Big Life

Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 – What is Important

It was on the morning after 4 days.

The Hetae Media team was sitting down and looking at the monitor screen. Everyone was reading the same novel.

The office was very quiet. There was only the sound of a mouse click, a keyboard, and a person sipping coffee.

‘Wow, this is good? What? Already done?’

Park Gyungsu clicked the copy of the 3rd book after he finished the 2nd book. And then he fell back into the story again. He was so deep into the story that he was almost forgot that he had to read it as an editor.

Ma Jonggu was the same.

‘This is amazing, this guy…! Did this guy really get some drugs? He never ceases to surprise me!’

Jonggu’s job was mostly business, not editing. He left the editing and a.n.a.lyzing to the lower employees like Gyungsu.

And that same Jonggu was sitting on his chair, deeply entranced by the novel. His hand was busy trying to untie the necktie strangling him.

Time pa.s.sed until 11.

Jonggu lifted his head as he felt the vibrations of the alarm he set earlier. On the position of his glance, he could see the workers’ faces that were glued on the screen.

“How was it? There’s no need to go to the meeting room so let’s discuss here.”

“It’s beast.”

One employee looked towards Jonggu and gave a thumbs up.

“I thought it might be hard with the previous story’s world and the main characters son as the lead but now, after I read it, it doesn’t look hard for a reader who hasn’t read the previous story.”

Another girl employee continued.

“I think so too. If they read Pegelon’s Magician, there might have a little more enjoyment, and if they haven’t, they might enjoy it nonetheless.”

Gyungsu said the last word.

“The story is dynamic and fast. The main character is now a swordsman so the battles are much more intense than the previous story. I can’t guarantee that there will be more copies, but the minimum 3000 copies doesn’t look hard at all.”

Jonggu smiled and nodded. The employees were all thinking the same thing as him. He pulled out a phone from his pocket and called.


Beep! Beep!

After he took a shower, the phone that he left on the bed was vibrating. Jaegun brushed off his hair with a towel and went over.

“What, is the confirmation already done?”

Jaegun muttered as he saw the name on the screen. It was Hetae Media’s Ma Jonggu. It had only been about 4 hours since he sent the 5 copies of ‘Pegelon’s Swordsman’ but there was a call already.


“Writer Ha, h.e.l.lo. I got your copy. This work is really interesting as well.”

“You’ve already read all that?”

“I’ve read about 2 to 3 books. The entire planning team read it and they complimented it a lot. Before even reading, it feels like the two eyes are getting sucked in? Hahaha.”

Jaegun scratched his nose and giggled. He didn’t dislike Jonggu’s remarks as before.

“You’ve taken a lot of care into this, writer, so that reader who haven’t read the previous series could read it. I could feel the consideration.”

“I feel good because my hard work has been rewarded.”

“We can get a schedule for printing right away. Until the 2nd book, I don’t see any typoes. You’re amazing.”

It was obvious. He used Se Gunwoo’s to pick out the typoes and bad words. He had completely reduced the work that editors had to do.

“Since the last series got about 6000 copies, this one will also do well. Thank you for your hard work. And you’ve finished it so quickly. I was so surprised that I might have fallen over on my back. Writer, you’ve been keeping a storage, right?”

“Ah, yes…”

Jaegun slurred his words. He couldn’t say that he didn’t sleep at all for 4 days and he used the power of Se Gunwoo’s laptop and mug to help him.

“Anyway, thank you. I like the cover that you sent me so just use that. I’ll send the rest of the series as soon as I can.”

“Yes, there’s no need to hurry, writer. You’ve already sent 5 books so we have time. Don’t hurry and just write well. And thank you again.”

“Yes, you too.”

Jaegun dried off his hair and drank a coffee with Se Gunwoo’s mug. After a 5 minute rest, the energy came back to his body. He felt as if he was being lead to the laptop.

“I need to write the 3rd Ranking series.”

He finished the plot up to the 10th book. Now he only needed to write the story as he made it up. Before he started, Jaegun licked his dry lips.

“Rika, I’m kind of worried.”


“Pegelon’s Swordsman was made so the readers didn’t have to read the previous series. The main character is the previous series’ main character’s son, and I’ve explained it briefly. But this 3rd series for the Ranking is different. The previous 2 series main’s are coming up so I’m not sure if it will be good.”

Rika came down from the cat tower and walked towards Jaegun. Jaegun put out his two arms. But Rika ignored it and sat down on his lap.

“What, is that to not complain anymore? You’ve decided already, so finish it with your own strength?”

Rika answered with a step on Jaegun’s stomach instead of a cry. Jaegun touched Rika’s face and asked.

“You really take care of me. Maybe we should marry.”


Rika shouted and dropped her head. It was the feeling that she didn’t want to be bothered anymore.

“Yeah, I’ve decided so, let’s do the best I can.”

Tap! Tap! Tap!

The Rankings series was started. Like the same with yesterday, there was only the sound of keyboard typing in the small one room.



A huge fist went down on the desk.

Representative Park Jeguk of StarBooks was screaming with his face red. The shouting was directed towards Tewon sitting across from him.


“Representative, the sequel is best released from the original publis.h.i.+ng company. It’s good for the writer in many ways…”



“I’m really going crazy. AHAHA!”

Tewon was getting broken daily now. Yesterday was because he couldn’t get an exclusive contract with Jaegun, today was because Jaegun’s sequel with Hetae Media.


Tewon left silently and went to the office. Somii’s face was filled with worry as she saw Tewon.

“Did he get yelled at again.’

‘Pegelon’s Swordsman’ was released by Hetae Media. The beginning had great reviews like the previous series. After the original 3000 copies, there were already 1000 more copies printed.

After she hesitated for a second, she carefully went to Tewon. She had things to report.

“Um, editor.”

“Yes, go ahead.”

Even though he was yelled at by the representative, he still tried to greet Somii with a smile. Feeling her heart becoming cold, Somii opened her mouth.

“The 5 copies that writer Ha Jaegun sent us. About the 3rd Ranking series.”

“Um, yes, I’ve read until the 2nd, you?”

“I’ve read till the 3rd book.”

“How is it?”

Somii couldn’t answer quickly and she hesitated. Tewon wanted a editor’s review. It was also a review that couldn’t be said very easily because of the atmosphere.

“….I think it’s best not to go over 2000 copies.”

Somii said in a quiet voice.

2000 copies is not small.

If there are 1000 copies printed frequently, that’s considered pretty good in this terrible paper book market. But it was nothing compared to the 5000 copies printed of the previous series.

“It requires knowledge about the previous series. It’s going to be hard for readers who haven’t read both the Martial Rankings and the Modern Rankings. It requires patience to like the characters.”

Tewon nodded silently. He was thinking the same. He had a slight difference in the number of copies. He was thinking of releasing 2500, maybe because of his personal trust in Jaegun.

“Go with 2000 copies.”

Tewon said with a voice like a sigh. It was the feeling that everything was confirmed with this decision.

“Put the schedule on the sereer. I’ll leave this to you.”

“Yes… editor.”

Somii turned around with no energy. There was nothing else to say. It was her that knew of Tewon’s situation so it was even harder.

Tewon took off his and pressed his around his eyes as to pressure them. And he put his neck way back. He could see the fan on the ceiling with his two eyes.

Click, click.

The time went by.

Tewon was waiting with his two eyes closed, resting on the chair. He could see his editor’s life pa.s.sing by through the darkness. There were a lot of things. What should he say. It was the days when he had no worthwhile undertakings but also no regrets.

Moments later.

“Editor, the representative said to come immediately…”

Tewon opened his eyes at an employee’s words. He didn’t hesitate and he stood up. The old chair that held him for 9 years were moving weakly back.

Tewon stopped in front of the representative’s office.

If he entered this door, he couldn’t stay as a StarBook’s editor anymore.

He knew that but he could do no other thing but to open the door. After a deep breath, his hand was slowly turning the doork.n.o.b.


Screams came as soon as he opened the door.

Tewon opened his mouth as he closed the door.

“I’ve told you that if you didn’t read the previous series, the meaning is…”

“Do business! Pus.h.!.+ Go with the people and leave! Why are you spouting such stuffy words all the time! Where did you sell your job brain?!”

Jeguk was pounding his chest.

“There is a great probability that many will be refunded. You should look further, representative. If Ha Jaegun’s cost drops, then the consequence goes to the writer as well as the company…”


Jeguk’s shouts pushed down Tewon’s justifications.

“So useless….! Is it because of the age? Is your brain not working very well?! Do you have dementia already?!”

These were personal insults now coming from Jeguk’s mouth.

Tewon closed his eyes.

He had heard many screams from the representative, but this was the first he had heard something so humiliating.

But now it was fine.

Jeguk’s insults were making Tewon’s decision easier to make.



Tewon pushed his up and lifted his head. Looking at Jeguk’s angry and annoyed glance, he answered in a calm manner.

“Company, I’ll resign.”
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