Big Life

Chapter 82

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“Why is everyone coming to visit me?”

Sukjae wrinkled his face when he saw his son.

Jaegun answered as he put down the box of juice

“Eat one after you eat food.’

“Why did you buy so much? I have so much to eat. It’s better to move. Do you think I can stand up because I’m so full.”

“Dad, what are you talking about. You can’t even walk yet. Ah, you know you like it. I know you listened to the radio yesterday.”

“Stop talking about useless things. You and your mom forced a sleeping person to listen. Ugh so irritating. I can’t see the TV. Move.”

Jaegun moved while smiling slightly.

Sukjae was looking at TV show that he never watched. Jaeyn laughed at that.

“Ah, I need to go home. I need to bring dad’s clothes.”

“I’ll go. You stay.”

“Just go together ok?”

Sukjae said, but the two siblings didn’t respond. Jaegun went outside, and Jaeyn started to cut an apple

“Is that your son?”

A woman in her 50s asked from beside.

She was another patient like Sukjae who had one leg fractured. She came here a lot and chatted a lot.


Sukjae just looked at her slightly to be polite. He had no intention of trying to talk with her. She talked to him, but they were all statements bragging about her family

“You know, the economy isn’t very good… it’s hard to get a job.”

He already knew about the things she talked about. She thought Jaegun was unemployed. He knew because of experience.

Sukjae didn’t respond and only looked at the TV. But the woman, like always, was continuing.

“But then, my son is pretty lucky. When he graduated, he went into HG, and he’s staying there well for three years. It’s hard to even to get into such a big company, but it’s harder to survive there. I’m proud but really worried.”

“I see.”

Sukjae responded dryly. It was her power to talk about things without anyone to talk to.

Then she even asked him a question.

“How old is your son?”

“He’s 28.”

“Ah, I see. He’s one year younger than my song. Then he’s not a student. Sigh, it’s hard to live. I don’t know when the economy is going to get better.”

Sukjae stayed silent, but Jaeyn was different.

She answered while cutting the apples.

“I see. My brother is a writer, so good thing it doesn't affect him that much.”

“Writer? A novelist?”


The woman sighed heavily.

“An amazing thing. Sigh, a writer is a hard job to live unless your a top one. Isn’t it?”

Jaeyn knew that she was slightly insulting her

Listening, her words were very insensitive

“As my son, I think his salary is about 50,000? I mean that’s good enough since he’s alone. How much is your brother’s salary? Nothing else but… haha, I’m curious of what young people make. I don’t know if my son is earning well. Is 50,000 enough?”

“I don’t know. My brother earns about 2 million.”

The woman’s smiling face froze.

Jaeyn gave an apple to Sukjae.

“2 million….? His salary is … 2 million?”

“Not salary, but monthly.”

“Mo, monthly…?”

“He’s a writer, so it’s a bit awkward to say salary. Seeing the money that comes in from the projects every month, it’s about that much. I’ll be back after seeing a nurse.

Jaeyn left answering like it was nothing.

To the shocked woman, Sukaje asked while giving his apple dish.

“Do you want one?”



“I brought all the clothes, ah yes.”

Jaegun turned around as he was about to leave the house.

He was about to bring a few books for his dad.

‘I’ve haven’t been in here in awhile.'

It was his dad’s study and his storage room. Since he wasn’t in a good relations.h.i.+p with his dad, he wasn’t here for a few years.

There were so many things in one corner.

In one wall, books were stacked up to the ceiling.

They were all his dad’s book.

‘Wow, my dad read j.a.panese novels?’

Jaegun pulled up a book in interest.

As he looked at the book, he leaned against a wall.

But it wasn’t a wall but was a pile of books.


The books fell apart.

When Jaegun moved his arms from his eyes, the room was filled with books.

“To make this mistake…”

He bent to lift up the books.

He saw a box that was hidden in a corner.

The box was open.


Seeing the things inside the box, Jaegun froze in place.
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