Big Life

Chapter 21

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Chapter 5 – Is This Canned Food.

“Ah? Suhee.”

Suhee whose back was facing the sun laughed awkwardly. In her hands was a pack of sus.h.i.+.

“I called but you didn’t answer,”

“Ah, really? I was working so I must have not seen.

“I was going to a place for work so I was pa.s.sing by, I felt like you didn’t eat yet.

Suhee slurred her words and lifted the bag. Jaegun felt awkward. He could only think of the black bean noodles that Somii and he ordered.


Suhee glanced downward. Pink sneakers that weren’t there before were laid orderly there. It was a small size so it was obvious that it was a girl’s.

“You have a guest at your house.”

At that moment that she said that.

Somii appeared in the back of Jaegun. The two girls who didn’t know each other couldn’t greet or say anything so they stood there close mouthed.

Jaegun explained to both sides.

“Ah, this is my publisher’s editor Jung Somii, and Somii, this is my college friend Lee Suhee. She’s the team leader at a game company and the game scenario I’m writing is from her as well.”

“Ah, h.e.l.lo, I’m Jung Somii.”


Unlike Somii who greeted with a full bow, Suhee just slightly nodded her head.

“Come in.”


Suhee took off her shoes and went in.

There were two desks and two notebooks. One was Jaegun’s and one was Somii’s. Looking at the feeling of the room, it felt like they were in there for a long time.


Suhee didn’t understand.

Jaegun was writing the game scenario that she had given him. It was a work that she had no relations.h.i.+p with Somii so why are they together. Unlike the editor-writer relations.h.i.+p, it felt to her that it was more of a girl-boy relations.h.i.+p.

“Sit here.”

Jaegun took out the legs of a folding table and said.

“Actually we ordered two bowls of black bean noodles.”

“Ah, really? Then I might have bought this for no reason.”

“No, it’s fine. I eat sus.h.i.+ well. Also one bowl is probably not enough. Do you want anything? I can call and add one.”

“No I’m fine. I already ate.”

Suhee lied. The sus.h.i.+ was also for 2 because she was going to eat with Jaegun. Now she didn’t feel like she wanted to eat with a girl that she had never met before.

“How’s work?”

“Ah, It’s going well. Only need about 2 more hours until the Oh Sumin quests are done. Since I have a editor’s eyes, the progress is going great.

Jaegun smiled as he glanced towards Somii. Suhee looked at the awkwardly smiling Somii and continued.

“Are you waiting for Jaegun’s finished work?”

“No, I already got Writer Ha’s works.”

“Then why…?”

Instead of Somii who couldn’t answer very well, Jaegun answered.

“I asked her to give me canned food.”

“Canned food?”

“Yeah. I’m a person that writes better with an editor, so I grabbed Somii who was planning to leave after delivering a gift.

“I see.”

Suhee nodded her head acting unemotional and straightened her legs. The bad feeling didn’t disappear but it was awkward for her to ask further so she switched the topic.

“Next week is Professor Han Hesun’s birthday, you know?”

“Ah, it’s already next week, I know.”

Han Hesun was the professor that taught modern novels in college. Jaegun with many other student admired her. She was a great teacher that gave it all to teach the students.

When students went with their own works outside office hours, she never rejected them. She guided them word by word with pa.s.sion. So that was why many students even though they graduated still visited her.

“Are you coming? It’s night.”


“You liked her. Let’s go together. Call Jongjin, too.”

“Ok, I know, let’s go.”

Jaegun answered willingly. Then Somii who was next to him asked in a quiet voice.

“ night?”

“Yes? Why?”

“It’s only… the writer’s meeting is on night.”

“Ah, really?”

Jaegun was nonplussed. The meeting that he declared that he was definitely going to go was on the same day.

Suhee’s two eyes narrowed and were showing her light. But she came back to her normal calm expression and said smoothly looking at Jaegun.

“The writer’s meeting is from the publisher right? If it’s not a meeting that’s urgent then let’s go together, professor’s birthday is one day a year.

Before Jaegun could answer, Somii answered.

“The writer’s meeting doesn’t happen that often either. And StarBooks really wants Writer Ha Jaegun to attend. He’s writing very good books so the place will s.h.i.+ne if Writer Ha goes.”

It was Somii with a careful tone but she said everything that she wanted to say.

Suhee tilted her head to one side.

“There’s not just one or two people from the publisher. Is there a problem that Jaegun can’t attend?”

“That’s not the reason. The other writers would also definitely want to see Writer Ha. As I said, he is writing great books right now.”

“But Jaegun should choose right? I asked first too.”

“Oh, you didn’t know. He already agreed to go to the writer’s meeting before you came.”

The two girls were having a conversation smiling at each other. But with their glances and their eyes, Jaegun could feel the heat from their conversation.

‘What is this? Did Somii also get a bit angry?’

Somii’s emotions coming from Rika became rougher.

The bright spring blurred and it was turning to a gloomy place about to storm thunder.


The delivery man’s ringing looked to Jaegun as a savior’s ringing. He bounced up, took his wallet, and went to the front door.

“It’s two black bean noodles right?”

“Yes, here.”

Jaegun handed over the money and brought the noodles to the table. In the mood between Suhee and Somii, who were both looking at each other, felt very cold.

“Somii, eat. Suhee, won’t you eat a bit?”

“I’m really full. Don’t mind me and eat.”

Until the meal was over, no one spoke, Suhee was looking outside the window sipping coffee.

‘Ah, I feel like I’m gonna have a bad stomachache.’

He stood up after he ate the sus.h.i.+ and the noodles. It didn’t feel like eating too much was the only reason for a stomachache.

“Thanks for the food. Now I’ll be going.”

Somii was getting up as she finished eating.

Jaegun couldn’t hold her any longer. To put the bowls outside as well, he brought her to the front door.

“Thanks for today.”

“I just did my job today next to you. Thanks for the meal. I’ll see you again, sir.”


Jaegun left Somii and went back to his room. Suhee was still looking out the window touching her coffee cup.

‘I can’t connect with Suhee.’

For some reason, no emotion could be felt from Suhee. The thought came that maybe it was because Rika was rejecting her.

‘There’s no other way. I don’t have much time so I’ll have to write like I was writing before.’

Jaegun sat back down and put his two hands on the notebook.

He was about to start, when he was curious about Suhee and turned around and asked.

“Are you ok? No need to go to the company?”

“I’m the team leader. There’s no need to be in the company forever. I have no meetings as well.”

Suhee with a slight smile continued.

“I’ll help you do canned food as well.”


“I’ll be with you until you finish the game scenario. You said that was personality type? I’ll say again, I am in a hurry.”

“Ah, Hm… ok.”

“You don’t like it?”

“No, no, that’s not it”

“How long will it take?”

“Hm, about 3 more hours.”

Rika went up to Jaegun’s knees and crouched.

Jaegun caressed Rika’s neck. His glance that he just randomly threw around was being stuck on Se Gunwoo’s old laptop.  


A thought pa.s.sed through Jaegun’s brain like lightning.

It was the urgency to finish this scenario by today that made him not think about that.

He had thought that Se Gunwoo’s powers had just went through him with his body. But now, he had felt something new with Rika: the power to share emotions.

Therefore, he hadn’t thought of that. Maybe the power to write 10,000 words was stuck in that laptop of his?

‘Maybe the machine has that power? It’s possible. The things that happened to me all made no sense.’

Jaegun pushed his new laptop away and turned on Se Gunwoo’s laptop. Suhee asked puzzled.

“Why change? It looks very old.”

“It thought that maybe a laptop that feels right to the hands might be better.’

Jaegun said and moved the file to Se Gunwoo’s laptop and opened it. And he started with Suhee watching him.

Tapapapap! Tap Taptaptap! Tapapapapapapapap!

‘This is it!’

The finger couldn’t even be seen moving across the keyboard.

He could tell by typing. It was because of the computer that he was able to type so fast. It was different from the power that came through his head.

“Incredible…! Jaegun, were you always this fast?!”

Suhee was completely baffled with her mouth opened.

It was creating something from his head not something that was already written. But it was this fast.

“Just wait a second. I might be able to finish in about an hour.”

“O, ok.”

Jaegun did what he said. It was about 1 hour when he finished. He stood up and said to Suhee.

“Look it over and tell me.”

Suhee with a doubt sat in Jaegun’s chair and started reading. As she got into the book, she started to smile. With a clear meaning plus humor, everything was there.

“It’s funny.”

Suhee said with her eyes on the screen.

“This is great. You’re great. It’s been awhile since I’ve worked beside you. How could you do something this good… I saw you differently today, Jaegun.”

“Don’t lift me up too much.”

“I’m not. This is good. Therefore, the urgency has been cleared. Let me send this to my email.

She got up after she sent the file to her email. Jaegun finished his work so now she had work to do.

Putting on her shoes, Suhee joked.

“You really didn’t want to be with me, right? You finished this so fast.”

“What are you talking about. It was because you looked over me that I was able to concentrate so well. You used to look over me in college as well.”

“You speak well as always. And thanks. Ah.”

Suhee turned around as she was about to leave.

“You’re coming? Professor’s birthday.

“Ah, Hm.”

“Call me, ok?”

Suhee didn’t wait for him to confirm and just ended it there. Jaegun nodded. Suhee laughed for the last time and disappeared through the hallway.


Jaegun stretched, being in the room with only Rika around. Maybe it was because of the stress, but he was completely exhausted.

‘But I can’t rest here.’

Jaegun walked with light in his eyes . He need to check something quickly. The mug cup, the and the pen all went into his hand. They were all things that were with Se Gunwoo’s laptop.
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