Chapter 839 Easily Taking A Spot

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Chapter 839 Easily Taking A Spot

Grey walking over with the Elder drew the attention of some of the people in the area. Especially among those in the Elders side, they all turned to look at Grey.

There were two familiar faces there when Grey looked in that direction, it was the duo that witnessed his battle with the young lady and her group.

He noticed a few Elders looked at him with malice. From what he could guess, they were probably upset that an Elder had to bring him over.

There were also a few people at the Peak of the Overlord Plane that also looked at him. Their auras showed that they were almost on the same level as the geniuses Grey met at the gorge when he wanted to enter the horned race's realm.

Of all the people there, he found five which he felt were on the same level as the leader of that group.

He later finds out from the Elder that they were part of the six people who would be taking part in the competition. Grey nodded to his words before walking over to where Keith and Void were sitting.

"Why is he with you?" Keith wanted to settle his curiosity.

"He came over to bring me here." Grey didn't need to hide this from him, so he told him.

Keith already guessed this, but he still found it almost unbelievable coming out from Grey's mouth. Grey was currently one of the few people that could draw the attention of these Elders. He didn't find it odd, especially after getting to know just how powerful Grey was to begin with.

Since Grey broke through, he hadn't seen him fight. But when Grey was still in the Eighth stage of the Overlord Plane, he could already defeat Magical beasts at the Peak of the Overlord Plane, not any regular Magical beast, but those that were regarded among the cream of the crops in their species.

Grey sat down beside Keith and they continued watching the battles. The one on the platforms finished and another one started.

Keith was part of this group that fought. His opponent was a Peak Overlord Plane Wind and Fire Elementalist, but he was able to win in the end.

When this round ended, Grey decided to step in after getting a look from the Elder. He had no choice, besides, the reward offered was quite tempting. He presently needed all the help he could get so his breakthrough would be quick. He didn't want to stay at the Peak of the Overlord Plane just as long as he did when he was at the Peak of the Origin Plane.

When Grey stepped onto the platform, he naturally attracted some attention. One of the reasons was that he came alongside an Elder, the second reason was that he was handsome.

His opponent was a Fire Elementalist at the Peak of the Overlord Plane. But in the space of three minutes, he defeated him. It wasn't even seen as a battle, it was more like a thrashing. If not for Grey going easy, he would've beaten his opponent out cold.

After that battle, he quickly drew the attention of most of the people in the training ground, the Elders were the most focused. An Elder had recommended Grey for this particular competition, so they wanted to see what he was capable of. His first battle already showed them what they wanted, he was powerful. The fact that he could defeat someone in the same Plane and stage in such a short time proved this.

Grey naturally couldn't be bothered with them. When he was done with his opponent, he went back to his seat.

They stayed for some time before he stepped onto the platform again, and the result was the same, he dominated his opponent from the start of the battle to the end. The time was still the same, nothing more than three minutes. At some point, a few people had the notion of Grey bribing the others. How could someone in the same stage as them beat them so easily? It looked fake, especially since Grey was not one of the famous members at the Peak of the Overlord Plane.

Till the end of the day, Grey continued dominating his battles, not interested with the side talks from the side. He could hear what most of the people were saying, but there was nothing he wanted to show them.

The main round of the sparring contest would be taking place the next day. Only those who performed exceedingly well could take part in this stage. Keith managed to be part of this group.

The Elders spoke about Grey's battles, and each gave their opinions of him. Given his talent, most of them liked him. Nevertheless, they all felt he was too proud, due to the fact that he waited till an Elder invited him over before taking part in the sparring contest.

The next day soon came.

Only forty people made it to this round. Each participant will fight a total of eight battles, each battle would be against four others. After all the battles are done, the four with the highest rank will get the spot in joining the other six for the competition.

There were more than eight platforms in total. If all eight battles take place, this would mean all forty participants are fighting in a group of five. From the arrangement, one participant will not battle against someone they've fought before.

Grey felt it was a good plan. Even though there would be people with advantages of teaming up, they wouldn't be together forever. After one fight, they would change opponents.

His first involved two others who were considered powerful from the previous battle. Once again, Grey dominated his battle, making him one of the most powerful people fighting.

By the time Grey was done with the battles, he had already defeated all his opponents, taking first place in all eight battles.

He was the only one who managed to achieve such a feat.
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