Big Life

Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – Is he asking for a battle

“Ah? Myunghoon came too?”

Hyojin, who was in the side seat, opened her eyes like a rabbit. Like Suhee, she came to congratulate Jaegun’s award. She was shocked because she knew that Jaegun’s and Myunghoon’s relations.h.i.+p wasn’t very good.

Myunghoon didn’t give any glance to Hyojin.

His glance was only on Suhee.

Suhee had her back straight and was looking Myunghoon back calmly.

“I, I’ll go ahead.”


Understanding the situation. Hyojin moved away.

Suhee went up to Myunghoon and started to talk.

“You must have won.”

“How… did you know?”

“I heard from Professor Han Hesun. You’ve visited her. You entered with a pen name? I don’t know what you won, but congratulations.

Suhee pulled out her hand and looked for a handshake.

Myunghoon didn’t oblige. He stood there standing, with his two eyes on Suhee, glancing from head to toe.

Today, Suhee was exceptionally beautiful.

The coffee stocking with her gray patterned one piece that came down to the knees fit her well. Her long knotted hair was s.h.i.+ning a bright color of dawn like it was painted.

It wasn’t too showy and plain, but it was clothing that had a slight feminine showing with riches.

She was a girl who spent money on the earring, the belt, etc., ones that wasn’t so conspicuous. Myunghoon knew Suhee’s style.


The fact that she spent extra care of her appearance today.

He knew that it wasn’t because of him that she paid closer attention to herself.

So he couldn’t bring himself to shake her hand.

“I thought you had work?”

Myunghoon put his glance to the ground and asked.

Suhee refused because of work when he asked her to meet up so he could show her something. And now they were meeting at this place.

“You have work too? Nexon had a person in the Digital Literary Contest?”

Suhee put away her hand. Pulling her bag around her shoulder, she calmly answered.

“I came to congratulate Jaegun.”


“He’s the scenario writer for our team. OF course i need to congratulate him. This is for work.”

“Even you have times when you’re forcing it.”

“It’s not forcing it.”

Myunhoon’s phone was vibrating in his pocket.

Suhee found out before the talking Myunghoon and pointed to his pocket,

“Isn’t that a call?”

Myunghoon, with her glance on Suhee, pulled out his phone. At that moment, his facial expression froze when he saw the information. It was from his dad.

“This is important. Let’s talk later.”

Myunghoon said with a depressed light. He couldn’t postpone or avoid his dad’s call.

Suhee nodded her head lightly and turned and walked away. When the distance between the two became over 10 steps, Myunghoon swallowed and accepted the call.


-Why are you accepting my call so late!!!

It was anger from the beginning

Myunghoon wasn’t surprised at all

-Did you forget it was your mom’s birthday, everyone in the family is breaking their busy lives to come! Where are you playing, just playing around?! Get your a.s.s over here right now!

Myunghoon raised his hand and covered his eyes.

He didn’t forget. However, he just didn’t want to go. And he had an important job to do now

“It’s hard for me to go now. I’ll come early at night.”


“I have important  work.”

His dad snorted.

-Important work? What is important work to you? ARe you taking brainless girls for a drive? Or are you using this dad’s money to blow a party?

“That’s not it…!”

-You idiot! Aren’t you embarra.s.sed when you see your brother or sister? Why don’t you do any work to at least be like them!

Myunghoon was breathing hard. He pulled his phone away from his ear. His vision was getting blurry like fog

-Whatever, you better be ready! This year is the end for you! Do you think I gave you that studio so you can play around and drink all night?! Aiaheh!

The phone shut off.

Myunghoon got on his knees and sat down. He needed some time to go into the ceremony with his normal face.


“Now, we arrived!”

Jongjin said as he turned off the engine.

Jaegun was on the pa.s.senger seat with Rika. Jaegun’s mom, Myungja, and his sister Jaeyn was riding in the back.

“Thanks, Jongjin. Thanks for taking care of our Jaegun since college. Jaegun really has a good friend.

“Hahaha, it’s nothing. I’m pretty dark inside, mom, I knew Jaegun was going to succeed so wouldn’t some of that go to me?”

Jaegun joked and punched Jaegun’s shoulder lightly.

Jaegun smiled embarra.s.sedly to respond.

Jongjin was planned to be at the ceremony. However, he came to Suwon in the morning randomly. Thanks to him, mom, sister, and Rika could all come to the ceremony comfortably.

“SHould I keep Rika?”

Jaeyn was already holding out her hands.

Jaegun nodded and gave Rika over. Rika sat on Jaeyn’s chest and sat there comfortably and quietly.

“Ah, You’re here!”

“Ah? Hyojin? You came with Suhee?”

Jaegun turned around at that.

Suhee was following Hyojin towards Jaegun.

Jongjin came up and introduced Jaegun’s family.

“This is JAegun’s mom and sister.”

“h.e.l.lo, mam. I’m Cheon Hyojin. Jaegun’s my college buddy.”

Hyojin greeted her first cheerfully

Suhee, behind Hyojin, also bent her neck and greeted her.

“h.e.l.lo, mam. First time meeting you. I’m Jaegun’s alumni Lee Suhee.”

“Ahah, yes. h.e.l.loo.”

Myungja and his sister answered back awkwardly.

Jaegun put his head down and laughed bitterly. He knew why his family was so shocked and fl.u.s.tered.

“Really, congratulations. Y0ou must be happy. I’m not feeling the same happiness as you guys would be feeling, but I’m feeling very happy for him so I came to congratulate him.”

“Ah, Really, thanks…! Thank you so much. Ah, I didn’t know Jaegun had such a pretty alumni. Ohohoho”

“Mom, it’s cold so let’s go inside.”

Jaegun pulled his very happy and enthusiastic mom inside. He was afraid that if he didn’t end this here, it might get awkward for him and Suhee.

“That might be good. It’s almost time for the ceremony. This way, mam.”

Suhee, as if showing her the way, went forward. The others followed.

Myungja and Jaeyn beside Jaegun was both asking in to his ear.

“It’s Lee Suhee, right? sHe’s really pretty. Her personality is pleasant and she’s polite too.

“You had a college friend like her? She has a good impression. Son, do well with that woman.”

Jaegun knew that this would be happening. There was no adult that didn’t like suhee the first time. SHe was pretty but neat, had no greed on her face and with her manner of speech, it felt that mom and sister was already pulled in to her.

“Keep your eyes open and look at the people around you. Do you think there would be a woman like that very commonly? My mom is right. Ask her out.”

“Take her home. Sister will make you something good. What does she like?”

“I told you to stop. Why are you like this too sister?

The hall was already filled with almost half the people. Jaegun’s group sat at the front.

‘Ha, so many people came. As if this is a good award.’

Myunghoon snorted and remarked inside. He was sitting alone far away from Jaegun’s group. He had in his hand the speech that he made many changes to and a pen.

Suddenly, people just filled the seats.

The late people stood at the meant. And the Digital Literary Contest ceremony started with the commentators statement.

Myunghoon had no interest in anything. He didn’t care about what the commentator said or about the contest’s meaning. He was only caring about what he could say to make himself look better than Jaegun. That was his sole thought.

“…Then now, I will start the award presentation of the winner.”

Myunghoon turned his head that the mention of the winner.

He forgot because of the anger towards Jaegun, but it was a person who got the best award. It was obvious that he was curious.

‘It must be someone with some age? Looking at the pen name, it must be a man.

When the commentator was hesitating, Myunghoon tried to guess who it was. He turned around in his seat looking. THere was so many people. It was impossible trying to find a person with a unique bright facial expression.

“The name is “A Dumb Woman”, the writer Se Gunwoo, please come forward.”

The crowd was being loud.

At this heightening of expectations, only one person was getting up from the chair. Myunghoon almost put in hand in the air and screamed.

‘That, that guy, why is he getting up?!’

The person who was getting up was Ha Jaegun.

Jaegun was stolidly pa.s.sing through his mom, sister, then Suhee’s knees to get through.

“Ja, Jaegun, where are you going.”

“Son, what are you doing? Jaeyn, Jaegun’s the runner up?”

Everyone’s face became pale that Jaegun’s sudden movement.

Why he is standing up when it’s the winner’s announcement.

Jongjin, with a ‘this guy lost his mind’ expression, was getting up.

“Ja, Jaegun? This is announcement for the runner up…!”

Even Suhee was surprised and couldn’t help herself from saying.

Jaegun answered with a little smile and went up to the platform.  His footsteps, brighter than anytime before, was ringing the floor.
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