Big Life

Chapter 64

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Chapter 64

“Wow. Minho already has 3000 views?”

The office next to Guro station.

Yang Hyeongyung was surprised as he sipped some coffee.

Minho’s new novel, The King Fallen on Earth, with 20 chapters was showing decent results.

“Awesome… this way, he’s already going to be ready for paid chapters? Ah, I need to write a draft too.”

There were only sighs coming out

His age was 25. He left his hometown after the military and it was a month since he got here.

It was obvious why he did. To write something great and fun and get profit and live as a writer.

That was his dream. But he didn’t even get to write a novel yet. Nothing he wrote was fun. He wrote something down, but he erased it later.

He continued that about 10 times every day. And now today, the end of the year, he couldn’t do anything either.

“Ah, fricking loser. Editor of me! Idiot! What do I write? Just someone, give me a good story! Ah, I want to go out. I don’t have money or a girl, what is this in the new year!

Hyeongyung shouted like a madman.

Just then, the door opened with the pa.s.sword beeping sounds. Hyeongyung didn’t look thinking it was Minho.

“Excuse me.”


Hyeongyung was surprised at that and looked up. It was Jaegun who came in. In his hands, he had chicken and pizza. Rika was walking around him.

“I’m a person who knows Writer Kang Minho. I called him, but he said he had something to do. And then he gave me the pa.s.sword.”

Jaegun explained quickly

Hyeongyung nodded in surprise and stood up. It was the first time they had met.

“Come in. My brother will come in soon.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Jaegun put down the food on a table.

Hyeongyung’s mouth was watering. He was poor and he really wanted to eat those luxury foods.

‘Come quickly…’

He could eat when Minho came back.

Hyeongyung wanted to just break the seal and start eating. But he suppressed that and sat down. And he clicked on the Munpia site link.


A sigh that came out of habit.

It was the Breathe with 1st place on the monitor screen. He was envious of the writers who were successful. He thought he was dumb.

“He must have gotten 200 thousand dollars just this month.”

Jaegun looked at Hyeongyung’s monitor. When he saw him looking at his project, Jaegun looked back down with a bitter smile.

“He must be living the life, right?”

Jaegun lifted his head up again. Since it was a question, he had to respond to it.


“Pyung Cheon Yu. Minho says he’s in his 20s, he must be living the life? He might be around somewhere living the nights of his days. Ah, I’m writing like this trying to get just 1000 dollars in one month. In the holidays.

Hyeongyung started word as he complained. And the draft that he had started showed up on the screen.

“Ah, this is really bleak.”

“Your novel?”

Hyeongyung turned around as if expecting it.

“Yes, it’s fantasy, do you like it?”

“Of course.”

“Then could you read it? I don’t’ know if it’s fun or not.”


Jaegun sat down on the seat. Hyeongyung added.

“It’s about 15000 words. Just an intro.”


He didn’t need the because it wasn’t long.

Jaegun scrolled down and looked carefully.

‘A mess.’

Jaegun knew before the end.

It was a story of hunters in the world of monsters. Too many plot deviations, too many characters. Who was the main?”

‘Kang Minho’s draft was good compared to this.’

Jaegun stood up as he finished. Hyeongyung immediately asked nervously.

“How was it?”

“Hm, I think there are too many characters.”

“Yeah? I’m writing a story with their different point of views. Like the story where many characters talk from their POV.”

“Ah, yes. I think there’s a tendency for the novel to be too dragged because everyone says their POV from the beginning. There’s no real connection to the actual current story.”

Hyeongyung froze.

Jaegun continued.

“I don’t think there’s a reason to introduce all the characters from the beginning. Isn’t it good to just introduce when they are needed? And just say a man for a man and a girl for a girl. I think that’s good for the story.”

“Hm, do you? It’s a bit different from me.”

Hyeongyung frowned. It was the critique that he had gotten from Minho. He was hoping for some good reviews, but Hyeongyung was sort of irritated with the combined stress.”

“Are you a writer too?”

“Ah, yes.”

“If it’s not too much, can I ask what you wrote?”

Hyeongyung asked as a challenge. He wanted to see what sort of great projects the other person wrote.

Jaegun opened his mouth, sort of embarra.s.sed, when the door opened and Minho came in.

“Ah, Writer Ha Jaegun? Ah, Rika too.”

“You’re here? I brought pizza and chicken, let’s eat.”

“A? What is this?”

Hyeongyung was looking at the two of them. He didn’t remember any writer called Ha Jaegun. Maybe he had a pen name. Or a writer like him who didn’t debut yet?”

“Hyeongyung, what are you doing? Let’s eat.”

Minho said as he took open the bag. Hyeongyung stopped and sat down on the chair.

“Thank you, writer.”

“I’ll eat too.”

“Yes, eat before it cools.”

Hyeongyung was already eating before Jaegun said that. He was waiting so long for this.

Jaegun poured cups of and gave it to them.

“Aren’t you eating?”

“I’ve eaten. Don’t worry. But, your novel, it’s doing good.”

“Ahaha, what. It’s all because of you.”

“I’ll call the representative. I don’t think there’s going to be anything changed. Maybe the t.i.tle.”

“I can change that easily. Ah, I hope it goes well. If I can just do one tenth of yours, no that’s too big. Just for me to quit the convenience store job.”

“It’s going to be good.”

Minho’s words intensified Hyeongyung’s curiosity. What kind of writer was he talking about if saying that even one tenth was a good thing?

Hyeongyung didn’t have time to ask.

Because Minho’s next words were saying the answer

“When is the Breathe coming to Navin and Cocoa?”

“Probably about late January?”

Hyeongyung’s face turned pale. And his hand lost the grip on the cup. The splashed on the floor.

“Ah, I, I’m sorry.”

Hyeongyung’s quickly tried to pick it up. He lost his cup again with his s.h.i.+vering hands.

“Ah, ah, no… Minho… why didn’t you tell me…!”

Hyeongyung was looking at Minho with horror and regret. After laughing, Minho nodded his head to Jaegun.

“Sorry, I wanted to surprise my brother. Now I think it worked.

“Ahah… yes..aha ha.”

Jaegun answered with an embarra.s.sed laugh.

Hyeongyung wasn’t alright yet. He opened his mouth.

“Ah, ah I’m really sorry about before…I’m sorry….. I didn’t think you would be Writer Pyung Cheon Yu. I only know the pen name. Ahaha, even if I did, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“No, it’s nothing anyway.”

“Hey, what did you do to Writer Ha?”

“No, it’s nothing. Really it was nothing, Writer Kang.”

Hyeongyung lifted his head. His hunger disappeared. Surprised by his determination from his eyes, Jaegun slightly s.h.i.+vered at that.

“I beg you, Writer.”

“Yes? What…?”

“Please help me. I’ll take anything. If you could tell me how to write, I will never forget this. Please.”

Hyeongyung stood up and gave a 90 degrees bow. Jaegun who was horrified also stood up.

“Don’t do this. Ok. I’ll help you as much as you can. I can help you with the basic guideline.”

“Re, really?”

“Yes, so just sit down.”

“Ah, Thank you. Thank you! Thank you! Really, Thank you! Writer!”

Hyeongyung kept bowing. Jaegun couldn’t stop him.

“Just eat first. I might change my mind if you don’t.”

“Of, of course. I’ll eat everything.”

He was sitting in his office with no one to meet until the end of the year. As with Minho, Jaegun was a great figure to Hyeongyung as well.

‘Thank you, Writer..’

Minho repeated his praise. Jaegun was smiling with Rika in his arms.

In the office with only a few hours until the new year, the group with Writer Jaegun as the boss was slowing taking place.
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