.i.+vered slightly.

The editor was right in front of her.

“What did you say?”

“I don’t…”

“What you called a.s.sistant Manager Lee.”

He looked down at her.

Somii stayed silent awkwardly as she stood.

“Editor, it’s because I told her to call her by my name…”

“Is this work?”


“Did you come here to work? You have to keep society rules in society. It’s easy to break the workplace. You know?”

Somii put his head down.

Thinking that a.s.sistant Manager Lee was getting chewed out as well, she didn’t know what to do.

“I’ll keep it in mind.”

She answered quietly.

Kyunguk laughed slightly and added looking at Somii.

“And also, are you not the bun girl today?”

Somii only stood quietly.

As the nickname grew, Kyunguk mentioned it many times to make fun of it.

It was probably Go who told him, Somii and Lee thought.

“Hey, let’s go eat, Go.”

“Yes, editor. Let’s go.”

Kyunguk stood up and left. And then when they couldn’t be heard, Lee went over to Somii.

“Are you ok?”

“I’m sorry, for me…”

“I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I didn’t know he would be like that. An idiot.”

Lee said as she rubbed Somii’s back.

Somii forced a smile. If it weren’t for Lee, she would have cried.

“How’s Albap?”

“I’m fine.”

The two people went to a restaurant and ordered. Lee said as she poured water.

“Men are idiots. Don’t worry.”


“It’s hard, right? He’s worse on you in particular. Maybe because of the hatred for Writer Ha. He became quiet after he’s gone towards me.”

Somii lightened up.

“The editor went for a.s.sistant Lee?”

“Call me Lee because we’re outside. Yeah… but he asked me to eat lunch with me a lot, and he got reprimanded.

Lee continued.

“There was a time when he called at 11. It’s so hard being an editor, so I had a drink? He asked if I can come out. Am I crazy? I rejected him.”

Somii’s phone rang from a message

Somii brightened as she looked at her phone

It was from Jaegun.

-Writer Jang Eunyoung likes the picture. You’re eating, right? Have a nice lunch.

“It’s Writer Ha, right?”

Lee asked mischievously.

Somii brightened red and asked.


“Look at you. You were dying of happiness. Dying. What is it?”

“Ah, just that he liked the picture.”

Lee was the only one in StarBooks who knew about Somii’s other job.

Also, Somii only knew that Lee worked at another place on the weekends.

“Yeah. Earn while you’re earning. It’s not like it’s hurting you.”

The food came out.

Lee quickly tried to mix the rice together.

Somii before eating sent a reply to Jaegun.

She revised it many times because she was worried that it might be a bit too much.

-It’s all because of you, Writer Ha ^^ You should eat lunch well and be careful of the cold. Contact me anytime you have anything going on. Fighting!
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