Big Life

Chapter 73

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Chapter 73
The wind was really cold. The world itself was becoming cold.
But time was still moving without freezing.

One winter day.

Jaegun bought his book, Storm and Gale. He was going to see Professor Han Hesun.

“The book looks good.”

In the quiet office, there was a warm atmosphere. Hesun examined the book.

“I like this instead of some drawing.”

“I like it, too.”

Jaegun answered.

Hesun opened the book. On the first page, there was one sentence in the white paper.

I offer this book to Dasul and her life.

“Who’s Dasul?”

“Ahah, yes.”

He quickly explained to Hesun excluding the talk about Jongjin.

Hesun laughed when she heard that.

“Of course, that’s like you. An action writer. That’s good. A writer needs to feel a lot of feelings. You need to learn and feel more things and understand them”

“Yes, I know.”

The clock was heading to 12.

“Um, Professor, It’s lunch…”


There was a knock noise behind Jaegun’s back. Hesun lifted her head.

“Come in.”

3-4 people came in.

When they saw Jaegun, they froze in place.

They forgot to even greet Hesun.

“Ja, Jaegun…?”

“It’s you. It’s been a while.”

Jaegun smiled and said.

They were his college colleagues. They had come to give a present and greet Hesun.

“Why are you all of you surprised? Sit down.”

The people woke up at that.

And then they greeted Hesun and politely gave the gifts they brought.

“Professor, I hope good things happen to you.”

“Thank you for helping me.”

“It’s nothing, but I hope you like it.”

Hesun didn’t really care for their presents.

She didn’t like the presents they gave for no reason. She told them not to bring these pointless presents so many times, but they didn’t listen. She gave up a long time ago.

“Yes, thank you. Put it on the desk.”

Hesun said.

It was a terrible feeling. She didn’t like her students who tried to gain her respect with this.


One person’s glance went to the book in Hesun’s hand.

Everyone knew.

The winner.

That’s why they were surprised from seeing Jaegun.

“You’ve heard, right?”

“Yes, yes… professor. Of course.”

“I hope you guys read it. It’s really good. It will help your writing as well.”

At that, the people smiled forcefully.

They were all s.h.i.+vering. With jealous eyes, they were glancing at Jaegun.


Jaegun only laughed to himself.

It was always like this.

There were only a few people like Jongjin and Suhee who didn’t become jealous.

“Don’t you have anything to say to him?”

Hesun said.

And then, they started to say congrats to Jaegun.


“I’ll read it.”

“I’ll buy it when I get home.”

It was a voice of no soul.

Even they didn’t know if this soulless praise came from their heart.


Jaegun also said. He looked at Hesun.

Hesun bitterly smiled and nodded.

“You’re leaving?”

“I think you’re busy so I will leave now.”

He didn’t want to waste time between these jealous kids. Hesun understood this.

“Professor, you should eat. What do you want?”

“I bought a car. What do you want.”

The colleagues started to say as Jaegun was about to leave.

Jaegun was heading towards the door.

“Ah, Jaegun. Wait.”

Hesun clapped.

Jaegun turned around.


“I almost forgot. It’s nothing, but you should give a lecture.”


“Yes, there’s an orientation. Come and give a lecture.”

Jaegun widened his eyes.

The colleagues did too. They were more shocked then Jaegun.

One colleague was having trouble even standing up as he leaned against the desk.

“I’ll give you the money.”

Hesun winked at him.

But Jaegun couldn’t answer back.

‘I… give a lecture?’

The orientation was not something to be taken lightly. Many people of the press came and it was a highly valued event. For some writers, this could be the making of a career.

No one who graduated from here has given a lecture yet.

If Jaegun accepted, he would be the first.


“No, Professor...I’m just surprised. I’ll try my best.”

Jaegun answered. The colleague’s eyes were shaking hard.

“Thank you for this opportunity.”

“Yes. Let’s talk later. Go ahead.”

Jaegun bowed and turned around. He was smiling even though he felt the jealousy from his colleagues.

A lecture offered from Professor Han Hesun. It was an amazing.
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