Big Life

Chapter 47

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hapter 47 – Follow Me If You Can


Jaegun said awkwardly to the girl

As he lifted his head slightly, the girl widened her two eyes.

“Are you Writer Ha Jaegun?”

“Ah, yes, it’s right.”


The girl, as soon as he replied, covered her mouth with her hands.

She was smiling even thought she looked completely surprised.

“Oh my G.o.d, I was so surprised. I didn’t know from away there, but I saw you from here…! I saw that you went on Navin as well.”

“Hahaha, yes.”

“You’re really handsome in real life. I’m reading A Dumb Woman very well. I read it as I was leaving work yesterday and I’m almost at the end. I cried on the subway!”

The girl didn’t even care that she was working and said with her sighing voice.

Jaegun had no idea what to respond with so he could only respond with an awkward smile.

“Ah, I’m sorry. Could you sign for me?”

“Ahah, yes, of course.”

“Thank you, thank you. Wait, I’ll bring it.”

The girl employee looked around and went quickly to the employee lounge. And in just 30 seconds, she brought a book of A Dumb Woman and came back.

“I bought it last week. Sign it here.”

“What’s your name?”

“Kim Ha Eun.”

Jaegun put the book on the wall and signed it carefully

It was his second sign after Suhee.

‘Thank you. Good luck.’

A sign that was a lot better and clearer came on the ground.


“Ah… thank you. This is amazing.”

The girl employee muttered happily.

It was a huge deal with her meeting Jaegun. It was a boring job. In a place like this where it was completely schedule, a writer that she loved came here.

“Do you come here frequently?”

“Yes, it’s the closest store.”

“Ah, then why did I not see you… But you read really fast, ah I didn’t mean to spy. I looked while I was cleaning and you read really fast. Of course, you are a writer so you must be different too.”

Maybe she might be about 20.

She looked about Somii’s age and looked very enthusiastic and happy.

“I read it really well. I want to ask you so many things about writer and reading. Can I buy you coffee anytime you have time? I go home at 6.”


Jaegun was sort of shocked at her aggressive and straightforwardness.

He didn’t dislike it. The girl was slightly cute and attractive with her small size. She was a good girl to look at as a girlfriend.

Jaegun didn’t make a decision right away.

A thought that he might meet her once showed up slightly, but he held off.

“If I have time, let’s do that.”

“Thank you. Then… pen…”

The girl asked as she pulled out a paper from her pocket.

Jaegun gave her a pen. Then she wrote her own name and phone number and gave it back.

“I have to go clean the storage. I hope you contact me. Really. Thank you.”

“Yes, thank you.”

The girl went to the storage very happily. Jaegun felt her glance before she went in, but he ignored it.

‘Maybe I shouldn’t have taken that picture.’

The cafe, and now the store.

Jaegun had a thought that he might have to change his bookstore from now on.

‘I should go now.’

Jaegun took a bunch of books, including the book that he ripped, went to the clerk.

It was a store that a girl knew him. If he stayed, something complicated might happen.

‘This was the best thing today.’

As he was riding the escalator, he pulled out a book.

It was the book that he had ripped. It had a setting of middle ages Europe, a fantasy novel with a knight fighting against a dragon.

‘A dragon is cool. With two wings, flying across the land, breaking one city easily.’

Jaegun was holding the pen tightly now.

‘Maybe right one with that?’

He wrote the word ‘dragon.’ And then in his head, he was thinking of new characters.

‘A knight that is abandoned by a companion who is jealous of him! In the place of the execution place, a dragon falls from the sky.

Jaegun’s two eyes lightened and he was writing down the story quickly.

The man behind him tapped his shoulder and said irritatedly.

“h.e.l.lo, could you move?”

“Ah, I’m sorry.”

Jaegun apologized and moved over. He didn’t know that he was blocking others.

‘I’m sorry, I should go somewhere and write my story down.’

He needed to write the story that came out before it cooled.

There was a cafe near here. But there were a lot of customers and the light was too bright.

Jaegun looked for a cafe near here and finally found one and went in.

“Come in.”

“Could I get an Ice Americano.”

Jaegun took the drink and went to the corner and sat down.

He drank a few sips and started to continue the story in his head.

‘The place becomes a mess after the dragon who hurt his wings falls down…. The knight worries about the civilians that might get hurt by the dragon. But then he sees. He sees the dragon that saves a little girl even though he’s dying.’

The pen didn’t stop and moved across the paper.

Jaegun kept writing down his story across the small memo.

‘The main character understands. His companions and the others mistake the dragon as a threat. And then he breaks the curse on the wings and escapes together… That’s the intro.!’

Jaegun’s breath became fast and his heart beat very fast. It was a huge thrill.

This feeling that he had when he could think of a story that he wanted to write. This feeling is why he became a writer.

‘The main and the dragon makes a contract. The main character wanted to save the princess and the civilians while the dragon wanted to save his nest. Now, contract made!’

Jaegun made a fist above his head and smiled.

Two girls who were sitting next to him were moving seats with a pale face.

‘Now, the main character is the only one who can ride him. The dragon is so powerful that he needs a handicap. He becomes weaker by the curse or he can only use his power for about an hour a day…’

The story continued quickly.

The first book, the second book, the third book…

The story was gaining speed.

Jaegun didn’t feel the speed of time. He also didn’t feel that he was currently writing with Se Gunwoo’s pen either.

‘Ah? What time is it?’

As he lifted his head, he saw the darkness outside.

Jaegun drank the cup of coffee that the ice melted a long time ago and went outside.

‘Let’s write as soon as I get home.’

His feet hurried.

He had no idea other than to write. He almost even missed the station because of his thought.


As he almost saw Se Gunwoo’s grave, he got a call from Dasul. It wasn’t a text and it wasn’t usual to get a call, so Jaegun thought strange as he picked up the call.


“Hey, what you doing?”

“I went to the store, and now I’m going home.”

“Ah, did you eat? I’m not going to work today.”

“Ah, I have to do something today.”

Jaegun answered quickly

He had no time to answer to Dasul’s offer. He had to write today. He was going to eat a simple dinner by himself too.

“I won’t say to drink. Can’t you eat with me once?”

“I’m busy today, but I’ll meet you next week. I’ll buy it.”

“Hmmpf, ok. Then let’s just cut off contact entirely then. Hmph.”

“I’m sorry. But I’ll buy you something really nice. Write well, sir.”

“Yes, you too.”

Jaegun couldn’t go by Se Gunwoo’s grave and went closer.

He said as he looked at the grave.

Sir, I went to the bookstore. Do you know how many books I read with your Over 50 books. I’ve read for about 2 hours and I couldn’t even count how many books after the 50th one. I’ve filled over a third of my yearly reading in just today. Does this make sense?”

Jaegun cleaned up some weeds that he found and continued.

“I’ve finally found a story after reading. I’m going to go and write. It’s fantasy. It’s very fun writing fantasy. There was no one who wrote fantasy in college other than me. You can dream in this world. Dreams are good.”

It was something that he had never said to anyone alive.

Jaegun spilled out his secrets next to Se Gunwoo’s grave.

“I’ll be going now. I’ll visit you after I finish. Have a nice night. Sir.”

Jaegun bent his waist to say bye and went down the hill

Se Gunwoo’s grave was looking at Jaegun as he walked towards his house.

About 7:30 in the morning, subway 1 was always full.

‘I should come out 30 minutes earlier.’

She had a driver’s license but no car. In addition, she didn’t have the power to maintain a car even if Somii bought it.

It was a life that she started without any of her parent’s help

Her parent’s motel was losing out to the new hotels and the situation was getting worse. 


‘Ah, who is this?’

Somii couldn’t move because she was sandwiched between the other people.

Luckily, the door opened a bit later and people went out.

Pushed by others, Somii left the train for now and looked at the phone. It was Writer Ha Jaegun.

“h.e.l.lo, Writer Ha. What’s going on in the morning?”

“Are you going to work?”

“Yes. I’m on the subway.”

As the people left, Somii pulled herself up back on the train and answered. It was slightly less crowded now.

“Um, I made a new novel.”

“Yes? A new novel? You’re going to make a new series?”

“Yes, It’s fantasy. I thought of it and I started writing it since we last met. I’ve sent about 3 books to email.”


Somii’s two eyes became lit.

She had heard that a new novel might be hard just 2 weeks ago. How did he make 3 books in just about 2 weeks?

It was very curious to Somii how he could write this fast.

“Read it and contact me. If it’s good, I can see you today.”

“Yes, yes, Writer. Thank you. I’ll contact you after I’m done reading.”

“Thank you.”

Somii immediately went to her email. The 3 books that Jaegun sent were there.

‘The t.i.tle is Dragon Rider? Is it the main character riding a dragon?’

Somii opened the novel with interest.

She left and she walked, but all her attention stayed on the novel the entire trip to work.
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