Big Life

Chapter 79

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A powerful energy came into Jaegun’s mind.

It was the feeling when he had thought of Storm and Gale.

Jaegun looked like a madman as he thought of the story in his mind. His shaking ten fingers were moving up to the keyboard.

Tap! Tap!


Jaegun’s laptop was waking up again.

His ten fingers started to move quickly throughout the laptop.

‘This is it…! I’m going for this!’

Jaegun lightened up.

He wasn’t going to miss anything.

‘A bunch of students in college go a MT to meet with kids. A deep night, with a girl’s scream, there’s a situation that is believed to a s.e.xual a.s.sault case…! There is a person who might be the criminal, but there is no evidence…! And the girl who screamed was a person who wanted attention usually…! And then suddenly she just kills herself…!’


Tap! Tap! Tap!

The keyboard was looking like it was going to break.

His fingers were moving so fast throughout the keyboard.

Looking at that, Minho warned Hyeongyung and Eunyoung.

“Writer Ha is writing. Let’s work.”

“Ok. I have to work too.”

The other writers shut their mouth and started writing.

Rika jumped up on the desk.

She sat right next to Jaegun.

And then Jaegun looked away from the keyboard and asked in his mind.

‘You know too, Rika. That I met the Muse. Good thing I came outside.’


A phone rang in his pocket.

Jaegun pulled out his phone with an exasperated expression. He was just about to be working

But it was from Tewon so he had to take it.

“Yes, Representative.”

“h.e.l.lo, is there anything going on?”

“Nothing. Are you ok?”

Jaegun was still typing with his attention on the monitor.

Tewon laughed.

“You’re writing right now. A new novel?”

“No, not yet. It’s just a draft so far.”

“Write while taking care of your health. You already got the Breathe in. You’re running too hard. Oh and Writer. I called to tell you.”


Jaegun’s voice was quicker than usual because he was thinking.

Tewon also knew that Jaegun in a hurry so he continued.

“Do you need an office?”


Minho looked up at that.

Hyeongyung was also looking at Jaegun.

“Yes. if you get tired of writing at home, you can go out and write. Because of you, we can finally have a office for LaughBooks. I wanted to do something.”

“Ah. Yes.”

Jaegun put down his hands and put his attention to the call.

And then he looked around at the place he was it. He sighed unconsciously.

“How is it?”

Tewon asked.

Jaegun turned around his chair.

Minho and Hyeongyung immediately turned around and pretended like they were typing.

Jaegun laughed without noise and answered.

“Representative. Must I use that for myself?”

“Yes? Not alone? What do you mean?”

“I mean that… wait.”

Jaegun stood up.

He went outside and continued in front of the villa.

“Writer Minho and Hyeongyung.”


They had an office. But the villa and the background is a bit weird. s.p.a.ce is crowded. The temperature is hard to control.”

Jaegun said.

“I don’t know how big my office is going to be. I don’t really care where the location is.

“No, Writer Ha, the problem isn’t really the cost. Hm. Do you write a lot with them? Does it help for you to write with them?”

“Not daily, but I come here when I don't have any ideas. New ideas come up when I’m with them and it might be better to write alone sometimes, but there is good things about writing together.”

Jaegun was serious. It helped them as it helped him.

And today, because of Eunyoung, he thought of a new story.

It wasn’t a bad idea to be with writers who had their future ahead of them.

“And it helps too. Each of us can be a surveillance for each other. There’s that.”

Tewon laughed a bit and said.

“I wanted to make an office towards Bucheon.”

“Ah, There. It’s pretty close.”

It was about 30 minutes by subway. If he took a car, it would be faster. The other writers would live there so they wouldn’t care.

“But it’s a bit too small for a lot of people to use. Of course, I could get a bigger one if we put more money. Except…”

Tewon said hesitantly

“I’ll say it because it’s to you. I don’t really care if you give me a project or not. You can use the office writing anything you want. And then if you make a good fantasy or martial arts, then I would like it if you would give it to me to host. This is the thought of me as a person and as the representative of LaughBooks.”

Jaegun was listening.

They had worked together for so long and suffered many things together. It would be just awkward to say thanks now.

“But the other writers, they’re different. I don’t know how their sequel with being. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Of course.”

Jaegun immediately understood his worries.

“What if as a condition of moving, they contract with Laughbook for a sequel.”

“A sequel?”

“If you make them a Laugh Books personal writer, they aren’t proven just yet so it would be awkward for both you and the writers. What if you can move them there as long as they are using LaughBooks to service their books?”

“If you do so, that is great.”

“Ok. I’ll ask them.”

“I’m sorry. For such work.”

“I only have to say one thing. Then I’ll call you again. And I think Somii wants to work again as an ill.u.s.trator. If you have anything, you should contact her.”

“Ok. I’ll call her as she leaves.”

“Yes, Good work.”

“You too. Thank you.”

Jaegun went back into the office.

As he came in, the office suddenly turned quiet.

Jaegun laughed inside and said.

“Everyone, do you have any intention of doing a sequel with LaughBooks?”


“LaughBooks said they would be able to make an office for a sequel. A large one.”

He didn’t put any unnecessary details.

Minho and Hyeongyung were looking at each other. Eunyoung was also looking, listening to that.

“If you don’t like it, I can’t do anything. But if you could think about…”

“I’ll do it!”

Minho answered as if he was shouting.

He wanted to contract with Laughbooks. He liked the representative, the marketing. Nothing was off for him.

“Me too. I’ll follow anything.”

Hyeongyung continued

And with a bit of a silence, Eunyoung asked.

“Um for Laughs Books… do they accept romance or adult stories?”

“LaughBooks does anything. If writers are just able to work.”

Jaegun laughed and went back to their seat.

Eunyoung laughed with her hands on her cheeks. An office. She was about to shout in happiness.

“Then I’ll write as everyone understood.”

Jaegun put Rika on his leg and started to write again.

Looking at Jaegun going back to work, the writers started to write as well.

In the quiet office, there were only sounds of typing.
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