Big Life

Chapter 57

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Chapter 57

As Jaegun was getting on the car, he got a call from Tewon.

“Yes, Representative.”

“Did you eat?”

“No, you?”

“Not yet either. Oh, and the Breathe is still number 1 by a huge amount. And with Navin Store and Cocoa Page, this might be the best sales ever. You’re gonna be rich.”

“I’m surprised. It’s a fantasy so I didn’t think it would do this well. Ah, Representative. I wanted to ask something. Can I do 5 chapters a day?”

“Yes? 5 chapters?”

“Yes, I have a lot saved up so I think it’ll be possible.”

Jaegun wanted to do this for the money.

He wanted to buy the house for the family. If he could write more chapters. It was obvious that he could get more money.

“Writer Ha. One month is 150 chapters. About 5-6 books. How much do you have?”

“About 350 chapters.”

He actually only had about 175 but he lied

If he answered honestly, he would get rejected.

And besides, he had Se Gunwoo’s mug and laptop so he had confidence that he could write about 25 chapters a day.

“That much? How? When?”

Tewon’s voice was in surprise.

Jaegun answered with a smile.

“You know I’m hard-working. So 5 chapter per day, ok?”

“Are you fine?”

“Yes. Don’t worry. I have to drive, so I’m sorry Representative.”

“Ahah, Ok. Be careful and call me later.”

“Yes, Representative.”

Jaegun didn’t say anything about Minho and hung up. It would be better if the thing was real first.

“We’re going Rika.”

Jaegun started to go.

Rika yawned.

It was a short distance.

It didn’t take him any time at all to get here.

There weren’t many cars so he got here in about 20 minutes.

“Hm? What? Isn’t this just a villa?”

The residence was a broken down villa. It looked to be about 20 years old.

Jaegun called Minho.

“Yes, Writer, Where are you?”

“I’m here. Is it the orange villa?”

“Ah, yes. Wait.”

The door opened.

In just 5 seconds, Minho flew out of the villa.

Jaegun came off with a surprised face.

“You’re fast. Writer Ha.”

“There weren’t any cars.”

“Come in. It’s old, but I hope you understand.”

Jaegun followed Minho inside,

B01 was Minho’s office.

The villa was about 12 acres. A big room and a small room and a small kitchen and a bathroom.

There was dust all over the place. It didn’t look like an office at all.

On an old table, there were a few computers. This at least looked sort of like a writer’s office.

“Hahah, I’m sorry. It’s bad, right?”

Minho embarra.s.sedly laughed.

“Writers put the money together to get the villa. I was alone but with this, I save money as well.”

“Ah, yes.”

“What do you want? I have a yellow pages book, so pick whatever.”

Minho was saying with enthusiasm.

Truthfully he was out of his mind. His mind was completely aroused by the presence of Jaegun.

A writer like Ha Jaegun who was rus.h.i.+ng towards the top was coming to a no name writer like him directly.

“How is fish stew? Or seafood. Or sus.h.i.+ is good too. Only 30 minutes.”

“Uh, I want jajangmyun.”

“Ja Jang…mian?”

“Yes, I’ve wanted to eat it since coming here.”

Jaegun said while smiling.

He knew that Minho’s situation wasn’t great. It wasn’t good to ask for an expensive meal from Minho. It was hard to say that he would pay for it with Minho’s pride as well.

“Are you… sure?”

Minho asked again. It didn’t feel right to give Jaegun just a bowl of jajangmyeon. It didn’t seem polite.

“Do you not like it?”

“No, I love it, but shouldn’t we eat something better.”

“Something that’s delicious is good. Just give me that. I just like regular jajangmyun.”

“Ah, ok…. Then I’ll order. This place’s food is good. Ah, this doesn’t feel right, though…”

Minho ordered the food with a slightly embarra.s.sed face.

As he hung up, Jaegun immediately asked the question.

“Writer Kang Minho, would you like to sign a contract with me?”
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