Big Life

Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 – Cheer Louder (2)

“This isn’t your house. This is work. What are you doing just coming here? And a person with no business here as well.”

“Then why do you not respond to your calls and make someone come here!”

Myunghoon shouted with his two eyes wide.

In the shadow, Suhee’s facial expression became a level colder.

“I don’t want to call the police so lower your voice.”

“What? Police?”

“Talk outside.”

Suhee went outside first, pressing the door b.u.t.ton.

Myunghoon looked at her with burning eyes and strided towards her.

Without stopping, the place they reached was the resting place in the corner of the building. Suhee with her back to the window crossed her arms.

“Say it. What do you want to say?”

“What is your reason for hiring Ha Jaegun?”

Myunghoon roared as if he was waiting. Suhee didn’t avoid his eyes and answered straightly.

“Because he writes well.”

“… What?”

“You were right. It’s hard to find a writer and hire one in such a short time. But good thing I had connections. An alumnus called Ha Jaegun who writes well.”

“Ha Jaegun writes well? To the point of pus.h.i.+ng me out?”

“Speak straight. The person who said that the draft was bad and refused was you first. And Jaegun is good enough to write a game scenario like you. Even could be better.”

Myunghoon bit his teeth. His short beard that he forgot to shave was shaking.

“That fool… writes as good as me? Even better?”

“He was originally good at writing. He knows to listen to others, he knows to observe, he tries to feel one more thing that could help hims write. He’s a writer with good tendencies. Those show up in his writing.”


“He was top in our cla.s.s and even the two above. That’s what Han Hyesun professor said. You went there too, hm?”

Myung Hoon filled with rage had a fierce carving on his face.

“Yeah? Then why his a person like that not getting the spotlight? He writes martial arts or fantasy and even those don’t even sell well, right? It was pitiful seeing his facial expression and clothes that was so dirty at the alumni meeting.

Suhee didn’t back up. She, like him, had a sculpture face, tilted her head, and countered.

“Ah, did you not know? Jaegun is really good now. His recent three works fantasy and martials arts all printed more copies.”

“Three works… all printing more copies?”

Myung Hoon’s face had the blood sucked out of him.

Myunghoon knew the market right now of the books. His dad was a representative of a huge publisher and he was also a writer of a romance novel so he knew even though he didn’t want to know.

In this hard market, he printed more copies of 3 works.

Myung Hoon’s face was filled with distrust. It was probably a false statement to get him angry.

“I think this conversation is almost done so I’ll leave. If you don’t believe me, check on your phone. You know Jaegun’s pen name, right?”

Suhee walked one step. As she pa.s.sed Myunghoon, who was flabbergasted and was grinding his teeth, she continued.

“Jaegun now found out. How to consider for the readers in his own way. Now there’s huge expectation to see how far he could go.”

Suhee got farther clicking her boots Taptaptap. Myunghoon didn’t move until the sound couldn’t be heard. He was frozen like a statue.

‘No way…! In that short span, he wrote 3 series… and even printed more copies?!’

Myunghoon with shaking hands pulled out his phone and went to the internet.

He printed the name ‘Pyung Cheonyu’ and searched. Down came the comments from the readers.

-Ramada : Read funny;;;; I went to high school and this is work that made me find fantasy again.

-Yunlong : Please make the next book of the Modern Rankings fast. It might be hard to write 2 books per one month, but couldn’t you write 3 books in 2 months.

-Chun Dukyoung : Value is over 500% This is a work to be bought, not borrowed.

-MokMa : Buy 2 books, buy 3 books, buy 4 books, hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~

Average score was over 8 points.

With the ranking series and the new Pegelon’s Magician book, all of them were having good reviews. It wasn’t a false statement that Suhee made. In that span, Jaegun was turning into a successful writer.

“Dang it!”


Myunghoon threw his phone on the ground. And like a crazy person, he crushed it with his foot many times. He didn’t want to use a phone that searched the person he hated the most ever again.

“Ha! Ha! Ha!”

With his rough breathing, he came back to the car. He pressed the accel.

He had to meet his dad by schedule, but he was heading to his favorite bar. He was going to go crazy if he didn’t drink and hug any girl.


Tap! Tap! Tapapapap! Tap!

At that time when Myunghoon was busy struggling.

Jaegun was diligently typing in his one room without knowing the time going by.

‘Got it, as a twist, hit the head her… but even this. .h.i.t was in the plan of the main. Haha, this is funny even if I see it.’

Jaegun already finished the Modern Rankings 10 books and handed it in. He finished the Modern Rankings like the Marital Ranking in 10 books cleanly.

The thing that he was writing was the 8th book of Pegelon’s Magician that was contracted with Hetae Media. With this flow, it looked like he was going to go to about 12 – 14 books.

‘Let’s finish it and go comfortably.’

Jaegun was planning to write as much as he can before the plans this Because there was things that he needed to write next month.

With the money that came in from these books, he had enough money to live. He could have fun every day and have some left.

Now that he had some lenience he wanted to write the things that he wanted to write. Even as to get recognition from his father who didn’t like his writer son.

Jaegun didn’t rest a day.

When he work up, he wrote 14 hours a day in Se Gunwoo’s laptop. Each day, there was always a book’s worth of words filling up in his folder.

When he couldn’t stand it anymore, he could a drink from the mug and restored his energy. As he found out, the mug needed about a day to restore the power when he used it.

“Ha, Finished!”

Jaegun shouted as he finished revising with Se Gunwoo’s Rika who was playing on her own went up to his knees and scratched his chest congratulating him.

“Pegelon’s Magician is already 8 books. Because there’s a lot of events, I might be able to write over 10 books. That general manager Ma would be really glad, Hm?”

As he thought about Hetae Media’s Ma Jonggu who was going to be shaking with happiness and flattering him, a fake laugh came out of him. With the word that he was going to write over 10 books, he sent a email with the file attached. Jaegun then hugged Rika and went to the bed.

Jaegun’s expectations were right. As Hetae Media’s Ma Jongju went to work and checked his email, his body shook with happiness. He even twirled his fist up in the air.


With another extrac copies added, it was 6000 copies for Pegelon’s Magician. The fact that he was going to write over 10 books were like a rain in a drought.

Jongju immediately went to Park Gyungsu and said to him.

“a.s.sistant Manager Park, Writer Ha is going to write more than 10 books and not finish at 10.”

“Really? Wow, that’s amazing?”

Gyungsu looked up from his monitor and answered.

As the contract with Jaegun succeeded, the environment became a lot friendlier. Therefore, the times that Jonggu, who got mad easily, got mad decreased a lot.

“I should send him a present.”

“What should we send? Should I look for a food or a energy restorer?”

“No, not something so common. We sent expensive meat and ginseng last time. Now we can live about 2 months without getting told by the representative, so anything better

As he was thinking, Gyungsu’s eyes focused on a laptop. As it was a thing that had a close relations.h.i.+p with the writer’s finger, a thought came to him quickly.

“Sir, what about a keyboard?”


“A machine keyboard. As the keys are different by key, the stress is less, and the feeling is good too. Writer Ha should be happy if we send one.”

Jonggu snapped his fingers and stood up.

“Ha, that’s a good suggestion. Park, search it up. Buy a good one not any cheap one. It doesn’t matter if it takes over 3-400 dollars.”

“Yes, sir.”

Jonggu went to the representative room to report happily. Gyungsu also with a smile looked up a keyboard online.


At that same time,

Unlike Hetae Media, StarBucks office had a cold environment around it.


“What are you doing!”

Representative Park Jeguk slammed his fist on the desk and shouted.

“You must have angered him somehow so he went somewhere else! It went up to 6000 copies! I told you to hold him hard, but you let him make a book somewhere else?!”

The reason that Jeguk was mad was because of the Pegelon’s Magician that was released in Heate Media. As he heard that it got more copies twice, he was filled with anger and he brought Tewon to scream at.

“AH? And you’re a editor? The company’s profits are decreasing every month and how can I do anything believing in you! Now you worked 10 years so you filled with it? Why are you doing your work so lazily!”

Tewon instead of answering swallowed.

In his 9 years of StarBooks, he had never done any work lazily. He tried hard for the company’s profits. It was the days that he spent day, night and weekends for work.

There was a lot of profit because of the Marital Rankings and the Modern Ranking. It was obviously more than Hate’s Pegelon’s Magician.

But the representative wasn’t satisfied with that. He felt displeased and dissatisfied that he missed on Pegelon’s Magician.

“Anyway do well this! Make Ha Jaegun come to the writer’s meeting. And make him sign the sequel contract!”


“Why do you have no words? Understand?!”

“Yes sir.


Tewon with his shoulder depressed left.

He stood there standing in the long hallway. It was a hallway that he went by a lot in his 9 years. Buy now, he couldn’t remember the way to the office.

‘It’s hard.’

He was now 44.

It’s not old but it’s not young.

He got the t.i.tle of editor by coming from the floor.

Now as a worker, there was no other place to go up to.

How long can I hold this place. He felt scared thinking about the future. The representative family and friends were getting the company one by one so the worries were increasing.

“Ah, Editor.”

Somii met at the office entrance.

Somii had many hamburgers in a bag. Tewon asked with sigh, knowing what it was.

“Did a.s.sistant manager Go tell you?”

“Ah… I needed to go to get some money out anyway.”

Somii hesitated and answered hesitantly.

Of course Tewon didn’t believe her. The fast food restaurant was on the first floor of the next building. The ATm was on the same building same floor.

“Go and do your work.”

Tewon didn’t speak any more and sent Somii. He was planning to bring Go and tell him so he could understand. He had already gave him warnings. The habit of making new girl employee’s do small tasks didn’t seem to get fixed.

Tewon leaving the office went to the convenience store to get cigarettes. As he opened the bag of cigarettes that he quit over a year ago, he called Jaegun.

“Yes, Editor.”
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