Big Life

Chapter 78

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So the first signing event of his life ended in a success.

It was more of a Pyung Cheon Yu than a Ha Jaegun signing event, but Jaegun was happy. Everyone was readers who read his books.

“Teacher Ha, Thank you.”

Segyung was happy as well.

About 1500 books were sold out during the event.

About 300 were Storm and Gale, and that was enough to make Segyung happy. It was the effect of Pyung Cheon Yu and ha Jaegun combined.

“Thank you for everyone who helped. I’m sorry for asking for such help.”

Segyung thanked the others.

Suhee and Somii and Jongjin, if it weren’t for then, this event would have been a fail. Everyone forgot to calculate the power of Jaegun’s fantasy novels.

“Then, Teacher Ha, I’ll see you on the radio. I’ll contact you as soon as the script is out.”

“Yes, Thank you.”

Jaegun and company went to a cafe after saying goodbye to Segyung.

Jongjin was talking to Somii about their businesses while Suhee was reading a book.

“Let’s eat. Somii too.”

Jaegun said as he wore a coat. It was all because of them. He needed to buy them something.

“I’m sorry, I have to go.”

Somii said in an apologetic tone.

“Our family came home today. I need to go back to meet them.”

“Ah, Really? If that’s the case, there’s no way out of it. But if you can eat quickly…”

Jaegun’s two eyes were filled with shame

Somii continued.

“I told them I was going to eat with them. I’ll eat next time…”

“Ok. I’ll buy you next time. Oh, and Writer Kang Minho and Writer Yang Hyeongyung really like their work.”

Somii smiled shyly.

The two books that Laugh Books were hosting. The pictures were her artwork.

She got about 500 dollars in total

It was a huge money for a young worker in a famous company. It was all because of Jaegun.

“The representative said too. He didn’t know that your drawing skills were this good when he was working at StarBooks.”

“Thanks for the compliments.”

“I’ll contact you if I have any more work. I think the representative feels it’s a bit weird to contact Somii who is in StarBooks for work.”

“I’m sorry, and thank you.”

Somii glanced at Jongjin and Suhee.

Thinking she wasted time, she bent her waist and said goodbye.

“Then have a nice dinner. I’ll go first.”

“Yes, Go in safely.”

Somii turned around and thought of what to eat.

It was a lie that her family came to visit.

She didn’t want to eat with the cold Suhee so she lied.


“Let’s go, what do you want to eat?”

Jaegun asked them

“How’s a mixed soup?”

“Yeah, it’s good. We ate it a lot at school.”

“I’m fine.”

The three people decided and went to find a store. Jaegun was wondering how to refuse when Jongjin asked him to drink. He couldn’t visit his father with a beer smell.

“How is it? It’s good?”

“Yes, I like it. It’s a good idea.”

Hyeongyung said as he looked down.

It was cheap gloves. The fingers part was cut off so his fingers stuck out.

“Where did you learn this?”

Hyeongyung’s mouth was breathing out cold air. Minho answered.

“When I was working at the gas station. Our hands get cold in the winter.”

“You cut it like this at the gas station? Why at the gas station?”

“I have to give them their receipts. It’s sticky so it’s really hard to take it off with gloves.”

“Ahah. That’s really cool.”

Hyeongyung started to type again. It was the novel that he was working on. The novel didn’t get better, but he wasn’t as sad as before.

‘If it was just me, I would have given up a long time ago.’

He would have never gotten here if it weren’t for Jaegun and Minho.

He thought of it as he started working.

Just then

The door opened with a sound of the someone pressing the pa.s.sword.

Seeing Jaegun, Minho and Hyeongyung smiled at him.

“Writer Ha, what’s up with no before call?”

“I had time left so I came here. I was going to work with the help of your energy.

Jaegun’s glance was heading towards the bathroom. There was the noise of someone taking a shower. It meant that there was someone else here.

Minho said to Jaegun.

“Someone else came.”

“Ahah, I see. Eat this.”

Jaegun pulled out a bag.

“It’s sus.h.i.+. It’s for 4 people, so eat it well.”

“Writer Ha…”

“I ate. Oh, you can eat it with the writer that’s coming out of the shower.”

Jaegun put Rika down and sat on his seat.

Today was the Writer’s Night radio show

He was going to waste time by writing here.

“Writer Kang Minho, I’m sorry but could you look after Rika? I have to go somewhere.”

“I’m fine. I would actually like it. I write well with Rika for some reason.”

“Me too. Hahaha.”

Jaegun laughed and turned on the power.

He needed to think. He had finished the entire story of the Breathe and now he could think of a new novel.

‘I want to write something I want to write. Hm…’

He was thinking of what to write about without concerning about genre.

It was a thought that he had since a week ago.

He came here because maybe a story would come up when he was talking to others.

Like he did with Dasul.

‘Why is Dasul so busy all of a sudden.’

After his dad’s accident, Dasul put up a lot of excuses saying that she couldn’t meet him. So Jaegun couldn’t meet Dasul since then.

“Ah, that’s good.”

The bathroom door opened and a woman’s voice came out.


Jaegun was surprised and lifted his head up.

A young girl was coming out with a towel.

“Ah? A person came?”

“I said a lot of times? It’s Writer Ha Jaegun. Writer, this is Jang Eunyoung. She’s a year younger than me. A romance writer.”

“Aha, h.e.l.lo. I’m Ha Jaegun.

“Jang Eunyoung. I’m sorry that I had to greet you like this. I’m reading the Breathe’s really well. You write very well.”

“Thank you.”

The two people shook hands.

Jaegun didn’t show it but he was surprised.

First, a girl came in.

And then from what Minho said, she was 34, but she looked like she was in her 20s. She was just a girl with beauty.

“Oh. What’s this? Sus.h.i.+?”

“Ah, yes. I bought. You should eat.”

“Ah. If you thought I was going to say no, that’s wrong. I’ll eat well. Writer, you too. Hyeongyung, Minho, come on.”

Jaegun could see her personality with that. She was a very easy person.

Jaegun sat back down in his spot and answered.

“I’ve eaten. You guys eat.”

The writers started to eat. Jaegun started thinking.

Nothing came up.

He couldn't think of anything until the writers finished eating. The word doc.u.ment stayed empty.

“Wow, this is really funny.”

Eunyoung said baffled. In her monitor, there was a j.a.panese website.

“What is it? News?”

“It’s not the news. I was looking for things and just randomly found it. A schoolgirl killed herself and she was 4 months pregnant. The person who wrote this is her friend. The family didn’t want the baby, so the body just got burned.”

“Ah…! But the law is like that?”

Jaegun was listening to her story with shame

At such a young age. Giving up on life. How much would the parents hurt at that news?

Just then...

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