Big Life

Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – I Am Generous

General Manager Ma Jonggu got the call and came after an hour.

He was covered in sweat because he was meeting with a writer for a contract.

As soon as Manager Ma went into the office, screams loud enough that the entire room could hear the noise. ‘You know you’ve done, so you fix it!’ came before the ‘ACKKK!’, scream.

Then, the office door opened and Manager Ma came out. Limping because he was kicked in the s.h.i.+n, he gloomily went up to Gyungsu and said.

“Call with your phone.”

“What? W-where?”

“Ha Jaegun! Call Ha Jaegun! He blocked my phone you idiot.!”

Manager Ma shouted as he crashed his fist on to the desk

Surprised by the outburst, Gyungsu hurriedly took out his phone. Manager Ma was crouching with his hands behind his head, right before him.

At the same time.

Jaegun rang the doorbell of his parent’s house. He could hear his sister Jaeyn’s voice.

“Who is i… is it Jaegun?”

Recognizing Jaegun from the interphone, Jaeyn opened the door. Jaegun smiled and entered the house.

“What is it? I got no call either”

“Nothing, just it’s your day off as well.”

“Funny, that’s why you asked my days off yesterday? What wind blew today? You never came when I sang for you to come.”

Jaegun answered back with a laugh.

He lived like a no name writer that struggled to keep his body healthy. He was embarra.s.sed to even show his face to his family and so that’s why he refused her invitations.

However, now it was different.

Because of Martial Rankings and the sequel, the reviews were good. Now feeling the moment, he decided to visit his family. It was to give his mom a present and to alert his situation.

“Where are mom and dad?”

“Mom is in the barber, dad is at morning s.h.i.+ft since yesterday.

Jaegun’s dad lost his job three years ago at the rescue workplace. Since then, he’s been working as a security guard at a condominium. It was a hard job with changing s.h.i.+ft times but he never missed work other than the holidays.

“Have you eaten breakfast?”

“Yeah, it’s late, ah, wait, a call.”

Pulled out his phone, Jaegun’s eye twitched.

It was Gyungsu of Hetae Media.

Knowing what this was about, Jaegun having a small smile took the call.


“Writer Ha, h.e.l.lo. This is Hetae Media’s Gyungsu.”

“Yes. What is it?”

Jaegun said coldly. As he expected, Gyungsu spit out a string of words.

“Ah, yes, this is about the contract I’ve mentioned. I’ll have to meet you and see you and talk about the contract but I think we can make your agreements. If today is good, we would like to see you.

“I’ve mentioned that day. I wanted an answer on that day. But now it’s already been a week.”

“Th,thaat. That is because of the meetings and the internal situations we had here so we needed some time.

“I don’t care what internal meetings Hetae Media had. The important thing is that I got no reply. So I’ll cut off if you have nothing else to say.”

The voice on the other side changed as Jaegun was going to cut off.

“Writer Ha, This is General Manager Ma Jonggu. I’m sorry that we couldn’t give you a call right away. Please give us one more chance to redeem ourselves. I’ll try not to disappoint you. Please don’t cut off. Yes? I’m begging you, sir.”

Manager Ma, afraid of Jaegun cutting off, spit out the words fast. Jaegun looked up at the ceiling and thought. It was true that he felt bad that they were begging to him this badly.

“h.e.l.lo? Sir? Sir?”

“I’m thinking.”

“S-sorry. I can wait.”

Jaegun ignored Jaeyn’s look of what is it and closed his eyes. Manager’s Ma uneven breathing could be heard across the phone.

“OK. I’ll see.”

Jaegun opened his mouth reaching a decision.

“I’ll believe in your words of not disappointing me, General Manager Ma.”

“Th-Thank you. Thank you. Sir. Really thank you. When should I go? I’ll go and visit you.”

“I’m at my Suwon home. I’ll be up there by 4-5 so about…”

Manager Ma quickly cut him off.

“If you’re in Suwon, it’s that place with your family? Then I’ll go over there. I can get there by an hour.”

It was the address that he made a contract with his debut work. Jaegun, somewhat surprised, looked at the wall clock and nodded his head.

“Then I’ll do that. I’ll wait.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll be right over.”

Jaegun put his phone away in his pocket. He pulled out a bottle of milk from the fridge. Jaeyn, who was waiting, asked.

“What is it? Publisher? Listening to it, it seemed they were begging to you?”

“They’re asking for a sequel contract.”


Jaeyn just asked that and swallowed her other words.

It might be that if she continued, she might breach her brother’s sensitive parts.

It was a pain but Jaeyn knew. Her brother wasn’t a writer that a publisher would be begging this much for. He wasn’t that popular of a writer. So she was more curious about that phone call.

“I’ll go to a cafe and come back later. They should come in about an hour from Seoul.”

But Jaegun predictions were wrong.

It was about 30 minutes before the bell rang. As he looked at the interphone, it was Manager’s Ma and Gyungsu’s faces. They must have ignored all the signals coming here.

“I’ll be in the room then.”

“Sorry. I’ll be quick.”

“No it’s fine. Take it slow.”

Jaeyn went into her room and Jaegun opened the door.

“Ah. h.e.l.lo, sir.”

In Manager’s Ma and Gyungsu’s hands were an expensive beef ribs set and a ginseng set. Manager Ma lifted it up and said.

“I’m sorry we came unexpectedly so we couldn’t have time to select a proper gift. I hope they will be good for you.”

“Thank you. I’ll take them.”

Jaegun was surprised.

He never had gotten such an expensive gift even on holidays.

The best was just a tuna set and a ham set that employees got.

In middle of receiving such a gift, Jaegun felt it again. His value has gone way up.

“Come in.”

Jaegun went sideways and told them to come in. since they came to the house, there was no point going to a cafe. It was better to just talk in his room. Manager Ma and Gyungsu took off their boots and came in.
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